How to clean Nutribullet base – Nutribullet Pro 1000 Review

How to clean Nutribullet base – Nutribullet Pro 1000 Review

How to clean Nutribullet base – Nutribullet Pro 1000 Full Review. Today we have covered completely in detail this blender’s advantages and disadvantages.

Nutribullet Pro 1000 Full Review

Today i’m going to be reviewing the nutribullet pro-1000 blender  

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and so you can stay tuned to all my new articles dropping weekly so this is the nutribullet pro  

1000 blender so I’ve gone ahead and flipped the box around and this side kind of shows  

exactly what’s inside of it but it just shows the measurements in milliliters for the cups so here  

this is in case anybody wants to see if I’m going to go ahead open it up and show you guys what’s  

inside so this is everything that was inside of the box I’m just gonna run you guys through

Nutribullet Pro 1000 Full Review

exactly what we have here so we have the motor base we have the 32 oz cup we have the 24 oz cup   we have the two to go lids one here and one on top of that cup we have the easy twist extractor blade  and it came with a recipe guide and it also came with a warranty card and a user guide instructions so the reason I brought this is primarily to make smoothies  

i really love having smoothies in the morning I think it’s a great healthy breakfast to go and  

you can kind of sneak a lot of different things in there and make a healthy meal so what I’m  

going to do is I’m going to go ahead and make a smoothie for you guys so you can see it in action  

using the 24 oz cup but before i do that I’m just going to quickly show you um the user guide so you  

Magic bullet gasket problems

can see what’s included just everything I said I’m just kind of showing you a picture of it  

for your reference all right everyone so now I’m going to go ahead and make a smoothie so you  

guys can see this nutribullet 1000 in action so typically I do make my smoothies with frozen fruit  

and veggies sometimes I throw in some leafy greens like spinach or some nuts and then protein powder water almond milk and peanut butter powder today I’m going to be making a smoothie with some frozen fruit is just a tropical mix I’m going to add in some protein some peanut butter powder and almond milk I’m going to add everything in here and then you guys can see the blender work.

so I’ve added everything but the liquids before i do i wanted to show you guys there is a max fill line right here and you’re going to want to make sure that you do put in enough liquid if you don’t it’s not going to blend properly and i know some people who do give these negative reviews are probably not following this in the instructions so just make sure that you do put enough liquid in so you  

Nutribullet pro-1000 series review

can get it to blend properly and i would definitely take a quick read through the  

instruction manual before you use it just to make sure that you’re not missing anything  

about operating it there we go so i’m going to screw this on and i’ll put it on the base  

i like to give it a quick shake before i blend it just to help mix the ingredients  

just a little bit better and it’s very simple to use you put it on the base and then you twist

so okay so that was 60 seconds i let it run for the whole 60 seconds because it does have a 60  

second auto-shutoff timer but typically i usually just run it for about 20 30 seconds because that’s  

all you really need to get your smoothie blended so I’m going to go ahead and take it off and  

show you guys what it looks like on the inside just another kind of counter-clockwise click

and there we go so i did blend it for the full 60 seconds so it’s definitely liquidy  

usually, i blend it for about half the time, and then it kind of has a more thick um texture

What’s beneficial of Nutribullet pro-1000 series

all right so you can see that’s blended silky smooth you can see that is completely blended

i’ll show you what the bottom of the blade looks like in case you guys want to see that as well  

okay i do want to mention this is super easy to clean for this you really just  

need to kind of rinse it down in between uses and then kind of give 

it a scrub with soap at least three times a week is how easy this thing is to clean

see everything is gone i think what’s beneficial about this lid is that it doesn’t require that  

rubber ring that they have in um like the older models like the 600 and 900 for example so without  

that it makes cleaning so easy because you don’t have to worry about kind of the ring falling off  

between uses you don’t have to worry about the ring getting kind of moldy or anything because  

there is no ring here and then with this, you can just kind of scrub it off with soap and water  

shake it and it’s really easy to clean so that’s something that’s great about this blender it is  

pretty strong um as you guys could hear while it was blending it is very loud that is one of the  

Negatives about this blender

Negatives about this blender um it’s definitely kind of very loud so i usually just step away  

from it and because it is loud you’re not going to be able to use this without waking someone up in  

the morning or if you have a baby or something this is definitely going to wake up the other  

a person so that is something to keep note of so I’m just going to add on the lid for you guys as well  

so you can see what that looks like on so i went ahead and put the lid on it just simply screws on

and once it is attached this is completely leak-proof and you can kind of leave it  

open like this when you’re drinking it so it doesn’t hit you in the face

and when you do close it there’s a click and it is leakproof

i usually just drink it with a straw in here but it does have a good-sized hole um if you’re just  

drinking it like that another thing i wanted to mention is that this um base here with the motor  

does have suction cup feet so that’s going to keep your blender in its place and it’s not going  

to move around or anything while it’s operating because this one is kind of hands-free you just  

How to clean nutribullet base

twist it and go so you don’t have to worry about it kind of falling off the counter or anything

and it has a good section, okay so I’ve cleaned everything off and come back to you guys  

um after showing you that smoothie it was awesome it blended really smoothly there were no lumps and  

bumps and I’m somebody who really doesn’t like any chunks whatsoever in my smoothies or any  

little seeds or anything so if you definitely want to get smooth smoothies with no lumps  

or bumps i highly recommend the nutribullet pro-1000 i definitely do give it a thumbs up  

in addition to making smoothies, i sometimes use it to make sauces like tomato sauce and hummus  

but primarily i use it to make smoothies i make one every morning  

and it’s excellent for that I’m just going to show you guys a couple of the recipes  

in this recipe guide, i have tried a couple of them and it turned out pretty good  

and this is um the preferred method for how you’re going to layer your smoothies so definitely try to  

Recommending some healthy stuff – Nutribullet rubber plugs

Stick to that and try not to go over the max fill line just to kind of make sure nothing overflows  

on you, you can see there are some great um ingredients that they’re recommending some  

healthy stuff and I’m just going to show you guys one of the smoothies here just as a little teaser  

if you’re going to buy this you’re going to get to see all the recipes in there

okay so if you guys are looking to incorporate more healthy meals into your life

Recommending some healthy stuff – Nutribullet rubber plugs

I definitely would recommend this nutribullet pro-1000 blender it’s an easy way for you to  

go ahead and make some smoothies you can throw veggies in with the fruits and you don’t even  

taste them so it’s definitely great for you to know hiding vegetables for yourself for your kids or  

anyone like that so just considering um you know its performance its price and everything there

Interested in Purchasing this awesome

I would definitely give this a 9.5 out of 10 and i highly do recommend it to people you know  

looking to make smoothies and looking to kind of put some more nutrition into their life you guys  

are interested in purchasing this awesome blender the nutribullet pro-1000 I’ve gone ahead and post  

a link is the down below for you and I’ve also posted a link for all the different items i put  

in my smoothies like my protein powder my almond milk and stuff like that for you as well that’s  

all i have for you guys today is thanks for reading and make sure to like comment and share bye.

Question answer of Nutribullet pro-1000.

Can you put nutribullet blades in a dishwasher?

Answer: No please don’t wash this blender in a dishwasher just clean this blender with a simple cloth, because it’s an electronic machine and it’s very sensitive.


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