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Himalaya Herbals skin Care Product Review. When it comes to your skin, herbal products are the safest bet! These are not harmful and are gentle on the skin. And that’s the main reason why Himalaya skincare products are extremely popular among most people. And if you haven’t tried Himalaya skincare products yet, I would suggest you give them a try.

Himalaya Herbals skin Care

Hello everybody welcomes back to bid a
little while but say I’m pretty excited
because I have something for my lovely
Indian fans as I always mentioned
you guys are pretty some of their but
like this peoples like I’ve ever spoke
to and the most supportive so as always
I really appreciate your support you now
make up the majority of my fans
base so yeah we’re very thankful for you
guys and so pretty excited to be able to

review a brand that a lot of you have
actually asked me to review and when I
posted about it you guys kind of 50/50
about whether you like the brand or not
and the brand I’m talking about is
Himalaya wellness I think they always
put the bottom of their Himalaya
Wellness which is not a brand I’ve ever
heard of before view about Lotus move up
on with all that kind of stuff and
you’re going to mention Himalayas so I
was like yeah okay I’m going let’s give
that a go and I actually found someone

skin Care Product Review

on Amazon that sold it here in the UK so
like their supplier in the UK so if you
are from the UK stick around because
there are some pretty good products that
I’m going to share with you guys today
so yeah let’s get straight into it we’re
going to start cutting is going to go in
an order so going to start with a
cleanser so this is Himalayas and
moisturizing aloe vera face wash and
says it prevents drying and it also has
natural bitumen in it this is actually
aloe vera and cucumber which is cleanse
like as you guys know aloe vera is like
one of my favorite ingredients so

it’s tubes and softens dry skin I have
oily skin but that aloe vera kind of
attracted me to this product I have to
say that this is my favorite product out
of the whole products I’ve used out of
any Indian product actually any wealth
product available in India that I’ve
ever used this is one of the only faces
washes that I’ve used that kind of make
my skin feels moisturized after using it
even after splashing it with water and
drying it my skin felt really kind of

himalaya herbals

plump gets out nice and moisturize I can
even want to touch after or see aloe
vera has some amazing qualities to it
healing properties and just generally
pretty pretty good for your skin
cucumbers very nice and cooling again
very very good for your skin I will say
this definitely full skin types if your
oily it doesn’t leave you only of course
if your dryer this definitely doesn’t
really dry it very
very good you don’t get that tight
feeling on your face that you use you do

after washing your face so yes I would
highly highly highly recommend this one
next up we have the oil clear mud space
pack this is for combination and oily
skin which is good if you have
the combination you can apply to your oily
part if you have oily skin you can apply
this everywhere I generally just kind of
apply this to my t-zone and it’s winter
here one that winter we’re going to the
spring so I’m getting quite dry on my
cheeks so I just apply this to my Chi’s
own it’s good there’s nothing special
about it but there’s nothing crap about
it either if that makes sense

himalaya purifying neem facial wash

it’s generally very very good at mud
at face mask, this has been my clay in it
which is one of my favorite ingredients
for your skin and in face marks so that
kind of withdrawals or that excess sebum
or that oil from your face my skin did
feel a little bit dry after using this
but you kind of expect that from a mud
or clay face mask and so yeah I really
liked as I say nothing special nothing
rubbish though either and it just kind
of was good it is a good mud mask

because a good face mask next up is the
almond and cucumber peel-off mark
so this claims to a kind of like peel away
blemishes firming skin and rejuvenating
the skin and I don’t really have an
opinion on it at so be honest like I
definitely didn’t peel away blemishes I
don’t think that’s what they mean I
think are over an amount of time it kind
of reduces the appearance of blemishes I
can’t say notice that I can’t say I
notice anything to be honest it made my
skin look kind of nice and clear after

face mask himalaya

but nothing more than a normal face mask
would do the one thing I did like about
it which I think will be great in sum is
that had a really kind nice cooling
the effect so kind of like cooled down my
skin made me feel very relaxed and so
I would definitely be using this more in
summer but it, not a must-have product I
think it’s nice it’s nice but I don’t
feel like it had any benefits if that
makes sense

I’d much rather stick to the mud face
pack next up we have the refreshing and
clarifying toner this is for all skin
types and I must say it was a good toner
and which kindness feel quite nice and
refreshed after and
Turner’s do I think this is another
a product that is a good toner is really
good there’s nothing special about it
but is a very very good toner for
someone personally myself who is kind of
like spot-prone gets loved acne scarring
and breakouts I I like my toes has been
specific in them like a tea tree or
green tea and kind of fight my need

