How to connect sony wf-1000xm3 to iphone

How to connect sony wf-1000xm3 to iphone

if you want to connect your Sony earbuds to your iPhone don’t go anywhere please check this article easily connect your earbuds with your iPhone.

Sony wf 1000xm3 earbuds

Welcome guys so today I am with sony wf

1000xm3 earbuds and I’m going to tell

you how easy you can pair them with your iphone

so how to make it and that’s very simple

we have to open the case and remove both earbuds

close the case put it back and right now

as you can see these indicators are

right here blinks on the blue

and it means in the most cases that we

are already in the pairing mode so how to check it

just go for the settings on your iPhone go for the Bluetooth

enable Bluetooth by tapping on the

switcher and take a look if there is no

your earphones

Sony wf 1000xm3 earbuds

so as you can see in my case it’s not

working so how to move them to the

pairing mode manually you have to use

this touch control panel

click and hold together for 6 seconds

keep holding until you hear a voice notification

and as you can see after a few seconds

this indicator is blinking another time

and right now they pop on the list

so we can click once to connect

as you can see right now we are

connected with uh the Bluetooth

so um the next step if you want to

unlock more features you have to go for

Sony App for Sony wf 1000xm3 earbuds

App Store and then get this sony application of

the headphones

so we have to open the app store type

sony headphones and get this

application right now when the download

is finished you can just open then follow these steps

you have to accept all the permission

that pops on the screen

as you can see when you previously connected

this earbud by using the boot settings

will be already registered right here in

the application so we don’t have to pair

in our time in the app just follow the steps

we can set up all of these things that i

skip right now uh after the setup

I just want to quickly tell you that everything is fine

and there it is as you can see we are

successfully connected right now we got

more features to use like equalizers like

ambient sound or 260 reality audio setup

the s the s ee hx

whatever you want right here

you can make changes to the application

so yeah that’s all that’s how we can make it.



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