Hell hath no fury like Babar Azam fans scorned, as TV show host Aftab Iqbal is now learning

Aftab Iqbal, who hosts a TV show, may think that Babar Azam is no longer a star, but he is in the minority. In fact, his opinion about the captain is so controversial that he’s trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

Iqbal, who runs the show Khabarhar on SAMAA TV, doesn’t seem to like Babar Azam. He showed this when, on his show on October 8, he went on a rant about the cricketer and said that Babar is no longer a star. “He’s not a star in my eyes. Not because he dropped catches or isn’t doing his job. But it’s because he has a big head! “He’s started hanging out with players,” he said to a group of people who didn’t speak. 
“Have you already forgotten where you came from and where God quickly took you? “You should have been ashamed of yourself,” he told Babar. He told him that Haris Sohail, Faheem Ashraf, Imad Wasim, and Shoaib Malik would make a “good team” and that he should “beg” them to come back.

Iqbal doesn’t seem to realize that Babar Azam is very popular in Pakistan. So much so that even when the team loses, they often mean things people say on the internet make the captain feel better. This is how much his fans love and respect him.

He is, among other things, in physics books, half of everyone’s favorite opening duo, and a good sportsman. But most importantly, he’s King Babar, and his fans won’t stand for these insults.

Babar’s “resignation” or “firing” was the subject of a LOT of jokes.


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