Grimes is very seriously considering a white face tattoo. It’s time

Grimes is thinking about what she will write next. The 34-year-old musician asked her followers on Instagram last week what they thought about her getting a face tattoo. She wrote next to a selfie of herself, “I’m really thinking about getting a white-ink tattoo on my face next week.” “What do you think?”

“It feels like it’s time,” said Claire Boucher, who goes by the name “Shinigami Eyes.”Grimes didn’t say when she took her most recent selfie, but it was soon after she posted a picture of her bandaged face on Instagram on September 17.

Grimes posted a picture of herself on Twitter with medical tape on her face, which led to rumors that she had had elf ear surgery. Last month, she said she was interested in getting pointed elf ears surgically implanted on her head. The star told her fans in the caption that she finished a new album while at a “plastic surgery clinic.”The “Oblivion” singer wrote next to the selfie, “I did something crazy!” but didn’t say what it was.

Grimes Says She’s ‘Very Seriously

Back in April 2021, Grimes showed off a very detailed piece of art she had gotten: a white-ink tattoo that covers almost her whole back. Grimes said that the artist Tweakt did the design with “some help from the alien computer brain of” Nusi Quero. The design is a web of tangled lines.

In the caption of her post about her new tattoo, Grimes wrote, “Don’t have a good picture because it hurts too much and I need to sleep haha, and it’ll be red for a few weeks, but it’s going to leave beautiful alien scars. She also said, “I hope everyone is having a good day.


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