GPS Smartwatch for Kids is actually GOOD – Xplora Go Smartwatch

GPS Smartwatch for Kids is actually GOOD – Xplora Go Smartwatch

GPS Smartwatch for Kids. The best GPS trackers for kids you can buy today. Xplora Go Smartwatch is the best watch for your kids, easy to use, and the best gadget for your kids at a cheap price rate.

GPS Smartwatch for Kids Review

well this is a SmartWatch for kids at

the first of that kind that appears on

the website in my opinion one of the

best solutions you can find out there at

the moment was very balanced and quite

durable I was really looking forward to

showing you the explore it go so let’s


hey greetings to you it’s the tech road

website my name is Michael and fresh

quality and cool tech is always welcome

here and so are you

it’s actually a good friend who brought

my attention to this watch because I was

in the search for a balanced solution

like searching for the optimal balance

between performance and battery life the

Explorer ago seems to satisfy most of my

and my son’s requirements and after

around 3 months of using turns out to be

better than many others what is quite

interesting is that it was launched at a

lower price and that’s how a slight

correction up and now you can buy for

around (price maybe change when you buy) British pounds on the UK

Amazon which converts into around (?) US

dollars looks like the official Explorer

websites that achieve the goal watch to

GPS tracking basic chat function

the United States but you can purchase

it from eBay and many of the sellers

seem to quickly ship it to the USA the

the device is perfect if you need to have

GPS tracking basic chat function and

ability to talk to the kit cost slightly

more than similar Chinese watches for

kids and the UK-based company seem to

offer really good aftermarket support so

let’s take a look at the box first

those of you who have a knife all the

detail have noticed the two editions

already where you can have it in the

form a fault watch or using the so

called clip so that the kit can wear it

on the neck strap or possibly hook it to

a backpack well we’re unboxing the watch

edition and like explore themselves

States this is a smartphone in the form

of a watch, there are a few different

acts and color options but from what we

see the main unit is one in the same and

it is a black thing which looks like

most of the smartwatches out there the

band of chosen is blue

Button touchscreen a SIM slot charging port

there also is pink purple unfortunately

no yellow in green and this could be

quite an interesting niche as you can

see it is really quite basic single

button touchscreen a SIM slot charging

port well as a techie I’m not too

inspired to see a micro USB port but I

guess type-c would have been too large

to integrate only 31 grams powered by a

media tech chipset 1.3 inch TFT

Kim sixteen megabytes storage and even

0.3-megapixel camera there’s a gravity

sensor Wi-Fi module embedded GPS and we

mentioned the SIM card slots now the big

note here it only works with 2g networks

which is something I’ve been explicitly

looking for because this is the way the

600th polymer battery to last long

enough the device is only IP 65

certified meaning just splashproof

access of water to the port is quite

easy if you shower and bath therefore

make sure to avoid any of these

otherwise, you wish to cause a hardware

damage to the watch in terms of hardware

sounds right

nothing too spectacular but also nothing

to really disappoint build quality is

quite good and I like the design a lot

TFT Display ( AMOLED screens )

unfortunately, because the display is TFT

and it has pretty poor visibility in

daylight it fails to compete with the

good AMOLED screens that we see lately

with more premium watch brands last

the thing to show you about the hardware is

the sim card and nano-SIM which is

required for the installation ends it’s

pretty simple the slot is exposed and

there’s no screw or door to fight with

time to have a look at the software I’m

gonna start with the software on the

watch itself because it is really good

the functions have improved a little in

the past few months and it is great to

see that there is the software division

which takes care of regular updates

now the OS of this watch is the

so-called art t OS quite a basic

distribution and very well customized

food-kits the only available button acts

as a switch for on and off for the

screen and that’s accomplished via a

short press pressing and holding this

button for 5 seconds activates an

emergency call so your kid may phone you

no matter what using this feature the

menus have large colorful tiles which

are catchy and the kids seem to like

them there are a few different watch

faces no matter which one you use

there’s a code shortcut and a camera

shortcut swipe actions are also


Messaging, Camera, Gallery, Wi-Fi

swipe down for the information summary

showing the configured alarms and the

daily step count swiping right will go

to other available menus that there’s a

messaging option a gallery the camera

mode and the last screen enables Wi-Fi

connectivity checks the step count and


and you can configure the rest of the

settings well there’s not too much that

your kit is allowed to configure and

among the items to adjust are the screen

brightness the sound volume and the

watch face and a few others pretty basic

but exactly what a boy or a girl would

need for being connected to you and to

not have too many distractions know that

kids may sometimes get obsessed with

devices of that kind and its really

important to talk to your kid about that

kind of tech used its purpose and

setting some boundaries here’s the

smartphone app it is called Explorer go

and it’s really really well designed I’m

saying this based on comparison with a

few other alternative apps from the app

you can configure the watch modes and

there’s the school mode which we

mentioned and that can be activated this

which will disable any kind of scrolling

on the watch for a certain period of

time during the school hours very useful

and a must-have feature

Quick button for Call

quick button for making a call and a

message by the way the messaging option

has been drastically improved used to be

quite basic and kind of crazy there were

absolutely no time stamps or date stamps

so it was really tough to figure out

whether the message is new or not with

one of the November updates was

improved and I guess based on the

the feedback that my wife suggested in

regard to a ticket which was opened

prior to that you also have the tracking

option which shows the location of the

watch based on the GPS and the gsm

The towers accuracy is quite good and the

app usually gives you a proximation of

that accuracy which usually is within

the range of 10 to 15 meters there’s a

way to temporarily enable live tracking

– which can last for a minute but

consume small battery there’s also a

calendar feature for reminders and of

course the option to configure the phone

book if a phone number is not defined on

the book it is unable to call the watch

a number so that there is no way someone

you haven’t been authorized to phone your

kids also safety zones can be defined

and to make identification as soon as

the kid enters or leaves any of them

with some remarks this

Effects of the GPS

is really good and kudos to explore

steam for designing such a good system

in fact, they took them some time while

the app was working perfectly fine on

the 1 plus 7 all the time my wife was

complaining of frequent freezes and in

responsiveness on her Galaxy s8

something that the explorer support team has

acknowledged and fixed with an app

updates the other remark I have is the

bans the first one got in trouble it

broke and the gap turned around a month

after buying the watch it was replaced

for free by Explorer and the second ban

is fine after almost 2 months of using

both of them look identical probably the

second one is so for new and better

revision these are the only big

complaints I can think of the rest works

really well I’m pretty happy with the

performance more important he is very

happy with its effects with the GPS

tracking I can easily plan some

activities and get better estimation for

school arrival times traffic intensity

and so on in terms of battery life 3 to

4 days is the regular cycle with phone

calls scrolling and messaging photos are

of course up to par with the expectation

of a point three megapixel camera but

this still is a lot of fun for little

Xplora Go Smartwatch Review

human beings that have never heard of

the term megapixel and don’t really care

about exposure and contrast so that’s

the Explorer ago a fantastic GPS

SmartWatch that helps you keep in

touch with your kids when needed with

hardware which is just a write an

excellent software does it fit to the

grown-ups yeah it does but I’ll stick to

something else at least for now thank

you for watching this review as usual

youre gonna find links to all the

products are shown during the article in the

down below and for any questions

and comments I’ll be glad to get in

touch in the corresponding section if

you liked the article then show me your

appreciation by liking and subscribing

take good care of yourself and your

kids and I’ll see you soon you.


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