iOS 16: How to Unsend and Edit Text Messages on Your iPhone

Everyone makes mistakes, but on the internet, mistakes can last forever. This is true for every text message you send on your iPhone, which is bad when you make a silly grammar mistake or send the right message to the wrong person. And, until now, there was no way to fix a wrong text message or delete one that was sent by accident on iOS.

iOS 16

When iOS 16 comes out this fall, you’ll be able to take back any message you’ve sent and change it, as long as you do it quickly.

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At the WWDC event in June, Apple showed off these new texting features for the iPhone. Apple Pay Later and new ways to change the look of the lock screen are also coming to the iPhone. Messages are getting SharePlay, too.

We’ll talk about how these two new ways to text work. And if you want to try out iOS 16 before it comes out to the public, here’s how to download and install the second beta on your iPhone and iPad.

You can change the messages you’ve already sent.

If you use messaging apps like Slack, you’ve probably changed at least one of the messages you’ve sent, if not more than 100. If you made a mistake or your message contains incorrect information, the editing feature is a great way to fix it quickly. With iOS 16, you’ll also be able to change messages sent from your iPhone within 15 minutes.

To edit a text message, open Messages and go to any thread that is using iMessage, which you probably know as blue text. SMS text messages can’t use this feature (green texts). Now, press down on the message you want to change and hold it down. This will bring up the Tapback menu and the menu for quick actions. Tap “Edit” one last time.

The message will then be able to be changed. You can delete the whole message, fix any mistakes, or add more text to it. When you’re done making changes, click the blue checkmark button on the right to save them. One message can only be changed up to five times.

An Edited button that you can click on will show up under your edited text message. The person on the other end will also know that the message has been changed, and if they tap on Edited, all of the previous versions of your text message will show up in slightly grayed-out chat bubbles above the edited message.

Immediately take back any messages you have sent by mistake.

Too many messages are sent by mistake. Maybe you accidentally hit “send” when you meant to choose an emoji. Or maybe you sent the message to the wrong person. With iOS 16, you’ll be able to find those messages no matter what. Unlike the option to edit a message, you only have 2 minutes to take back a text message.

To take back a text message, open the Messages app, press and hold the message you want to take back (the text should be blue), and then tap Undo Send.

Both you and the person you sent the message to will no longer be able to see it in your thread. On your thread, you’ll see a message that says your message hasn’t been sent yet, but the person you wrote it to may have already seen it.

If the other person is using an older version of iOS than iOS 16, the message won’t actually be unsent, even though your phone will say it is.

If the recipient has already seen the text, they will see a grey text status message that says “[Name] unsent a message.” This is similar to the “Delete Message” feature that apps like WhatsApp and Signal already have. When a text is recalled, these apps also show a similar message.

While you wait for these new features, check out the new look that Apple Maps is getting. Also, here is the new MacBook Air from Apple.


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