Fitbit Luxe vs Inspire 2 Comparison

Fitbit Luxe vs Inspire 2 Comparison, This is a comparison of the Fitbit Inspire 2 black vs the Fitbit Luxe Soft Gold Peony fitness trackers/smartwatches.

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on the main differences and similarities between both of these trackers so if you’re looking for  
something more in-depth I have done a full review on both of these trackers so you can find that in.

Fitbit Luxe vs Inspire 2 complete Review

The top right or in the down below alright guys so I have the Fitbit lux in the color peony  
soft gold and this is a special edition one here so it does come with the soft  
gold Gloriana bracelet as well and I have the Fitbit inspire 2 in the color black  
I’ve also reviewed it in the color lunar white so if you guys want to see that full review you can  
find that in the down below all right guys so the first thing I’m going to go into  
is the price because that’s definitely a major difference here so the Fitbit inspire 2 goes for  
129.99 Canadian or 99.99 American and the Fitbit lux here starts at 199.99 Canadian or 149.99  

Fitbit Luxe vs Inspire 2 complete Review
Fitbit Luxe vs Inspire 2 complete Review

if you do want to get this special edition version I have here it’s an extra 50  
so that’s 249.99 Canadian or 199.99 American all right guys so now I’m going to go into the major  
similarities between both of these trackers so they both have alarms timers they are touchscreen  
they can both track your sleep your steps your heart rate your calories burned they both are  
slim profile lightweight fitness trackers both come with a small and large band they are  
both swim-proof they have a water rating up to 5 atm or 50 meters and a lot more as you guys  
can see on screen this is not all of them but these are definitely the most important

The special edition Fitbit Luxe vs Inspire 2

I think all right guys so starting with the Fitbit lux here like I told you guys it’s the special edition  
so at the front, we could see a picture of the Fitbit lux we can see that it does come with  
a six-month premium trial there’s some more information at the side here guys  
at the back gives you some more information also some pictures of the tracker at the side we can  
see the color and some other information here and then at the bottom now coming over to the  
Fitbit inspire 2 packagings you can see a picture of the Fitbit inspire 2 in the black color here  
this one includes a one-year premium trial at the side you can see some of the highlights here  
at the back, we can see a picture of the inspire some other information  
as well and then at the side, we could see the color information and more, and then the bottom
all right guys this is what they look like on my wrist  

I do have a seven-inch wrist guys and I typically go up to the fifth hole from the bottom  
and I am wearing a small band currently on both of these trackers one thing I do want to  
know is that I’ve seen a lot of people do have allergic reactions to this silicone band here  
first, I bought like a metal mesh one and they weren’t really comfortable and actually  
was like pulling my arm hair and like getting caught in between stuff so it was just not good  
anyways if you guys are looking for like a band to kind of spruce up you’re inspire 2 a bit  
I will show you the one I have it’s right here guys and it’s a resin band  

it’s definitely more comfortable BAND

I have done a full review on this on amazon if you guys are interested kind of seeing that but  
I’m just going to show you what it looks like on my inspire 2. I really love the look of it  
here I think it kind of makes you inspire 2 looks a bit more elevated a bit fancier and I have  
this is in the color nougat guys honestly I think this looks phenomenal once again if you guys are  
interested in this band it’s in the down below and it’s definitely more comfortable than the  
silicone band and a lot more durable too with the lux they do have aftermarket brands that are  
available but I prefer to just stick with their Gloriana band if I’m going to class it up and get  
more of a jewelry look versus spending you know money on another band all right guys now I’m going  

it's definitely more comfortable BAND
it’s definitely more comfortable BAND

to go into the main spec differences between both of these trackers starting off with the Fitbit  
inspire 2 this tracker has a monochrome display guys and this is kind of a classic display that we  
have seen Fitbit in the past I find it very easy to read when you’re indoors or outdoors it  
has a button that helps with operation here has up to 10 days of battery life it comes with one year  
of Fitbit premium, it has tile which is this really cool feature that allows you to find your Fitbit  
inspire too if it does go missing using like GPS it does have larger font here so a lot of you  
might really like that now coming over to the Fitbit lux this one does have an AMOLED color  
display so you can definitely see those bright bold punchy colors and it is buttonless there  
are no buttons on this watch guys it’s completely touch screen it has up to five days of battery  
life it comes with the six-month Fitbit premium trial

