Highland Park gunman charged with 7 counts of first-degree murder

The person of interest after a July 4 parade mass shooting who was taken into custody by police in Highland Park, Illinois, has now been charged with seven counts of first-degree murder.

Shooting Highland Park Gunman

Breaking news Highland park parade shooting, 7 people Have now died in highland
Park, Illinois, after a gunman
Shot at families enjoying a
4th of July parade and the
Victims range in age from 35
To 88 years old. And they
Include the 78-year-old
Grandfather and a set of
Parents arena. And Kevin
Mccarthy’s 2-year-old son
Aiden was found by strangers
Yesterday wandering on his own
After the chaos of all that
Gunfire and that photo of Aden
Instantly went viral with
People looking for his family.
Well, his parents who Reena
And Kevin was confirmed among
The deceased this afternoon
And a little boy will now be
Raised by his grandparents.
We’re also learning more
Details about what exactly led
Up to the shooting and the gun
Reporter Morgan Norwood is
Joining us live in highland
Park. We’re going vesta gators
Say this gunman had been
Planning a shooting for weeks.

Planning this for weeks,
Coping things out. Of course,
He carried out that shooting
From the rooftop according to
Authorities. And just minutes
Ago, the state attorney
Announcing charges for robert
Crimo the 3rd. Now keep in
Ever since the shooting
Happened, police, it simply
Been referring to him as a
Person of interest. Now he is
Considered a suspect, charged
With 7 counts of first-degree
Murder. Officials saying today
What charges are expected as
This investigation continues.
this will say the suspected
Gunman at the center of the
Deadly rampage at a july 4th
celebration in highland park,
Have been planning this

Brought a high powered
Rifle to this parade. The
Excess the roof of a business
B, a a fire escape ladder. And
Began opening fire on the
Innocent independence day.
Celebration goers.
the robert crimo, the 3rd
Is not yet been charged.
Investigators making clear
He’s the one they believe is
Responsible for this deadly
Mass shooting. According to
Multiple law enforcement
Sources is cooperating with
Authorities and it’s made
Statements taking
Responsibility for the attack.
Police say he purchased at
Least 5 firearms, including
The ar 15 style high powered
Rifle legally in illinois.
They let you fired more than
70 into the crowd. During the

Primo was dressed in
Women’s clothing and
Investigators do believe he
Did this to conceal his facial
Tattoos and identity and help
Them during the escape.
when the rampage was over,
Authorities say he dumped the
Rifle, got down from the roof
And walked among the same
People. You have just been
Shooting at. He walked.

to his mother’s home who
Live in the area and he
Blended right in with
Everybody else’s. They were
Running around almost as he
Was a innocent spectator as

Victims of highland murder

Right now, authorities are
Still working to piece
Together a motive in a
Timeline reviewing
Surveillance video of the
Attack. This doctor who
Happened to be at the scene
Jumping in to help save lives.

i started a couple ideas
That we help move people to a
Staging area. I didn’t do
Anything i did what anyone who
Has a little bit who has
Medical training with with
Trying to do.

in all 7 people were killed
And more than 30 taken to the
Hospital. Officials say they
Found a second rifle in the
Suspect’s car this afternoon.
A community left reeling
Planning a series of vigils,
Loved ones of the victims. Now
Planning funerals.

and the question is this
Had enough america. Sure hope
So. If you’ve had enough elect
People who feel as we do, we
Need more gun safety.

and and if convicted crimo
Faces life a mandatory life
Sentences without the
Possibility of parole. Live in
Highland park, illinois and
Morgan norwood, denver, 7.
Thank you so much for that
Reporting from highland park.
And one other note here,
Governor polis has followed
The president in ordering


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