Dynamic Island Games Are Coming to iPhone 14 Pro

The TrueDepth camera hardware on the front of the iPhone 14 Pro is hidden by a smart new Dynamic Island. Third-party app developers are already trying out ways to use the new iPhone features.

Dynamic Island Coming to iPhone 14 Pro

Apple is letting third-party developers build experiences for Dynamic Island, which could include games. Kriss Smolka, who made apps like WaterMinder and HabitMinder, showed off a simple Pong-inspired idea for a game called Dynamic Island today. In the demo, the “Hit the Island” game uses a paddle at the bottom to send a ball up to the “Dynamic Island.”

The goal is to hit the island and make it move. Smolka said that the game is “turning out well,” but there are some lag problems that need to be fixed. We don’t know if Apple will allow this type of game that uses Dynamic Island, but we can be sure that there will be other unique uses after the iPhone 14 Pro models come out this Friday.

Apple made Dynamic Island

Apple made Dynamic Island so that it changes shape based on what’s on the iPhone screen. It’s used as a front-and-center hub of information. Dynamic Island blends in with the screen and shows at a glance which apps and services are being used on the iPhone.

Later this week, we’ll go into more detail about Dynamic Island, so stay tuned to MacRumors.


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