Ezra Miller Believed They Were the Messiah, the Flash Was Jesus of the Multiverse

Ezra Miller said a month ago that they would go to treatment for “complex mental health issues.” Now, a new report describes the actor’s disturbing decline over the past two years, including the fact that Miller thought he was “the Messiah.”

Vanity Fair says that Miller’s mental health problems started to get worse in March 2020, when COVID-19 started. This is when work on their film projects, including the Fantastic Beasts sequel, stopped all of a sudden. Miller went to Iceland with “no plan,” where he was filmed in Reykjavik choking a woman. This was the first time that the actor’s problems made the news.

Vanity Fair wrote that Miller was in Iceland with a 55-year-old South Dakota medicine man and “spiritual advisor” named Jasper Young Bear, who told Miller that the actor was the messiah and that “demons” were after him, Vanity Fair wrote. Miller was said to be struggling with the effects of his parent’s divorce.

A source said that Miller would talk about the metaverse, medicine, how they’re the Messiah, and what their work is here. (Rolling Stone changed the quote to use they/them pronouns, which Miller preferred.) “They say that their spiritual practice is to be among the people, which means they like to party. So, they were out all the time when they were in Iceland. “Their favorite thing to do was go to raves, where they would get drunk for two or three days at a time.”

Miller’s problems got worse when he got back to the U.S., both in Vermont, where child services were called to his farm and in Hawaii, where he was arrested for things like disorderly conduct and second-degree assault.

At Miller’s farm in Vermont, called “the Mountain,” the actor reportedly had an altar with marijuana, sage, bullets, and figurines of the Flash, the DC superhero he plays on the big screen. According to a source, Miller often confused himself with his big-screen alter ego, saying that the Flash is the one who brings the multiverses together, just like Jesus.


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