Hailey Bieber addresses Selena Gomez crossover rumors:

Hailey Bieber is going to talk about Selena Gomez, the ex-girlfriend of her husband Justin Bieber, “one time and one time only.”

The 25-year-old model will be on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast later this week. In a clip posted to Instagram, she makes it clear that she is there to tell “the truth.”

Most fans would watch the video just because of what it says at the end, Hailey Bieber talks about the controversy between her and the ex-wife of her husband for the first time ever. Hailey makes it clear that she only wants to talk about this one time.

But what’s even more interesting is how host Alex Cooper dives right into the toughest rumors about the three stars. “Have you ever been with Justin and Selena at the same time?” In the clip, Cooper asks Hailey says, “This is so crazy.” “I’ve never talked about this at all,” she said.

“A lot of the negativity and hate comes from people saying, Oh, you stole him, Hailey says, clearly upset. It’s about making sure everyone knows the truth. Because the truth exists. ” Even though Hailey has never talked about the drama directly, there have been times when she’s shown how hard it’s been on her.

In April, a TikTok video of Hailey lip-syncing to Justin’s 2009 song “One Time” caused a storm of backlash when fans pointed out that the song was written for Selena.

I’ve literally never talked about this ever

Less than two weeks after her lip-syncing video, Hailey returned to the stage with a simple but strong message. Hailey wrote in the video’s description, “This is for you guys in the comments every time I post.” “Just leave me alone,” a frustrated-looking Hailey told the camera. I’m going about my own business. I don’t do anything; I don’t say anything. “Leave me alone, please.”

She continued by saying, “Now that enough time has passed, you can leave me alone. I plead with you. Truly. That’s the only thing I want. Please be unhappy somewhere else.” “Enough time has gone by” makes it clear that she was talking about all the Selena comments she still gets.

Justin dated Selena on and off from 2011 to 2015. That same year, he dated Hailey for a short time. He then briefly talked to Selena again in 2017. Until May 2018, that was true. Two months after that, Justin asked Hailey to marry him, and two months after that, they got married.

The podcast comes after a trailer for Selena’s new Apple+ documentary, “My Mind and Me,” came out last week. This made some fans wonder why the podcast came out now. “Me and My Mind. We don’t always get along, and when that happens, it’s hard to breathe, “Selena wrote a caption for an Instagram post of the trailer. “But I wouldn’t do anything differently.”

Selena Gomez became a huge star after being in the spotlight for years. But just as she reaches a new high point, something unexpected pulls her into the dark, “Apple+ TV tells me.” Her six-year journey is shown in a new light in this raw and personal documentary that is one of a kind. The film will be available to stream on November 4.


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