Garmin Vivosmart 5 vs Fitbit Charge 5 comparison

Garmin Vivosmart 5 vs Fitbit Charge 5 comparison

Garmin Vivosmart 5 vs Fitbit Charge 5, Today we are comparison to branded watches in very detail we are telling you this watch’s advantages and disadvantages.

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reviews we’re going to be going over the

Garmin vivosmart 5 and the Fitbit charge

5. these guys are coming around at the

same price this charge 5 is about 150

the vivosmart 5 is about 150 but let’s go

ahead see what the differences are the

similarities and really which one is

best for you but let’s go ahead and get

right into it.

Vivosmart 5 Review

let’s get into the similarities real

quick so they both do have a touch screen

OLED displays of course the monochrome

on the vivosmart 5 and also they come

with five atmospheres of water

resistance they have heart rate monitors

they have accelerometers they both have

spo2 tracking women’s health tracking

and stress tracking as well of course

they go through your steps and your calories

burn throughout the day too they both do

come in with about seven days of battery

life but if you’re gonna be using these

guys to the fullest extent you’re

probably a little bit longer down to

four but we’ll get into that in a second

Vivosmart 5 Review

they even have some breathing exercises

on the bands and in the abs themselves

to help out with some stress they both

can detect irregular heartbeat so if

your heartbeat is too high or too low

you can customize it throughout each one

of these bands to see if you can get a

notification so to let you know if you

are too high or too low

all right that’s pretty much all the

similarities let’s go ahead and get in

the differences first thing first of

course the screen itself the Garmin is

coming in with a 0.41-inch display where

the Fitbit charge 5 is coming in with

about a 1.04-inch display you do see the

difference of course its monochromes

over here on the vivosmart 5 where you

do get full color on the charge 5. the

Charge 2 Fitbit charger

Garmin vivosmart 5 does have a physical

button there at the bottom to go back

where if you want to go back on the

Fitbit you have to double-tap the center

of the screen to be able to navigate

we’ll get into the user interface

a little bit later in the article, you do get

NFC payment through Fitbit pays on the

charge five so that’s awesome and you

also have the GPS and an ECG monitor on

this as well so you do get a lot of

extra sensors and not only that it is

detecting a fib irregular heartbeat on

the charge 5 that recently came out this

week so I haven’t been able to test it

or anything like that but it is on the

charge 5 and with the new update so with

the battery life they both have seven

days of battery life but with the Garmin

if you want to get the best sleep

tracking out of the device you will have

to turn pulse ox on and you’ll get

around five days of battery life with

the charge five it does get about seven

maybe closer to six days of battery life

but it also hasn’t always been on display and

if you like to use the always-on display

you’re probably looking at around four

to five days of battery life they both

also do have interchangeable bands that

is new on the vivosmart 5 where the

charge series always had interchangeable

bands also with the weight you have

about 2 grams less on the vivosmart 5

Goes with a body battery – A charger for Fitbit blaze

but there is a medium-small and there’s

also a large variant as well for wrist

sizes so you will have to make sure to

get the right one I have a smaller wrist

and do have to go small media both these

guys do have music controls because so

you can pause tracks skip tracks

throughout whatever you’re using to play

music and of course price they’re both

coming in about 150 right now but as i

am filming this article the charge 5 on

amazon is 127 so you are saving some

money here so that is awesome or the

vivosmart 5 just came out we probably

won’t see any of those discounts anytime

Goes with a body battery – A charger for Fitbit blaze

soon so Garmin goes with a body battery

and this goes right as soon as you put

it’s on and it kind of depletes your body

battery and brings it up to let you know

how much energy do you have throughout

where on the charge five it uses the

readiness score with the readiness score

uh it uses things like hrv I mean they

both do but you do have to have the band

on for about five days to actually get

that ready to score to come up talking

about that you get six months of premium

with your charge five, what is premium

it’s on the app itself so even with

readiness score you do have to have

premium to be able to get your readiness

score was with the vivosmart 5 the

Premium version – Fit bit blaze charger

Garmin in general everything is free

nothing’s behind the paywall where the

