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Galaxy watch 4 Review. The first smartwatch with Wear OS Powered by Samsung, Galaxy Watch4 puts seamless access to your favorite apps on your wrist.

Galaxy watch 4 Review

the Samsung galaxy watch 4 came out one
a month ago and in the first month there
was a lot of noise and a lot of
the excitement surrounding this smartwatch
the galaxy watch 4 received a lot of
positive reviews for its brand new
hardware its sleek design its top of the
line specs and of course the new
collaboration between google and samsung
giving you the new operating system of

the future really wear os 3.0 not only
is this the only watch on the market
with wear os 3 right now but it also has
some of Samsung’s features on top of that
making this a really compelling buy but
now that it’s been a month it’s time to
set the spec sheets aside and look at
what this watch is actually like to use
on a day-to-day basis now I’ve been
wearing this watch every single day
since it came out and i found a lot of
things that weren’t mentioned in
original reviews because they’re either

Galaxy watch 4 physical rotating bezel

smaller nuances you don’t notice or
there were changes that were made since
the release and in this article i want to
Share with you what i found to be the
most annoying and the most positive
features that you might not notice when
you first put the watch on

Galaxy watch 4 physical rotating bezel
Galaxy watch 4 physical rotating bezel

hey welcome back to the website for
Is anyone new here i’m Abdul Rehman and
like i said this article is all about the
galaxy watch 4. i’ve been wearing this
for the past month and i want to start
off with some of the things that have
actually changed since it first came out
and the first is an update to improve
the touch bezel now unlike the galaxy
watch 4 classic which has a physical
rotating bezel the galaxy watch 4 has a

Digital bezel watch

digital bezel a touch bezel which means
that if you swirl your finger around the
bezel it’ll navigate through in a
similar fashion now personally this was
one of my favorite features on the
galaxy watch active 2. you could swirl
around the bezel and navigate the
interface in a clean smooth way i think
it was well executed but on the galaxy
watch 4 it doesn’t have the same magic i
think it’s because you have a boxier
edge so rather than swirling around the
curved round edge of the galaxy watch
active to you have a harder bezel there
which means it feels more like you’re

40 millimeter version

actually using the screen it self and on
top of that with this new interface you
really don’t need it quite as much so
personally, i went into the settings and
i actually disabled that especially with
this being the 40 millimeter version i
really wanted to utilize as much of the
screen as possible so that my touches
were always registered and speaking of

the size of this device that ties into
something very interesting samsung did
and that is with the size of the straps
now this has 20 millimeter straps on
here but that’s only the size of the
straps, where it connects most straps, are
just the same width all the way down but
what samsung did is they added a little
fishtail here to make the strap slightly
wider i think it’s a good width for this
watch but that means that if you replace
this with a regular 20 millimeter strap

40 millimeter version
40-millimeter version

Samsung extreme sport band

it’s going to look very very small and i
think this was a way of samsung kind of
getting you to buy their straps in the
beginning at least until third parties
catch up but personally, i think it
worked well it convinced me to buy this
strap right here and if you’re getting
the galaxy watch four i highly recommend
getting the extreme sport band that’s
what this one is right here it’s lighter
it’s drier it’s very comfortable and i
think it looks really nice so enough
with the physical design i wanted to
talk more about the features on here
that i found that i really liked on a
day-to-day basis and the first one is
related to notifications we all know
that you can get a ton of notifications
from snapchat and texting and everything

and sometimes you just want to focus on
watching a movie on doing work
whatever it might be this watch has some
really interesting features for that so
of course you can turn on do not disturb
you can turn on theater mode underwater
mode like there’s all these different
modes you can go into that change how
this device interacts with you but
really the one that i found i liked the
most was theater mode and the reason for
this was because you were able to really
customize how long it was going to be on

Samsung active 4 review

because in the past i find that a lot of
times i’ll turn on do not disturb and a
couple hours later go by and i totally
have been missing phone calls even
though i only needed to not be disturbed
for maybe two hours so with theater mode
you’re able to set a timer for one hour
two hours four hours and during that
time it’ll make your watch a little bit
more invisible and then after that it’ll
switch back to its normal mode and
you’re able to have lift awake and
notifications and everything of those

sorts and additionally if you dig deeper
into settings you have some really
interesting kind of features hidden in
this watch so for example answering and
rejecting phone calls can be done with
gestures but keep in mind you want to be
careful when you’re actually doing these
so for example you can twist your wrist
twice to reject a call i think that’s
convenient or you can shake your arm
twice to accept a call and of course
keep in mind if you’re in like a

