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Waterproof 4K action camera and 5.7K 360 camera all in oneInsta360 One R is a modular action and 360 camera.


not to get philosophical but i love to
record videos and for me it’s just a way
to save memories and be able to relive
all the best things in life from travel
to family parties to surfing with
friends whatever it is the goal is to
record it with the best quality and the
least effort phone cameras are great
dslrs are great but they both have their
own problems so for me

i like to rely on action cameras for most of my trips and
vacations and it allows me to focus and
enjoy what i’m doing without being
distracted by equipment or a phone or
camera or anything like that and
basically just hold a little selfie
stick while i’m doing something and then
later go back and see the amazing
footage this means great stabilization a
small size durability and most
importantly lots of versatility.

Waterproof Camera

Waterproof Camera
Waterproof Camera

so what you’re looking at right here is
basically an entire film crew in your
pocket of all the action cameras you
could buy the new insta360 one rs is
arguably the most versatile this camera
is wildly unique and with a modular
design that gives you a waterproof
durable action camera with great

that allows you to change
the lenses and i don’t just mean
interchangeable lenses like you have on
a dslr and you can just change the zoom
i mean like completely change the style
of camera you can have a 360 lens and
film everything around you or you can
have a 4k mod that films a wide angle in
front of you still very stabilized.

Camera so versatile

you can have one that’s amazing for night
shots so i’ve been testing the new
insta360 one rs for about two weeks now
and i’ve been testing it everywhere i
could possibly think of from biking to
swimming to riding in an airboat in the
everglades to jet skiing and like it was
really fun it was a great trip but what
actually makes this camera so versatile
and exciting well there’s really four
main things before we get too far into.

this article i need to clarify that to
test this camera i went on a trip for
about two days i flew down to the coast
and did as much as i possibly could with
this camera and to really test it out i
spent some money doing that but the trip
wasn’t cheap so rather than paying for
it myself i’ll let insta360 sponsor this
article so rather than making a regular
video in the studio i thought it’d be
more fun if i let them pay for me to go
to the coast rip around jet skis ride
air boats and paddle boards and things
like that to really test the camera out
in the best way possible so thanks to
insta360 for sponsoring the article and.

Pretty unique design

sponsoring my trip before we get to any
of the crazy footage from the trip that
i want to talk about i want to start off
with a just a physical tour because this
camera is already pretty unique from a
lot of other action cameras like i said
it’s a modular design but let’s take a
closer look at this looking at the front
there’s a little switch that if you pull
it it’ll allow you to detach the battery
now you can buy separate batteries if
you want i only have one and i’ve
actually only needed one for the entire
trip i i’d film for maybe an hour doing.

what i was doing and i had to drive to
the next place anyway so i just made
sure i topped off the battery between
each destination but then that gives you
two components on the top you have the
processor and the screen and and pretty
much everything that’s that’s being done
is in this device
and then you have the lens but let’s
start off with the part that.

Bright daylight
Bright daylight
Bright daylight

i said does all of the work on one side you have a
display it’s a touch screen display uh
it’s easy to see in bright daylight like
i said i was in florida so it was really
bright really sunny all the time and i
was still able to see this in all
conditions that i was in on top of that
you have a power button as well as a
record button on the right side we have.

a little waterproof cap that protects
our micro sd card as well as our usb
type-c charging port but that’s not the
only way you can transfer files between
this and other devices in fact if you’re
using the app on your iphone you’re able
to wirelessly send the videos over to
your phone which is a great way to edit
them or just check them when you’re on
the go without needing to bring a laptop
everywhere you go and of course.

easier to record

we have an led on both the back and the front
which can indicate when it’s recording
and then we have the lenses i think it’s
easier to talk about them when i
actually show you the footage so the one
thing i want to point out here is that
the lens has kind of two little slots on
there and this has two slots but only
one connector and the reason for that is

you can actually connect this in
either orientation meaning the screen
facing you and this and the lens facing
away or both the screen and the lens
facing you if you’re trying to do more
of a vlogging style so again added
versatility and then you have the 360
lens which again attaches in the same
connectors all right so honestly the
design’s really cool the specs are cool.

but it’s really better to show this in
action like i said i went down to
florida for about a two day trip so
let’s dive into some of the footage i
captured on that trip so i started off
with the 6am flight from philly down to
florida rented a car drove straight to
the coast and rented a jet ski now the
jet ski was really great because this is
where i use the two different lenses
starting off with the 4k boost lens this.

