FeiyuTech’s Pocket Camera Gimbal – New 4K 60FPS Pocket Camera

FeiyuTech’s Pocket Camera Gimbal – New 4K 60FPS Pocket Camera

FeiyuTech’s Pocket Camera Gimbal. Feiyu pocket, the stabilized handheld camera, is a new type of intelligent handheld shooting device, which adopts the integrated design of gimbal and camera.

FeiyuTech’s Pocket Camera Gimbal

we’re entering a new era of action

cameras where they either have

phenomenal electronic civilization or

arrive like that with a Kimbo or both

here’s another pocket-sized device that

can turn your perception about the camera

mobility upside down

hi good to see you hope you’re doing

well and another test is in progress

a little bit of wind so that we can find

out how the internal microphone of this

well action camera pocket cameras who

again we’re already doing a logging

tests both audio and video are coming

from the Fayette tech pocket also known

by the name V cam, I guess we cam is

going to remain the more popular

term because already failures I have

a device that is sprocket oriented its

navigable for smartphones but that’s

another topic so this article is going to

Looks similar to the DJI Osmo pocket

be about that device which looks very

similar to the DJI Osmo pocket and

definitely, this year is going to be very

interesting how actually cameras

are going to further develop because

In my opinion every GoPro like design is

gonna be very soon outdated and slowly

replaced by these little buddies which

do the outstanding job now quick business

card about FEA tech if you have ever

used mechanical stabilization for a

camera or smartphone most like you know

who fail tech are in shorts they produce

some of the goods stabilizers as gimbals

the cameras smartphones action cameras

and so on rather affordable and the FEA

pocket is their attempt to challenge the

world of action cameras and possibly the

challenge DJ is leadership over there

now since the company is so focused on

developing gimbals

Good Mechanical Civilization

I expect nothing else but really good

stabilization and performance of this

camera and that’s something we’re about

to expect in this article

truth is that the Fayette ex pocket

cameras having phenomenal qualities for

its price tag of around (price maybe change when you buy) feels solid

and performs rather well packs the

qualities of an action camera combined

with very good mechanical civilization

which is exactly what most peak users

would be looking for these costs around

$ (?) more than the Femi palm and about

120 less than the usual price of Osmo

pocket with a note that’s the DGI device

is being released about a year ago I

think it makes sense to mention also the

$ (?) GoPro Hero 8 because I can lately

notice that the action cameras market is

more and more challenging due to the

inclusion of wide-angle lenses on

The Unboxing Experience

smartphones as well as the existence of

these Knights are cute small pocket-sized

camera gimble’s the unboxing experience

the FEA tech pocket is superb have

complained about that element regarding

the female pal but over here it’s worth

of premium feeling and the whole design

of the gimbal is very very good I’m glad

that this one comes with proper

protection and unsurprisingly the case

is almost identical to the Osmo pocket

in fact, you can place the Osmo pocket

inside the FeiyuTech case advise versa

if there was no logo on both I would

have thought that the fááá– pocket is

something like a new generation way more

polished the same quality feeling and

texture and a more futuristic camera

design look at it feel solid and

apparently made of the right kind of

materials and that whole thing weighs

only hundreds and 15 grams I immediately

thought of putting it on a drone but I

guess it needs a drone with less

vibrations than mine because we get

strong jello effect in that case anyhow

it’s small and lightweight the camera

compartment with the gimbal is on the

top there’s a vivid and bright display

with 103 inches of a size s biggest most

smartwatches a power slash mode button

and only two other buttons to operate

with which are again shockingly similar

to awesome pocket option to add a strap

and there’s the USB port microSD

Maximum Resolution of 4k

catapult here is up to the phenomenal

512 gigs some hardware details videos

can be recorded with maximum resolution of 4k

at 60 frames per second, slow motion is

up 220 FPS in Full HD 120 degree wide

angle lens 1 by a 2.5-inch image sensor

ISO up to 3200 built-in 875 million

power battery which will last between 3

and 4 hours of shooting if most of these

specs don’t mean a thing to you they’re

good in fact very good and this is more

or less than the maximum you can squeeze for

that money really good bang for the buck

oh did I mention that’s integrated Wi-Fi

a big bonus here because with DJI Osmo

the way to connect to your phone is by

using this weird USB port and if you

want Wireless you need to purchase an

extra accessory now few words about what

the hardware cannot do there’s no h.265

support at this stage and have no

Mechanical Joystick

confirmation whether it may be included

as a firmware update or not the

the implication is that you cannot take

advantage of this newer and more optimal

codec which can keep the same video

quality at lower file size there’s no

mechanical joystick which I really

laughed on the Femi palm there only is a

software slider is rather inconvenient

there’s no statement about external

microphone and the Wi-Fi module operates

at the 2.4 range meaning a little slow I

was having often lag when using the

smartphone app from the way that the

menus are created I can sense that this

the gimbal is more oriented toward vloggers