Himalaya Herbals skin Care

whereas I feel it’s just a general toner
again like the peel-off mask there’s
nothing great about it but it’s not bad
either and when it comes to my toes
though I just like them to have like a
specific purpose next up we have the
under-eye cream this is a 50% reduction
of dark circles in four weeks which is a
big claim now it’s only been about three
weeks and I must say I’ve noticed a
difference by a been drinking a lot more
water so I don’t do it because of that

but because it has like a nice content
to it and it doesn’t show up crazy on
your skin like it doesn’t look like
you’re wearing makeup but that does home
help reduce the appearance of those
thoughts cool it does instantly make
you look a lot more alive and a lot more
a lot more awake and it’s good it’s a
very nourishing under-eye cream and I
like my eye creams to have this kind of
like pointed kind of application because

himalaya products

it kind of helps for me it kind of helps
give me the right amount of eye cream
that I need yeah I really liked it I
bought some really expensive eye creams
and I must say I prefer this even to my
kills eye cream I’ve been using this
twice a day in the morning in the
evening and it does give you that
instant alertness and so after the face
wash I have to say this is pretty my
next favorite product like my second
favorite next up we have the Himalaya
energizing day cream and so a few things
that have to say about this

I’m using this for about two weeks now
arrived a little bit later than
everything else one it doesn’t smell
that great in the Parminder gang and
smelling it and I was a bit like
I’m not putting out my face it smells
awful it smells terrible out, to be honest
and then I kind of plucked up the
courage and applied on my face and I was
like oh my god this is so oily I was
like this has gone on so thick and my
the skin was shiny it was basically just
RiRi crap it was my set for it yes I
like to let my moisturize of thinking
before I use an SPF

women desperately

so slightly doing my hair which I do
after I do my face and I know if this
has completely sunk in like completely
like there wasn’t any kind of greasy
oiliness and my skin is a little bit
drying recently but not kind of like so
people women desperately need it because
originally I thought like in summer this
is going to be horrible it’s going to
have you cream to stick it’s going to make
I produce lots of oil by didn’t this
sunk in quite a bit and my skin looked
nice and moisturized and like a natural

glow to it without it being oily yeah
this is a good one not if you have super
oily skin I would recommend that if you
have a bit more combination or dry skin
and then like slightly or your skin I
think this is a really really good buy
once they get if you have very very oily
skin and finally we have a pimple cream
so this going to control pimples and
scars as well as keeping your skin soft
now hmm I’ve everything up to say about
this it’s not the best buy rec spot
the treatment I’ve used I have to be honest

spotting treatments

I’m used to spotting treatments that kind of
get rid of spot within 24 hours whereas
I feel this was kind of more to prevent
scarring if that makes sense and what I
liked about this as well it does have a
little tint a shine to it that when it
did go on my skin over the kind of those
blemish marks it gets kind of lighten
them a little bit not permanently but
it’s more to kind of cover-up I’ve not
noticed this like help cure pimples so

but I feel like this is more of a care
carrying product than a direct spot
treatments that make sense so it’s good
to use while you have that spot it will
kind of keep it back to your free and
stop developing in technically massive
and also stop it scarring it’s got a
nice tint to it that kind of helps cover
that spot and cover that scar and
without looking like makeup like it’s
not makeup but it does have a nice kind
of glow to it yeah I’m kind of unsure I
feel like this is something I need to

skin Care

play around a bit more and kind of talk
about a bit more and Snapchat and I do
have one more product that’s meant to
turn up as well which I think is another
aloe vera face wash and which I will
talk about in snatch as well so follow
me on them actually not already but yeah
that is it over I feel like as a brand
they’ve got so much stuff there’s so
many options so I just kind of went for
these to begin with I would definitely
want to try more because I’m kind of
impressed like with

their product
I didn’t massively hate
anything but there was more that I loved
and I dislike so let me go you know what
you recommend me to try from Himalaya
I’m kind of really really liking them as
a brand a lot of you guys want to Train
Lotus like a few more loaded products
and Ive heard they have really good SPF
so let me know what other kind of like
brands you want me to try that are

available India leave them down below as
always try and place comments within
the first 24 hours so get your questions
in getting your comments in and our reply to
you guys but thats it for now guys I
will see you next time.


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