EVGA Corporation Computer case: most expensive PC cases in history

EVGA Corporation Computer case: most expensive PC cases in history

The price tiers for EVGA’s E1 PC case, which has an open-air design, have been revealed, and it will cost, to put it mildly, a small fortune.

EVGA Corporation Computer case

Since EVGA has said that it wants to “take extreme gaming to the next level by making a statement with our new gaming rig,” it shouldn’t be too surprising that the company is charging a high price for the E1.


Tom’s Hardware says that the least expensive option costs $1,600 and comes with both the E1 frameset and the VGA vertical kit.

Still, why does something as simple as a PC case cost more than even the best graphics card on the market?

The answer is in the materials that went into making the E1. The whole frame is made of 3K carbon fiber, which is usually only found in expensive cars, expensive bikes, and other similar things. Because of this, the case is only 2.76 pounds heavy.

In addition to being made of carbon fiber, the E1 has three analog gauges that show how hot the GPU and CPU are. EVGA says that the case has the “lightest frame design compared to other chassis of the same volume.” It also has a suspension system made of steel cables, which makes the motherboard feel like it’s floating in the air.

In other places, the second most expensive EVGA E1 PC case configuration costs a whopping $3,700. This particular kit comes with a PSU 1600 T2 and an Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti Kingpin GPU.

EVGA E1 Bare Bones Expensive PC cases

The EVGA E1 Bare Bones is the most expensive of the three kits. It comes with all of the above parts, plus a Z690 Dark Kingpin motherboard, a PowerLink 52u, and a premium shipping case that would normally cost $800. The price was set at $5,000.


And don’t forget, as Tom’s Hardware pointed out, that you will have to pay for your own CPU, memory, and storage, which will add at least a few hundred dollars to the $5,000 total.

You can buy and order each of the three PC case kits today. Due to the fact that they are all made to order, customers have to wait 3–4 weeks to get their order.

If you’re willing to pay the price of a used car, you’ll also get two USB 3.0 ports, a USB Type-C port, a headphone jack, and a microphone jack. In addition, there is a 7th-generation closed-loop cooler with an LCD screen and a limited-edition keychain.

Many people may think that the price of the case is too high, but these high-end PC cases are becoming much more common in the market. For instance, the Regner PC chassis, which has two full-cooling radiators built into the side panels, costs almost $2,000.


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