Insiders disclose the seriousness of Wendy Williams’ battle as she re-enters treatment.

People who know Wendy Williams well are now talking about how bad her relapse was in 2020, just days after she went back to treatment.

Sources told Page Six on Friday that Wendy, who is 58, was “at death’s door” before she went to the hospital two years ago for mental health problems and alcoholism.

This week, Williams’s representative said that the talk show host had gone to a treatment center to get her health under control as she prepares to make a comeback. Someone who saw the whole thing said, “She was really, in my opinion, on her deathbed.” They also said that if Wendy’s friends and family hadn’t stepped in, she probably would have given in to her addiction.

Sources say that Wendy’s friend DJ Boof found the daytime TV legend “catatonic” at Wendy’s apartment in Manhattan a few years ago. But Wendy’s manager didn’t want to call for help, even though she was in a bad way.

Death’s door during throes of 2020 relapse’

The source told Page Six, “I don’t think he knew how bad things were, and I don’t think he wanted word to get out that she wasn’t well, and he definitely didn’t want a 911 call like what happened a year later.” Another person said Wendy’s living situation at the time was scary: “It was kind of a mess. It wasn’t good.’

She was in her robe, which was dirty, and she was in a very, very bad way. She was staring at the top of the room. They said, “She wasn’t moving or talking at all, but her eyes were open. She was definitely in a catatonic state. “

The insider also said that they found “a case of alcohol, open wine bottles, and Ketel One” and got rid of the alcohol.

The group was worried that Wendy wouldn’t make it, so they called Wendy’s ex-husband and their grown son to help.

“She’s going to pass away. The source told Page Six that she couldn’t even stand up. She was just lying on top of the covers, and she needed help from 911, but [Young] was like, “We’re not getting 911.”

Talk show maven’s struggle as she re-enters rehab

Shawn Zanotti, Wendy’s publicist, sent the following statement to in response to the scary story about Wendy’s “catatonic” state in 2020:

“The statement we gave to Page Six said exactly what the current focus is. It is no secret that Ms. Williams has had problems with drugs in the past, which she has been very open about, but right now she is taking steps to heal her overall health so that she is ready for the next step in her life. “

The drug and alcohol problems she had in the past are not as important as what she is going through right now. Wendy is paying attention to herself as a whole—The Wendy Williams Experience ‘

This week, it was said that Williams had gone back into rehab to “take some time to focus on her health and wellness.”

A source told Page Six that the 58-year-old drug addict’s problems have “gotten worse,” and that she has switched from drinking wine to drinking straight vodka.

It wasn’t clear where the TV star was getting help, but she has been to places in New York and Florida where she got help before.


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