Stainless steel bezel

it has pulse ox built in another thing is that the Fitbit lux here does have a stainless steel bezel going all around it all right guys so  
another difference here is the clip functionality so with the inspire 2 here we are able to wear it  
as a clip so basically what that means is you can take off the bands and put them in a clip accessory you  
know attach it to your waist your collar wherever you want to put it and just walk around and it  
will track your you know calories your steps stuff like that there is a function on here where you  
can go ahead and turn on the clip clip mode or you can put it on a kind of fitness tracker mode

but with the Fitbit lux we don’t have that option here all right guys so now I’m going  
to get into the weight of both of these trackers so I got my little scale here  
just to kind of weigh them out for you guys so this is the small band  
it weighs 20.8 grams and I’m gonna test it out with the large band for you guys as well  
and this one weighs 22.3 grams now let’s test out the Fitbit lux so this one is the small band this  
one weighs 25.8 grams and I’ve gone ahead and put the large band on guys so this one weighs  
27.2 grams and now finally I’m going to show you the weight with the Gloriana bracelet on
so it’s 40.8 grams and this is with all the links attached  
so i think they’re all definitely pretty lightweight

Features about Fitbit Luxe vs Inspire 2

as you guys can see the band on the Fitbit inspire 2 is thicker you can see  
that there is a slight overlapping here so honestly it’s just minimal but  
just showing you guys there is a difference here with the thickness this one has no buttons guys  
this one however doesn’t really have a bezel going along the side at all it does  
have buttons on the side here though so as you guys can see the Fitbit lux is a lot thinner  
the bands here are different so the silicone band here kind of feels more premium and softer guys  
and silky where this one feels definitely more sticky and I know some people don’t like that  
traditional like silicone feeling because it is sticky but this one doesn’t have that feeling  
but i do find them both comfortable to wear guys this one also does have a kind of pin  
mechanism to remove the bands here guys so just showing you that quickly

Features about Fitbit Luxe vs Inspire 2
Features about Fitbit Luxe vs Inspire 2

it’s kind of like the traditional watch where you kind of just use the little pins and then you kind of slide it back in  
and i personally find this one a lot easier it’s kind of just like you push out  
and then you pull and then you just pop it back in if you want to put on a different band  
another difference is the charging mechanisms guys the inspire 2 actually has this kind of like click  
in design where you kind of have to push it in and you hear a snap I really don’t like this guy  
because when you pull it out i feel like it’s really flimsy and it might break it takes some  
force to actually pull this out guys yeah there’s that one and then for the lux we have a magnetic  
charger here and I really like this because there’s just no pulling involved you kind of just  
put it on taking it off it’s so much easier guys and it’s a lot more sturdy in my opinion as well
so as i told you guys the Fitbit inspire 2 has a quoted battery life of up to 10 days  

Battery life

guys whereas the Fitbit lux has a coated battery life of up to five days  
so with my usage which I have on-screen for you guys, i have gotten six to seven  
days for the lux so even better than the quoted battery life so I really like that  
guys and for the inspire 2 I get 9 days of battery life guys which is awesome
so both of these watches in my opinion have poor durability guys  
i mean you are going to have this thing full of scratches along with the bezel here  
along the side here so I don’t know if you guys can see this really well on camera but  
there are little scratches and kind of scuffs going all around the sides here

and it just happens over time guys honestly I always try to be careful with my chakras and  
watches but this one just yeah it gets scratched a lot I will say that the screen is a lot more  
durable i don’t really have any scratches here if you guys wanted to put like a screen protector or  
case on top you could but i find that when you use the covers or the screen protectors it does reduce  

