Elon Musk’s father had a baby with his stepdaughter

Today’s breaking news about Elon musk’s father. Elon Musk’s Dad Reveals He Had a Second Child With His Stepdaughter. Tosca Musk is 47 years old and she is Elon musk’s sister.

Elon Musk’s Dad Reveals

It’s an intergalactic family feud you on
musk the billionaire behind tech giants
Tesla and SpaceX have not spoken to his
father and over a year and the reason is
surprising turn out Erol musk fathered
a child with his stepdaughter who was 47
years younger than him and was just four
years old when he married her mother
from Iran, we’re gonna go to Chris
Fargo in our New York newsroom shocking
details here Chris what’s going on
yeah just you’re really shocking the 72
year-old South African businessman has
had a 10-month-old child with his 30
year-old stepdaughter, she was just four
years old when he married her mother
this was after he married me Mel can’t
separated from her that’s Ellen’s mother
and his two siblings he also has two
children with his stepdaughter’s mother
but he said he doesn’t really remember
that marriage even though it lasted for
about 18 years
daily Malcolm also obtained a photo that
shows the stepdaughter with the child
with her own mother and then with her
half-sister who is Ellen’s father’s
daughter is a very very complicated
family tree down there.


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