How to Super Jump with Mercy in Overwatch 2

Since the beginning of Overwatch, Mercy has been a mainstay on the support team. She is a strong healer with a versatile set of moves that let her do everything from heal with her unique resurrection ability to give offensive buffs and even do some damage. So, Mercy is an easy-to-use healer and support hero for any level of player. However, she does have some unique moves you can use in Overwatch 2 to get around the map faster.

One trick is the Super Jump, which lets you jump over tall structures and is just as fast as the Ultimate Ability when it comes to climbing. Learn how to super jump with Mercy in Overwatch 2 by reading on!

How to use Mercy’s Super Jump in Overwatch 2

In Overwatch 2, do the following to use Mercy’s Super Jump:

  • Focus on a nearby ally you can target.
  • Use the ability called “Guardian Angel.”
  • As you move forward, keep an eye on the meter to the right of your reticule. The more full it is, the more you can move in any direction.
  • Point straight up and jump when the meter is full. You’ll shoot up high, so have fun and find a safe place to land.

Users have already made videos about how to do this trick the best way, so feel free to use this video as a guide:


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