Firefighters battle multiple fires on July 4th

A grass fire threatening homes in Arapahoe County on the Fourth of July did little to discourage people from setting off fireworks nearby.

Breaking News Firefighters battle July 4th

For firefighters yesterday was very busy
This is not how a firefighter hopes to
Celebrate a holiday when our
Firefighters arrived in the neighborhood
They could see flames shooting over the
Rooftops of homes on the 4th of July
Anyone could guess the cause of the fire
On south Himalaya way, we’re pretty dang
Sure that that was fireworks eric Hurst
With south metro, a fire was with crews on
The ground is surrounded by fireworks in
The sky and we saw fountains and all
Kinds of different fireworks going off
Right there right where the crews were
All departments experienced that steve
Kornegay an assistant chief with west
Metro fire says his department responded
To 17 fires on Monday, all caused by
Fireworks various types of fires grass
Fires two car fires a few dumpster fires

It’s busy so the crews that are running
Those calls are no longer available for
The normal calls that we run fireworks
Tied up departments across the metro
Area all night at any given time you
Could look at the list of active calls
And see numerous fires occurring across
The entire fire district crew put them
Out but it’s not how they wanted to
Spend a holiday people get injured brush
Fires start houses can catch on fire and
All of that can be avoided if people
Stop using fireworks, Firefighters battle multiple fires.


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