Gears of War partners with Crisis Text Line

Gears of War is teaming up with the Crisis Text Line to help prevent suicide. This is happening on Suicide Prevention Day. Gears of War is, of course, a franchise owned by Microsoft about big men and women fighting monsters that want to take over the world. Crisis Text Line, on the other hand, is a nonprofit that offers free mental health support through texting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At first glance, it doesn’t seem like an obvious pair

To be fair, though, the Gears series is mostly about how teams work together. It’s about falling down and having someone help you get back up so you can keep going. This is kind of what Crisis Text Line does if you look closely.

“Never Fight Alone” is the name of an initiative that the partnership is announcing. It’s trying to give more people access to services that help with mental health and prevent suicide. Luke Preece, who is an artist for Metallica, made a T-shirt for it.

The t-shirt will be sold both in the Xbox Gear Shop and on Game Planet. All of the money made from sales will go to the Crisis Text Line.

Gears of War partners with Crisis Text Line

If you’ve played a Gears game, you know that a lot of the main characters have PTSD, depression, or other mental problems. Much is true. The world where the Gears games take place is a dystopian hellhole. Dom might have had no other choice but to kill himself by driving a truck into a fuel depot and dying in a huge explosion.

We’re lucky that things aren’t quite so bad yet. We also have ways to deal with loss and sadness.

For example, to reach the Crisis Text Line, you could text “PAUSE” to 741401


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