Infinity Ward sticks to its guns amid Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 mini-map furor

“We don’t want to punish players for firing their weapons.” 
The first beta weekend for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is over, and Infinity Ward has told players what changes they can expect to see when the beta comes back.

The most interesting thing here is Infinity Ward’s explanation of Modern Warfare 2’s controversial mini-map, which has been criticized by some players for not giving enough information about enemy players.

In Modern Warfare 2, the mini-map only shows enemy player dots when a UAV is active. This is different from some other Call of Duty games. This means that it doesn’t show red dots when an enemy player runs or shoots. Infinity Ward explained why the mini-map in Modern Warfare 2 was made the way it was in a blog post:

“We did this because we don’t want to punish players for using their weapons. We also want players to try to find where a gunshot came from instead of just going to where the dot is on the mini-map. “In this area, we continue to get feedback on how the game is being played.

This comment from Infinity Ward has certainly stirred up the core Call of Duty community. Subreddits and social media are full of people’s thoughts on the pros and cons of this approach.

Some people don’t like the mini-map in Modern Warfare 2 because they think it helps “casual” Call of Duty players have a better time in multiplayer. As Infinity Ward’s comment suggests, players can no longer get a kill by focusing on a red dot on the mini-map. This could give casual players a little more room to move around while firing.


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