and people that want to quickly point

and shoot dynamic environments very easy

to operate with the power button also

acts as a mode button and you can switch

between the shooting modes video photo

Stabilization Settings

slow-motion and so on the shutter button

is used for taking a video or photo and

the long-press results in starting the

Wi-Fi that’s very useful the mode button

switches between the different

stabilization settings by a single press

the tribal press is used for selfie mode and

press and hold for the lock mode in

short every typical mode that a good

gimbal would have is present here too if

you prefer to operate via touch screen

the 103-inch displays quite alright and

you can do all that and on top check

some more of the interesting menus you

can find you in the video and the photo

settings you can change the perform

of the gimbal in fact we have an option

for mechanical and electronically

assisted stabilization something that

lately tends to be called hybrid

civilization and I know is that if you

keep the moat quality first you’re gonna

see some not so smooth scenes if your

the hand is not super steady keep that

setting it stabilization priority but

keep in mind that it’s slightly washed

the video quality especially in

low-light scenes

due to the nature of electronic

stabilization I think the menus are

brilliant navigation is super easy makes

perfect sense

Best budget Pocket Camera Gimbal

there also is a pro mode so let me blow

your mind and present you with yet another

gimbal with log mode ISO and share speed

control yes that’s right you have manual

controls for each one of these

components and this will certainly turn

the FEA pockets into a preferred device

for videographers and vloggers on a


there should be ND filters released

sometime so you will be able to get this

truly cinematic footage with very very

good image quality and the so beloved

buttery smooth motion blur when needed

the only area where the Osmo pocket

would win against the failure pocket is

the ability to produce a shallow depth of

the field which quantity-wise is quite

insignificant due to the sensor size and

often turns out to be problematic due to

the autofocus issues are nothing like that

with the fail pocket V cam because we

have fixed Infinity focus and the

the wide-angle lens makes it really perfect

for vlogging

4k at 60 frames per second

I’ve tried shooting in multiple lighting

scenarios and V cameras doing pretty

well even slow motion is rich in details

the 4k at 60 frames per second is also

superb and offering nearly hundred 20

megabits quality in order to improve the

the footage you are walking make sure to

practice this ninja walk this small

the effort pays off big-time thing is that

stabilization is not always excellent

and you’re gonna be able to notice some

imperfections especially when shooting

close-ups something I very much hope to

see improved with future updates another

awesome video feature thanks to the

electronic stabilization assistance is

the hyper-lapse option with a little extra

post-production efforts it may actually

look pretty good there’s also the option

for Road photos taking such one needs a

few seconds of pay

and steady hands because otherwise

photos are getting blurry output is DNG

very easy to adjust with Adobe Lightroom

and you can recover a very good amount

of the details shadows and some of the

blown off areas the smartphone app is

also good well not as good as the GI

memo yet but I’m hoping it will get

there inside you’re gonna find numerous

ways to configure the camera and get the

most of your footage looks like the

Smart Tracking Features

face and the smart tracking features are

not enabled too yet at least for my

firmware guess that’s coming soon with

another update I really like the options

to play with the panorama photos you can

get quite creative and surprise your

friends with awesome looking photos most

of them are quite easy to grab a ball

speaking of which make sure to find us

on social media and check what we do in

order to bring you all these reviews in

In my opinion the pocket-sized action

camera by FeiyuTech

is superb and nearly hits the sweet spot

for optimal features and performance at

the given price the stellar build

quality and the really well group menus

only add to the premium feel you’re

gonna get as for image quality

I’ll let the files and the samples speak

for themselves from all the similar

sized devices of tested I think I like

the design of this one is the most

well maybe the firmware is still a

little undercooked

Make Footage Smooth

during a couple of weeks of using it

I’d have a phrase once and also

encountered this and normally caused by

too much load applied at a certain angle

overall the vo-tech pocket does the job

to make footage smooth and was rather

problem-free and also a lot of fun to

use but in my opinion the stabilization

with this early version of the four more

must be improved every other part which

should also get better looks to be the

smartphone app all in all I’m sure that

this summer the V cam by FEA tech is

definitely going to rock as usual I

looked for a good discount for you and

yeah make sure to check the link to the

product in the down below

purchasing through these links costs

nothing to you and greatly helps me to

maintain the channel and create better

reviews should you want to share with me

how do you find the

the overall quality of the comments is the

a right place we’ll be glad to carry on

the conversation there until then which

is for a wonderful day

keep good care of yourself and Ill

see you soon bye.


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