Google to add satellite connectivity to Android 14

Satellite connectivity could be the next big thing that smartphone makers are racing to add. Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 14, which will have direct satellite connectivity. Now, Google is saying that the same feature could come to the next version of Android, which could be out as soon as 2023.

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Google says that Android will soon be able to connect directly to satellites. 
The feature might be added to Android 14 in 2019. 
Samsung and other big Android phone makers will be able to use the new technology beyond Pixel phones.

Hiroshi Lockheimer, the SVP of Android and Chrome platforms, said in a tweet that Android is already being made to work with direct satellite connections. Google is likely to show off Android 14, its next big mobile operating system, at the next Google I/O event in the first half of next year. This could be the same time that the feature comes out.

It’s not clear how Android will support this. But it’s likely that it would need more parts to work before it could save lives. Along with compatible hardware and software on the user’s end, supported satellite services are also needed to reach remote areas or “dead zones” where there are no regular cell sites.

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Apple’s satellite solution

According to a report from MacRumors, Apple is thought to have teamed up with Globalstar. At launch, the service will be free for users, and it will be able to send and receive messages using the current satellite spectrum. On the other hand, SpaceX and T-satellite Mobile’s connectivity project will use some 5G spectrum to make the feature available on any cell phone.

Even though Google plans to release the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro next month, it’s unlikely that this feature will be included. Even so, not only Pixel phones, but also phones from other brands like Samsung with the Galaxy S23, Xiaomi, or Oppo, would benefit from the technology.

Do you think that satellite connectivity will be an important thing to look for in your next smartphone or smartwatch?


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