How Small Businesses Are Using WhatsApp To Drive their Sales?

In this digital world, it is becoming essential for businesses whether small or large to invest in the latest technology to stay ahead of the competition. To access and accurately take advantage of these technological tools, businesses must have a working Internet connection such as Spectrum Internet Prices or any other service. One of the most important tools for businesses especially small-scale ones is WhatsApp which is a popular messaging app all over the world and a key platform to reach potential customers.

What Is WhatsApp for Businesses?

More companies are increasingly adopting WhatsApp in their social media strategy to build and manage relationships with customers to grow their sales. WhatsApp is not restricted to staying in contact with friends and family but can be sued for business applications as well. WhatsApp for businesses was developed particularly for small-scale businesses to connect them with their customers and provide the necessary follow-up and support with timely and customized customer service.

While only a limited number of American WhatsApp users downloaded the application to stay in contact with brands, using it for business can still be of great value. WhatsApp has built-in specialized solutions that can enable brands to stay in touch with not only existing customers but also potential users.

How to Create a WhatsApp Business Account?

For a company to start with WhatsApp in its marketing strategy, it first needs to create a WhatsApp account. Follow these easy steps to make an account.

  1. Download WhatsApp from the App Store or Google Play on a smartphone or tablet and agree to the terms and conditions.
  2. Next, enter the business contact number.
  3. After adding the number, add other essential details like the business name, display photo, and choose a category that the business falls into. A brand can also configure its business address, website link, and business hours through Settings.
  4. The next page will be a tutorial through which the company can learn about setting up a product catalog, automated messaging, or other WhatsApp features for the business.
  5. The WhatsApp account is all set for the brand to use.

How Do Businesses Use WhatsApp?

Businesses use WhatsApp for the following purposes:

#1: Enhanced Customer Service

Business owners make use of WhatsApp services to provide efficient and more personal customer service to customers through:

Instant Responses: Companies can prepare a list of frequently asked questions beforehand and generate templates and shortcuts so that when customers present these common questions, companies can provide instantly saved replies without wasting time typing them out.

Labels: Company owners can utilize labels to segment and categorize customers and messages that can help categorize them according to urgency level. This feature can also enable business owners to identify repeat customers by using In-built labels or by creating customized ones.

Automated Messages: Companies can set up automated messages to respond to customers immediately even if outside working hours. It is an amazing method that is convenient to use and also affordable to keep in contact with international customers.

#2: Share Product Catalogs

Businesses can use this WhatsApp’s feature to provide a digital display of their offerings to customers. This is a very valuable element to make customers aware of new products and services, discounts and deals, and so on. On WhatsApp catalogs, brands can upload up to 500 products or services, each with a name, price, image, brief detail, item number, and product link that directs the customers to the business’s website.

#3: Communicate with Team Members

Through WhatsApp Business account, businesses can not only interact with their customers but also with their colleagues and other employees to keep everyone on the same page. WhatsApp is used by most employees at work or even when they are physically not in the office. Moreover, the group chat aspect of WhatsApp enables company owners to text approximately 250 recipients at a time. Important documents and files can also be easily shared over WhatsApp with a limit of up to 100MB.

#4: Networking

Through WhatsApp Business, companies can conveniently interact with professionals across its relevant industry category to gain valuable market insights. The top-notch video call feature can also be used in place of apps like Zoom or Skype. Furthermore, WhatsApp Business can also be synchronized with the desktop or laptop easily so video calls can be made through the office computer for better reception.


Small businesses that have budget constraints and cannot invest on Facebook or Instagram can simply create a WhatsApp Business account to reach out to their existing and potential customers conveniently.

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