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DJI Action 2 has been here for around 6 months. Enough time to try out its features and find out whether it’s the perfect action camera that it’s supposed to be. So what do you think about it? Do you agree with the statements made in this review video? Comment below!

DJI’s action 2 is among the best action
cameras you can buy in 2022 and clearly
semi-professional video equipment which
can capture some amazing angles and
comes with awesome features but after 6
months does it live up to the
expectations let’s inspect.

DJI Action 2 Six Months Later

Hey welcome good to meet you Michael my
name and what we do on the website is
expect fresh and cool tech and I’m so
happy especially when it comes to action
cameras because finally six months after
it’s been released oh I’ll share with you all the things
i believe are meaningful about the DJI
action to something that has created
a lot of hype and suddenly this hype has
dropped uh I do believe
this action camera is supposed to be
some sort of hybrid between the
portability and the lightweight
construction of insta360s go 2
and the sturdiness and durability of

The GoPro hero 10 9 and whatever series
The question is did DJI manage to build this
in a meaningful way and of course
In this article I highlight everything
important including all the major
firmware updates for the last few months
and let you know whether that’s a
wealthy choice but probably in advance
since spring is kicking in I’m recording
this in early May and for most of the
people living in the um north
part of the globe yeah that’s pretty
an important time for buying your next

GoPro hero 10 vs dji action 2

Action cameras but whatever you choose
between a GoPro uh insta360 one rs or go
2 or apparently DJI action 2 that’s
going to be a pretty solid choice
starting at 399 dollars a euro and
sometimes discounted it clearly is a
nice idea for everyone that looks for a
good quality decent battery life and
compact form factor there are two
different editions by the way what you
see here is the dual-screen combo a very
exciting vlogging oriented edition which
gives an extra display micro sd card
slot and some more extras which I’m
about to present you in a moment so just
a quick unboxing because there is
a whole lot of articles show you the
unboxing process in many creative ways
as usual, DJI is great about educating
you about the main strengths and the use
of the accessories the charging cable
comes out first

also the spec strap based mounts
this here is yet another magnetic mount
one of my favorites because it
represents a primitive ball head this is
the main unit with the processor inside
it can work independently and here’s
the second module which is called the front
touchscreen module
that’s all of it nice and easy it all
feels done out of premium materials
the camera is made of aluminum not quite
sure whether DJI really wanted to go for
such premium material because of the
design my assumption is that they have
been fighting with heat disposal
challenges and this has been the reason
to avoid plastic due to the frame DJI
action 2 alone is rather heavy at 56 grams
this is twice more than the insta360s go 2.

Multi-core processor

But also 2 times and a half lighter
than GoPro hero 10 add the secondary
display and the score is almost even
A quick tour over the specs reveals much
larger image sensor 1 by 1.7 inches
undisclosed model multi-core processor
supporting up to 120 frames per second
recording in 4k aperture f by 2.8 155
degrees field of view inbuilt 580
the milliamp-hour battery in the main body
22 gigabytes of inbuilt storage Bluetooth
wi-fi a large and vivid 1.70 inch
touchscreen and the possibility to add
optional DJI branded accessories it’s
always good to know the specs but
For most people, it doesn’t mean too much
well most people would know this is a
really awesome construction the clicky

I would say pretty poor choice about
materials because
I’ve dropped my camera twice on the
ground and you already see the scuffs
here they look horrible now
since we focus on the specs inside
the image sensor is actually relatively big
one of the largest in the action cam industry
which is supposed to contribute for
really good low light performance
because the larger the image sensor the
more light can reach the sensor
therefore the better image quality
theoretically but since over here in
the scale of this sensor we have better
pixel density

DJI action 2 overheating

i would expect better performance than
the GoPro hero 9 and 10. the other thing
which remains undisclosed just like
the image sensor is about the processor
inside most likely it’s an umbrella-made processor
which is a bit controversial because it
produces a lot of heat
there have been numerous articles about
DJI action 2 and overheating which i
think we’re a bit exaggerated because for
most people would either never notice this or
even if you do that’s gonna very rarely
happen still

even though most action cameras at some
point do overheat this is one of the
champions about quickly reaching these
temperature thresholds there is no
MicroSD slot for the main unit which is
really disappointing 22 gigabytes would
very quickly get full if you recorded
the highest resolution and frame rates
and looking at the internal photos of
the camera i still believe DJI could
have found two or three millimeters for
a micro sd slot but then probably such
a decision would have made the unit
non-waterproof so i guess being able to
dive without the case has been
prioritized at some point kind of mixed
feeling so far

