Garmin Forerunner 255S Unboxing Powder Gray

Forerunner 255S is a smaller-sized running smartwatch that features HRV status, up to 12 days of battery life, daily suggested workouts, and much more.

Garmin Forerunner 255S review

Today I’m going to be unboxing the new 
Garmin Forerunner 255s so I have this watch  
in the color powder gray and it was also released 
in some other great colors which you could see on  
screen now I have the 4runner 255s here it did 
also, come out in the 255s music so the current  
price as of recording is $459.99 Canadian or 
$349.99 American so the first thing I’m going  
to show you guys is all around the packaging 
here so here we have the front of the watch the side
back on the other side  
and the bottom so now I’m going to go ahead 
and unbox this but you guys came here to see

so what we have in the package is a charging cord
and it’s a typical charger we see for most Garmin 
smart watches next we have a quick start manual
and finally, we have an important product 
and safety information pamphlet  
so now let’s go ahead and get 
this thing out of the package
so here it is out of the package guys i 
definitely think it looks nice and sleek  
so the last thing you got to 
do is take off the sticker
and here is that display
here we can see you know the 
buttons the band all of that design
all right guys now I’m going to go ahead and try 
this on so you can see what it looks like on me  
so here’s what it looks like on me
and i have a seven-inch wrist

First look at the display

All right guys now I’m gonna go ahead and turn 
this on so you can get a first look at the display
so now I’m going to go ahead and set this thing up 
completely and once I get a real feel for it I’m  
going to come back on another tech Tuesday soon 
to do a full review for you guys on the Garmin  
Forerunner 255s so if you guys are looking to 
pick up this watch I’ve gone ahead and left a link down.


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