Shaking your arm up and down

workspace and you’re shaking your arm up
and down like you might look a little
weird so maybe that’s not the best place
to do that and answering a call or
rejecting with just your fingers makes
sense but there are some times when it
is useful so for example if you have
earbuds in and you’re walking with some
groceries and somebody calls you you
could easily shake your wrist or you
know twist or whatever to answer or
reject calls and i think in that

Shaking your arm up and down
Shaking your arm up and down

situation it makes a lot of sense
something else i really liked on the
galaxy watch 4 was if you go into
settings and enable showing media
controls so by default there’s going to
be a little music icon on the bottom of
your watch face so you can tap on that
whenever you’re playing music but if you
go and enable this it’s going to
essentially open it automatically
whenever media is playing on your phone

Accessibility features watch

so if i’m playing music or a video i
could just quickly look at my watch and
skip a track or turn the volume up and
down without having to navigate into
that interface and keep in mind right
now the galaxy watch 4 is really
directly competing with the watch and
the fossil gen 6. but other than that
there are some garmin and polar watches
out there but for android users this one
really has the best accessibility

features so if you are older and you’re
worried about your health or you’re
worried about somebody else’s health and
you want them to wear this watch there
are a lot of really great things in here
a lot of accessibility features to make
it more usable if you’re hearing or your
vision is impaired you also have fall
detection you have sos on here and you
have some really nice health features
like an ecg and some heart rate tracking
to really keep tabs on your health
meaning that this watch is not just for

Running marathons

young people running marathons this
watch is great for all ages and no
matter what your needs are i find that
it does cater really well to that but it
doesn’t do everything perfect and i’m
going to talk a little bit more about my
gripes with the health tracking once we
get to that section of the video now
this next item is kind of a pro and a
con so when you get a notification you
can reply to that text with a couple
different input methods you can just tap

on an emoji you can draw an emoji you
can draw the letters or you can use a
keyboard which i find to be a little bit
slower and less usable you also have
voice to text or speech to text and of
course if you’re in a louder environment
that’s not great either what i recommend
you do is go into the play store and
download the board app which is going
to allow you to have essentially a full
keyboard layout as well as swipe texting
so you can type exactly what you want in
a much faster way now in my original

Running marathons
Running marathons
Incredibly laggy

review i talked about a startup lag
meaning when you turn on the watch for
the first some amount of time it was
incredibly laggy and i found that over
time that has improved slightly but
there still is some lag even today when
i start the watch i found that it takes
about 30 30ish seconds until the watch
is actually ready to go it looks like
it’s ready to go before that but if you
try doing anything in that time like
swiping through your tiles or widgets or

whatever you want to call them it’s just
a laggy experience but of course like i
said after 30 seconds it’s up to normal
speed and everything’s fine a big
positive of this watch is really the
display although it doesn’t hide the
bezel as well as the galaxy watch 4
classic the display on here is still
very vibrant very bright and it gets
very dim as well so i found that no
matter where i am if i’m outside in the
brightest daylight or if i’m inside at
night it never is hard to read and i

Voice assistant, feature

find that that’s something galaxy
watches do really well something that it
does not do really well however is the
voice assistant, now i know Bixby has
come a long way right like we understand
that bixby’s getting better samsung’s
still investing effort into that but
this seemed like the perfect opportunity
when you’re switching from samsung’s old
operating system to google’s wear os it
just seemed like the perfect time to
switch over to google’s voice assistant
and i don’t know why they chose not to
do that i really wish they did because

i mean she’s nice but she’s just not as
capable as google assistant and no
offense to anybody who uses bixby right
bixby gets the job done you can set
timers and do basic things like that but
google assistant is just a little bit
better at what it’s supposed to do and
something else that i find a little bit
of a drawback at least at first is the
selection of watch faces so while you’re
getting a lot of the old samsung watch
faces that have been brought over there
are still plenty that have not so if

Health tracking system

you’re looking for any of those older
watch faces you might be out of luck
with this device with that being said
there are plenty of new watch faces you
can find from phaser as well as a ton of
other wear os apps and i’m sure there
will be many more soon to come of course
samsung just named this the galaxy watch
4 but i would say active is kind of an
implied suffix there where you have the
galaxy watch 4 and the galaxy watch 4
classic meaning that this right here is

the more active variant although they
both have the same health tracking
capabilities this one is clearly
designed for more of an active lifestyle
and because of that you would really
expect this to be good at tracking your
fitness being accurate being really
usable for all types of different
workouts and health related features and
for the most part it does a really good
job if you saw my accuracy testing in my
original review you’ll know that for the
most part GPS and heart rate did a