4k boost lens

i had a different style of
shot for example if i was going to make
a video about me riding the jet ski i
wouldn’t just want to look in front of
you i’d want some kind of something
facing me or maybe like a drone shot
following me and that’s where the 360
lens came in so the 360 lens of course
has a lot of options but basically
you’re able to shoot the video and then
later reframe within the app and choose.

where it’s going to point so basically
you put it on you extend the selfie
stick you hold it out in front of you
and the selfie stick is cropped out with
the stitch lines on the camera and that
just leaves you essentially looking like
it has a drone following you so i was
able to fly around not only was it
really stable but it also tracked me so.

1080p footage

i used the app to track my face and it
kept me in the middle of the entire
video as you see here and overall just
gave me a really fun shot that i would
love to share on instagram or in any
other video now the resolution of the
360 camera is more than 5k which means
you can crop into any shot you want and
still retain 1080p footage which i
thought again was really impressive that
you could do that so of course the jet
ski was fun who doesn’t like a jet ski.

but that was only the first stop on this
trip the next stop we drove an hour
south to the everglades and hopped on an
airboat to rip around the everglades this was also so fun but a completely
different style of video so rather than
open water with a lot of chop that you
needed to stabilize this was a more
smooth water so it’s a little bit more
stable to begin with and i wasn’t as
worried about that instead.

50 millimeter

i was worried more about the details and the leaves
flying by zooming in and out and having
the right focus being able to look at
different things and so the 4k boost
lens was perfect for that which allows
you to zoom and reframe anywhere between
17 millimeters so a really wide angle
shot all the way into a 50 millimeter
equivalent and this is great so when
we’re ripping around really fast.

i could use a wide angle you can really see
everything or when it’s a really long
tunnel and there’s like a lot of a lot
of foliage i can zoom way in i could
zoom in and look at like alligators and
things like that and so it gave me a lot
of versatility in a single little lens
that again i thought was so useful on a
situation like an airboat and of course
the airboat was also a really fun stop
but that was not the last stop of the

paddle board
paddle board
paddle board

then we drove back to our Airbnb
which actually was a houseboat on the
water talk about that a little bit later
but for sunset we went out on
paddleboards they’re not as hard as they
look but again i was a little bit
worried about dropping the camera so i
was able to use the mount this little
suction cup thing which is mounted on
the front of my paddle board and i could
paddle around and it gives you a lot of
different shots.

a lot of different angles that otherwise make a video a
little bit more unique and a little bit
more interesting and in this situation
especially in the bright daylight when i
was paddle boarding early the next
morning i found that i wanted to use the
other feature you have on the 4k boost
lens that being active hdr so active hdr
obviously like any style of high dynamic
range setting on a phone or a camera
allows you to capture more more range in
the brightness so.

bright highlights

if you have things that are in shadows as well as things in
direct sunlight a lot of standard
cameras would really struggle you have
to pick which one’s going to be exposed
and which one’s going to be either
completely black or completely blown out
whereas getting hdr like this lens
allows you to gives you more of a smooth
easy to watch video that shows you
everything the dark shadows as well as
the bright highlights.

so if you’re gonna end up blogging with this camera it’s
gonna be a lot easier if the video is
actually facing you but the main
microphones on the other side so this is
what it would look and sound like if
you’re recording in that setup and then
this is what it looks and sounds like
when the microphone is facing me but the
screen is facing away from me so for
most shots when you’re filming either
yourself or other people it’s probably
gonna be easier to have it this way.

crazy exposure

but leave a comment and let me know if this
looks or sounds any different to you of
course i also want to point out that
right now we’re filming an active hdr
mode so i’m out on some really harsh
lighting like the sun’s obviously right
on me and so most other cameras like if
you’re filming with like a canon or a
dslr or whatever you’re probably going
to have some crazy exposure problems
whereas this you’re getting.

