Fuecoco’s Rumored Evolution in Pokemon

Recent rumours about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet may link Fuecoco to an ancient god, who may have inspired the design of Gen 9’s fiery crocodile.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are based on?

Even though Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were announced all the way back in February, not much is known about them officially. Most of what is known about them online comes from rumored leaks. Some leakers, like Riddler Khu, have proven to be reliable over time, but most of the information that came out over the months turned out to be false, leaving fans with at best a trail of crumbs. Still, insiders did share some important information about Scarlet and Violet, like how the three Gen 9 starters’ types work together or how their evolutions look.

One of these rumours is that Fuecoco, the fiery crocodile that Scarlet and Violet can choose as one of their starter Pokemon, will have a flaming egg on its head in its middle stage and a flaming bird on its head in its final stage. This is a pretty strange trait, especially for one of the starters, but Fuecoco from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is no stranger to strange traits since it seems like its final evolution will be a four-legged one. Still, the fact that Fuecoco’s evolution will be a Fire/Ghost hybrid and that leaks suggest it will have a flying animal on its head that is on fire makes for an interesting link to an ancient god.

How a Peruvian god is like Scarlet and Violet’s Pokemon, Fuecoco,

It’s no secret that the region of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is based on the Iberian Peninsula and Spanish culture in general, possibly including Portugal. This makes it the first place in the main series that has a Hispanic background. But there is a Peruvian god who has nothing to do with Spain. This ancient god could have been one of the inspirations for the creation of Fuecoco. This god, named Morrop, is often called “The Iguana Man” because it looks like a cross between an iguana and a crocodile or another reptile.

The Mochicas, who worshipped Morrop, thought that this god was making a connection between the human world and the afterlife. This is something that makes Morrop interesting. Morrop was thought to be the link between the living and the dead, and it was also thought that it was his job to go with the Mochicas as they went down into the underworld. When it comes to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Fuecoco, this trait could be linked to how the pocket monster is said to evolve and what type it is said to be.

Ghost-type Pokemon in the Pokemon series has a strong link to the world of the dead. The first example comes from Pokemon Red and Blue’s Lavender Town and its creepy Pokemon Tower, which is a graveyard for Pokemon that have died. This fact alone would make the connection between Fuecoco and Morrop seem strange, but it gets even more interesting when you think about how they look alike. But the fact that the Peruvian god is shown with a chicken on its head may be the most interesting similarity between Fuecoco and the god.

Capital of Friendship

In Chiclayo, Peru, which is known as the “Capital of Friendship,” there is a statue of the god Morrop. The god is shown with a lizard in one hand and a chicken on its head, in a pose that looks like it is trying to make a deal. If Fuecoco’s evolution in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet really ends up with a flaming bird on its head, there would be too many similarities between the pocket monster and the Peruvian god for it to be a coincidence. Even so, it’s interesting to think that even though Iberian culture is at the heart of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, other Hispanic countries ended up having a hand in making Gen 9. On November 18, 2022, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will come out for Nintendo Switch.


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