Don’t put any screen protectors

the touch screen the sensitivity there so it makes it harder to use so i just  
kind of wear them both naked and don’t put any screen protectors on them on this one as well  
you can see some scratches on the side where I don’t know if you can see it but there are  
some scratches on the side of the bezel here as well once again the screen here is pretty good i  
don’t have any scratches on the screen here i find the inspire 2 bands a lot less durable so I just  
looking here there’s a lot of wear kind of around the tracker here on both sides really whereas this  
silicone band, honestly you don’t really see any signs of wear so something i really like
for the operation here you simply have to slide up or down to get to everywhere on the watch
and then you can kind of just press the button here to go back to the  
main menu and then to kind of shut off the screen

it’s just super easy guys here if you do want to set  
an alarm you do have to do so in the app so coming over here guys  
on this one you can swipe up you can swipe down you can swipe left you can swipe right
but you can actually set your alarms directly on the Fitbit lux here so I really like that  
so i definitely think that the inspire 2 is more user friendly because  
it’s easier to use just having to swipe up and down everything’s kind of on one streamlined area  
whereas here they kind of move things around and one thing i love about it is that the  
the display is bigger guys if you’re looking at all these metrics they are nice and large  

Common similarity OF Fitbit Luxe vs Inspire 2

we’re here it’s smaller starting at the top here for some reason i don’t know why when you look at  
these metrics guys are tiny i mean what is this tiny little circle like i don’t understand  
why did they decide to do that i mean here it’s nice and large here it’s a tiny little circle and small  
a font like i don’t know what they were thinking why didn’t they just do it the same as this but  
when you come down here it does get larger so i don’t know i mean i have better than 20 20 vision  
and i find it small so if you guys out there need to wear glasses or you have maybe  
poorer vision or maybe you’re just getting older your vision is not what it used to be  
you might find that it’s very hard to read because the font here is tiny guys

one similarity that they have in common is that they both have limited watch faces  
so i reviewed both of these watches a couple of months back and they both have not had any more   watch faces added in that time guys so the one i currently have installed is this playful one  
so i’m gonna go through them all

Design and display

all right guys so here are the watch faces for the inspire 2. so as you can see they definitely  
have more of a variety here you know we have some pixel ones we have animals like traditional  
watch faces definitely think the inspire 2 watch faces are better than the luxe ones
all right guys so which tracker do i prefer well the tracker i prefer is the Fitbit  
lux it’s super sleek it’s comfortable to wear and you get real jewelry vibes  
when you have that Cortana bracelet on and i actually love having the AMOLED display and  
it is a thinner design which i like just lower profile on my wrist however which tracker is  
best for you well that depends on a few factors if you want a tracker that’s a bit fancier 

looking more luxurious you want something that can track your call socks while you’re sleeping  
a tracker that is a bit more durable and has the ability to really elevate it for that jewelry  
look with the Gloriana band and a tracker that can obviously track all your basic metrics like your  
steps your calories burned and all of that stuff then i would go ahead and recommend the Fitbit lux   to you but if you want a tracker that is a little bit more low profile it’s lightweight on your  
wrist you want something that’s going to track all your basic metrics your steps your force climbed

The price for the quality

it may not look as pretty as the lux but it gets the job done and it does so with an excellent battery  
life guys, I’m talking 10 days here versus five trackers that you can wear as a clip if you want to  
and a tracker that’s more affordable guys then i would go ahead and recommend the Fitbit inspire to you, all right guys so comment below and let me know which tracker you think is better for

The price for the quality of the features you’re getting all of that stuff I’d love to hear  
what you guys have to say and that’s all i have for today i hope you find this comparison helpful  
and if there’s anything i missed today that you want to know just go ahead and drop a  
comment below thanks for watching guys and make sure to like the comment.

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