HP ENVY 5660 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer

HP ENVY 5660 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer

Today we are breakdown HP ENVY 5660 Wireless. the best printer for high-quality Work in your daily life if you want to buy a good printer don’t go anywhere just read this review and buy an HP printer.

With the evolution of science and

technology everything around us changes

just like everything else printing

technology has been changing over the years

it started with tape-based printing

technology and today

we can have a 3d printing machine that

can print 3d structures

even though printing technology has

improved the printer manufacturers

still use inkjet technology inkjet

technology is preferred

because of the print quality, it provides

especially when it comes to image

printing the inkjet is best for photo printing

HP ENVY 5660 Wireless Review

Dear viewers today we’ll talk about a

fantastic inkjet printer hp mv5660 here we go

first, we’ll take a look at the product

and specs before we get into customer reviews

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now let’s take a look at hp mv5660 is a

multi-functional inkjet wireless all-in-one printer

designed by the famous electronics product manufacturer

hp the printer is especially suitable for home

or small office use and it’s designed to

provide high-quality printing service.

the printer can achieve 14 pages per

minute if you’re printing text documents

in black the printing speed will drop to

9 pages per minute when printing colored documents

and other materials such as photos envelopes cards

and custom sized papers it delivers high quality

output the printer can provide a maximum

resolution of 4800 by 1200

optimized dpi color it comes with a paper

input tray that has a capacity of 125

sheets of plain paper.

Hp print app to manage your printing

Hp printers come with some advanced

features you can use the hp

print app to manage your printing and

printer the printer has got an automatic

document feeder that can hold 35 sheets

of plain paper and the output tray can hold 25 sheets

of paper hp, NV 5660 comes with flexible

connectivity options.

it’s got wireless connectivity features

as well as a wired connection

option the wireless connectivity feature works great

you could print from a remote place

using the mobile app

the mobile app will let you scan and

print a document using your mobile phone

you can also print documents stored in cloud storage

such as dropbox google drive and iCloud.

The function of the HP printer

the auto-duplex function

automatically prints both sides of the

paper the printer uses

hp 62 cartridges that can print up to 162 pages or

hp 62 xl cartridges that deliver an impression

of 460 pages it’s time for us to

investigate the user ratings on this printer model

and find out what customers are saying about it.

The printer has 3.7 stars out of 5 stars from a total of 1

978 user ratings on amazon

which suggests that the printer is

recommended by most users

here are some real user comments one

user has given five stars and commented

I’ve had the mv5660 for over a year and

it’s been great the monthly printer cartridge plan is

good too another user gave five stars and wrote i

don’t know how long it will last

but so far I’m very happy with the

responsive color screen.

The printer constantly loses wireless connectivity

the fast quiet printing and the double

sided printing works like butter

a few people didn’t find the product

useful among them one person gave one star and wrote

this printer constantly loses wireless connectivity

it’s probably one of the worst printers

I’ve used due to this every time I go to print I have to

reinstall the printer completely

that’s all we have on the hp mv5660

wireless all-in-one

inkjet printer for now if you haven’t already

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