Garmin QuickFit 20 Nylon Band Rose Gold

This color band is great for the Garmin Fenix 7S Solar Light Sand Rose Gold & Fenix 7S Sapphire Solar Light Sand Cream Gold watches especially.

welcome if you’re new today I’m 
going to review the new Garmin  
quick fit 20-millimeter nylon watch band 
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this one in the color cream heathered nylon with  
rose gold hardware and this currently goes for 
129.99 Canadian or 99.99 American this is one  
of the newest quick fit bands that did come 
out to kind of match with the new phoenix 7s  
series and now I’m going to go ahead and unbox 
this so we can see exactly what it looks like

Garmin QuickFit 20 Nylon

All right guys so here it is right out the box
so it definitely looks a lot brighter than 
what we’re seeing on the box in my opinion  
this looks definitely a lot darker I actually 
really like how it looks you know right out  
of the box in person so now I’m going to go 
ahead and put these on my phoenix 7s solar so  
you guys can see what that looks like so here it 
is right now guys just with the um silicone band
I’m going to show you guys how to put them on in 
case you don’t know so you kind of just go-ahead  
and you pull down on this little part right 
here and then you line it up and you push it in  
and once you hear that click it’s in place once 
again you pull down on this part and then you  
put it through like the little metal bar all 
right guys so this is what it looks like on

I think it looks great so it really 
matches the light sand color of
the case even though it’s called heather nylon
so I really like the nylon bands they’re 
definitely great for when you know I’m trying to  
like dress up a bit whereas the silicone i think 
is better for working out and the nylon bands  
are definitely kind of smoother on your skin they 
don’t feel a little bit sticky like silicone  
sometimes feels like and I’m going to try it on 
so you can see what it looks like on my wrist all  
right guys so this is what it looks like on my 
wrist and i do have a seven-inch wrist here and.

The light sand rose gold color

Garmin says that this fits wrist sizes 4.9 
inches to 8.6 inches or 125 millimeters to  
220 millimeters so it definitely does fit a good 
amount of wrist sizes so i currently have this on  
my phoenix 7s solar but it is compatible with the 
phoenix 6s series the phoenix 5s series as well  
and you know any other watch from Garmin that 
is compatible with a 20-millimeter quick fit band  

so that’s one thing I really like that 
you can kind of carry this back onto other  
watches and if you guys are interested in learning 
a bit more about the phoenix 7s solar i have done  
a full review on this watch which you can find in 
the top right and in the down below alright  
guys so one thing I wanted to mention is that i 
do think that this matches very nicely with the 7s  
solar here in the light sand rose gold color but.

Directly from Garmin

i want to let you guys know it’s not the exact  
same color just wanted to quickly mention that for 
anybody wondering and if you guys are looking to  
pick up the quick fit band here i did get mine 
directly from Garmin, i do have the link in the  
down below for anybody interested all right guys 
that’s all i have for you today i just want to do  
a quick article showing you guys what this looks 
like on this watch because i haven’t seen this  
anywhere on Google thanks for watching guys 
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