Weight workout using curls

pretty decent job if you go into the app
as well you also have some pretty
in-depth analytics that’ll talk about
your step asymmetry when you’re running
and all types of different really
in-depth analytics like that
additionally the software on here has
really improved for other workouts as
well besides just running and swimming
and biking you can actually do a full
weight workout using curls and benching
and all types of different workouts

anytime you’re moving your arm it’s able
to count your reps and on top of that
you can actually kind of string all your
workouts together by pausing and then
going adding in new and if your next
exercise is curls then you can select
curls select how many reps and how many
sets you want to do and it will count
your reps and make sure you have proper
form so for that i think it does a
pretty fantastic job personally i would
rather just count my own reps but
regardless it’s a pretty cool feature

Step tracking or stair tracking

that they have in here and while for the
most part i am really happy with this
watch’s capabilities it’s not perfect
and there are some things that are
either missing or that it doesn’t really
do well and so getting into what these
things are the first one is step
tracking or stair tracking rather
anytime you go up and downstairs it’s
supposed to count how many times you do
that and so when I went up 17 flights of
stairs in my house throughout the day
just going up and down periodically i
then checked this and it said i only
went up seven so that was clearly very
wrong additionally it still doesn’t have
blood pressure monitoring in fact

Step tracking or stair tracking
Step tracking or stair tracking

samsung doesn’t even mention blood
pressure monitoring on their website so
depending on what country you’re in you
probably don’t have blood pressure
monitoring and of course those were not
major selling points when this watch was
announced however what was a major
the selling point was the bioimpedance on
here the essential body composition
allowing you to estimate your fat levels
and muscle levels using just the watch
now with that being said in my original
article i said that that was not accurate
which was a pretty bold claim and i got
a little pushback for that when a lot of
other bloggers and a lot of other

Measurements system

reviewers on youtube compared this to
other bioimpedance meters and found it
to be relatively similar and i want to
clarify some of the confusion there
because i’ve been doing a lot of
experimenting with this a lot of testing
to find out exactly why i was getting
inaccurate measurements and i found that
there are really two things to focus on
here one of them is how close it is to
your actual body fat and the other one
is how repeatable those measurements
actually are and so talking about one at
a time how close it is to your actual

body fat well nobody has actually
measured that really well yet at least
not that i’m aware of because what you
would have to do is use a super accurate
devices like a bod pod or something of
that nature to calculate what your body
fat is now with this you’re using bio
impedance and of course that can change
based on what you eat what you drink
when you went to the bathroom so the
best we could do is look at how close
this resembles other body impedance
meters which people have done and for

Body Fat Measurement

the most part they found that it did a
really good job however the
repeatability was what i found had an
the issue which i think a lot of people on
here using this device are going to face
issues with the accuracy because of
these variables so for example i found
that exactly where you hold your arms or
twist your body or what you do really
changes the measurements a lot so one
A quick example here is if you have your
arms all the way down versus up 10
degrees or up 10 degrees from that your

body fat measurement can change by as
much as one or one and a half body fat
points okay so really there was never a
claim that this was a medical device and
i understand that but really what i want
to point out here is that while it is
really exciting to have a bioimpedance
meter on here and i’m happy that they
did that i would say that you shouldn’t
put too much weight on just that instead
i think it’s really important to use
your body composition measurement in
conjunction with other measurements such
as your weight or your mile time or your
overall physical appearance and how you

Galaxy watch 4 44mm

feel about your progress because like i
said there are just so many variables
that can drastically change what your
body fat levels are or what they’re read
as and that could discourage you from
continuing your workouts but overall
that’s my take on the galaxy watch 4.
after using this for a month i really
like this watch i think it did a
fantastic job with fitness tracking as
an everyday smartwatch and i think that
pretty much everything i really wanted
to see on here was here with the

exception of maybe google assistant of
course you do have a google pay on here as
i didn’t really mention in my original
article but it’s not the native payment
app so you can open google pay with a
little shortcut but if you press and
hold the top button no matter what it is
going to open samsung pay so what do you
think about the galaxy watch 4 you can
leave a comment with your thoughts below
and i’ll reply to as many as i can as
always if you enjoyed this article
consider liking and subscribing i’m Abdul Rehman
thanks for reading.

Galaxy watch 4 44mm
Galaxy watch 4 44mm


The Galaxy watch active 2 came out one month ago and in the first month, there was a lot of noise and a lot of excitement surrounding this new smartwatch. There were a lot of very positive reviews, strong competitor to any other smartwatch in 2021 Now that it has bbeen 1 month, it is time to set the spec sheets aside and see how this watch actually performs under daily use.


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