Fitbit they have this premium version of

their app where there are a lot of

things behind a paywall yes you’ll get

sleep scores yes you’ll get your heart

rate variability and all of that but

it’ll only track for seven days so you can’t see

longer periods to be able to check how

things are going up and down unless you

are on the premium it does again come

with six months of premium if you want

to pay for a full year it’s 80 and you

want to pay per month it is 9.99 so that

is something to definitely take into

account and on the app itself if you are

a data nerd the Garmin app has so much

things built in it’s right over here

where the Fitbit is a little bit more

simplified so you’ll be able to see

everything may be a little bit easier but

there are so many different things to go

through on the Garmin ad if you’re a

data nerd the Garmin app is better but

if you’re looking for a simple

The Fitbit app might be a little bit better

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Customizable How does Fitbit track spinning

the algorithm to push it out to more

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with my website all right let’s get into the user

the interface of both the starting with the

vivosmart 5. of course you do have your

physical button down here at the bottom

when you swipe down this is going to go

through all your widgets these are

customizable through the app and of

course this bottom button is your home

button and swiping up just kind of goes

the backward way if you do hit that

Customizable How does Fitbit track spinning

the home button you have your activities

right here if you like to start a

workout heart rate watch faces you could

change out not really that many clocks

settings and all of that when you slide

swipe to the left you’re not really

getting anything when you swipe to the

right you are going to get some things

like call notifications and do not

disturb and here on the back this is

where you’re gonna have all of your

sensors and this is a replaceable band

and if you are charging it is a

barrel charger that does plug in both

ways and it charges in about two hours

Touchscreen Fitbit

all right here on the charge five when

you swipe down you have NFC payments do

not disturb screen wakes a lot of these

things are customizable when you get

into your settings, you can go to always

on change out your heart rate zone stuff

For that when you wanna go back you do

have to double tap on the screen when

you swipe to your right these are going

to be your widgets you can change where

you want your exercises and you can

change which one you have right there

and of course, you keep swiping you’re

going to go through all your widgets as

you go double-tapping on that home

screen will get you there.

when you’re swiping the other way it’s just

going to go the opposite way you can get

your eda scans timers and stuff like

that when you swipe upwards this is

going to give you a day on how you are

looking at your heart rate with your

sleep and all that you can have right

here and of course double-tapping is

going back here on the back are all your

sensors and you do have your charging

here at the bottom, it is a magnetic

charger and only goes on one way so it

snaps right in I do like the magnetic

charger a little bit wet better but it

takes about three hours to fully charge

How to take the band off Fitbit inspire – Garmin GPS ball size

so one of my overall thoughts and

recommendations here

to be perfectly honest I don’t think you

could really beat the charge 5 here it

is sleeker it does have a better build

quality in my opinion and it’s cheaper

at this point, it has GPS built-in i did

have a little bit of a problem with the

connected GPS on the vivosmart five it

kind of fluctuated a little bit, not the

most accurate well you will get a more

accurate tracking with your GPS here but

if you are a data nerd and do not want

to work through the premium Fitbit app i

would go with the Garmin this is small

both of these guys are relatively small

but the charge 5 is a little bit smaller

so will stay a little bit more out of

the way but both of these are a very

good build and they’re both going to

give you pretty much the same type of

heart rate tracking and also sleep

tracking I wouldn’t really say one is

better than the other on each one but i

mean maybe the vivosmart 5 might be

a little bit better on sleep tracking but

Blueline watch band – Garmin vivofit 5

the charge 5 is also very good for sleep

tracking and as far as their fitness

tracking the same type of deal their heart

rate sensors work great I believe i did

have a better experience with the charge

5 then i did with the vivosmart 5 so but

that can be up to variance and stuff

like that well hopefully, this article was

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