a really solid high dynamic range we can see both
like properly exposed like i look
reasonably exposed and the background is
also not blown out or too dark on top of
that i mean i just want to show you guys
where where i am right now so i came
down to florida to film this video so i
could get some like cool shots using an
action camera and so right now.

insta360s flow
state mode.

i’m on a houseboat uh just an airbnb houseboat
but you can see you can walk around and
this is just incredibly smooth like i’m
walking at a pretty normal pace right
now just walking around and it looks
like i’m using an actual gimbal like
this is in my opinion this is really
really impressive while still giving you
great color great exposure and that that
great stability with insta360s flow
state mode.

now one of the big improvements of the
insta360 one rs over previous models is
that now it has an even better
microphone so it has three different
microphones on there compared to what we
had before so the audio quality should
be substantially better no matter where
the subjects are there’s different modes
as well so this is in the wind reduction
mode so you can hear what.

three microphones

i’m saying without like it is actually pretty windy
out here but there’s also like a voice
focus mode you can just hear everything
around you there’s different modes for
how you can actually record the audio if
you’re filming somewhere that’s indoors
so it’s not really windy this is what
the camera would look and sound like
again i’m obviously filming in my studio
and we have three microphones one on the
side one on the other side and then one
on the top and while.

i would love to just keep using this camera and showing
you guys tons of different shots i mean
maybe i’ll share more on my instagram or
my twitter if you guys want to follow me
but otherwise
another really important factor is the
software so when you’re using this i
mentioned that it connects to your phone
really easily so you can view the shots
when you’re out in the field but also
with the insta360 app and the 360 lens
you’re able to reframe it any way you.



want so as you can see in the app right
here you’re able to scrub through and at
any point you can kind of reframe it
re-angle it choose what zoom you have on
on the shot or you can actually have it
automatically detect where you are and
just smart track you the entire time and
generally that’s what i was doing the
most because i found it was the easiest
you can really get the best shot with.

the least effort which again is what i
said was in my opinion one of the most
important things for having a camera
when you’re on a fun vacation or some
type of trip like this but if you don’t
want to use your an app on a phone or if
you don’t have a phone that can really
handle that they also have desktop
software so if you have a laptop or a
desktop you can install the insta360
studio software or they have an instant
they have an insta360 premiere pro pro
plug-in i don’t know why that was hard
to say but you can have a plug-in on
adobe premiere pro and edit videos
within premiere pro and change how.

invisible selfie

they’re stabilized how they’re how
they’re framed all types of things like
that and kind of an unsung benefit of
this design i think
that’s a really big positive for anybody
getting started with an action camera as
well so in general i mentioned there
were four things that made this camera
so exciting the first one of course is.

the modular design being able to swap
out lenses when you’re on a jet ski and
get two completely different styles of
shots i think makes it not only more fun
to read later but also more likely to
have the perfect shot no matter what you
do but you also get a ton of variety for
example the invisible selfie stick with
the 360 lens gives you kind of a mock
drone shot you can also reframe it look
different directions the 4k lens gives
you wide angle shots or you have the one
inch mod that can give you great night
shots like just a lot of variety for a
really small device that all fits in
your pocket
the second thing is the new 4k boost.

shoot in bright daylight

lens which combined with the new
processor gives you better stabilization
with flow state you have active hdr so
you can shoot in bright daylight without
harsh shadows you have better heat
dissipation and this is the kind of
technology that we love to see moving
forward it makes it really differentiate
itself from phones and other cameras out
there the third thing that really makes.

this a cool action camera is the
reversible screen so rather than needing
a screen on the front and the back this
has one that can just flip either
direction which is gonna save battery
life and also give you one good display
instead of two mediocre displays so you
can use this in vlogging mode where the
screen and the camera face you or turn.

stabilization crisper

the camera around and see what you’re
filming in front of you i think that’s
just such a cool and useful way to set
that up and of course the fourth and
final thing that i think makes this so
exciting is the improved processor which
gives you better stabilization crisper
audio and like i said better heat
dissipation but that’s it that’s.

the insta360 rs if you guys have any
questions about it leave comments below
or let me know what your thoughts are on.
this in general if you enjoyed the article
consider liking and subscribing I’m Abdul Rehman
thanks for reading and i’ll see
you next tim

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