DJI action 2 waterproof case

menus and navigation are very
straightforward responsiveness of
the interface is remarkably good and
the touchscreen is big enough to comfortably
let you do whatever you need to do
swiping actions lead to the most
interesting sections you do have a lot
of things to customize nicely pro grade
features are integrated as well like iso
control shutter speed control field of
view adjustment so many good and useful
features are present if you want to
switch between the shooting modes
happens quickly and naturally and maybe
from all the strong sides the DJI action
2 has this has become my favorite if
you’re looking for an action camera with
easy to use menus fast scrolling very
stable firmware this is in my opinion
the best choice furthermore DJI are
famous for being consistent about
firmware updates therefore even.

If at some point some bugs appear or get
discovered they will likely get fixed
soon enough for the records horizon
balancing 4k video leveling a new steady
image stabilization option time-lapse
low-power modes new live stream features
and many other smaller improvements
enhancements of fixes released just
within the six months that DJI action 2
has been together with us
in my opinion, this can mean two things
first of all the good sides uh of course
DJI is brilliant at providing
timely decent stable firmware updates
the second thing is not so positive and

Standard package DJI’s camera

i believe DJI action 2 had the same faith as
some of the older DJI drones they have
been released
half baked instead of going for a more
extensive firmware troubleshooting and
but fixing the cycle they just pushed it out
on the market and expected all the
issues to be discovered by the users
which definitely has led to frustration
for quite many people’s footage, this is
the funny part about user experience is this
day so important that I managed to talk
about the quality just now although you
already have seen a bunch of examples of

what DJI action 2 is capable of in its
standard package DJI’s camera is wider
than both GoPro and insta360 one rs the
4k edition there is an extra mod that
you can buy it for GoPro and make it wider
but good to highlight the dji’s device
is capturing more out of the box stabilization
crazy goods you’re going to never really
need a gimbal with this action camera
and it is tuned almost to perfection DJI
have also released the so-called steady
mode which in my opinion looks a lot
more natural than rocksteady because
there is no such weird looking.

GoPro series horizon leveling

distortion correction in the edges the
rosu is famous for the GoPro series
horizon leveling where even if you till
the camera to 45 degrees it will
compensate the movement and will keep
the horizon line so even if you give the
camera to your kids to shoot for a
moment it’s probably gonna look alright
colors excellent however I did notice
white balance hunting is an issue I’ve had
many times with the DJI Osmo action one
it rarely happens but I’ve seen it
perhaps the greatest strength of DJI
action 2 is the low light performance it
has a much larger image sensor than.

GoPro hero 10 with smaller pixel density which
converts into very detailed less noisy
and sharper nighttime footage i would
avoid using an action camera for low
light scenes in general but sometimes
there is no other way so if i need to
pick an action camera for low light good
performance i would think of both DJI
action 2 and insta360 1rs prior to
getting a GoPro larger sensor also means
better dynamic range and hdr here is
superb photos are also good optically
and performance-wise you will hardly
find reasons to criticize DJI action 2.

Overheating non-replaceable battery CPU

although let me try sound not that great
the chest mount is almost useless
especially when wearing thin clothes
like t-shirts, the camera is just too
heavy overheating non-replaceable
battery CPU intensive video codec
limited amount of accessories and quite
an expensive price especially if you
need a dual-screen combo so if we have
to be entirely honest it looks like
DJI made an attempt to build a modular
camera probably with the hope to make it
easily upgradeable in the future by
replacing just

one component at a time something
similar to what insta360 has achieved
with their r series with the rs being
the latest one but
i think it was a rather unhealthy solution
and i don’t think they’re going to make
a new generation out of that or if they
do it’s going to have a different four
factor because so far i can’t
really call a huge success because well even

DJI action 2 supports 4k 120 frames per second

if you take the standalone unit the main
the unit’s a lot heavier than the go 2. yes it does support 4k
120 frames per second how long does it take
until the camera overheats also we have
limited storage inside is not expandable
through sd card, you need another mod in
order to add extra expandable storage in
this mod immediately transforms the
camera into a non-waterproof device
which is not favorable for people who go and
do some water sports or go to the
mountain and do some skiing
and a lot of other drawbacks like the
incompatibility with

GoPro modules i mean mounts
and holders and tripods and such kind of
stuff yes you can attach some of the dji
certified mods and there is a quad range
mount but still most of the GoPro
accessories would not be very nicely
compatible so in the end
because of this design this cool looking
modular design but the poor choice of
materials the overheating issues
and some other things

Release date

i still would say with GoPro or insta360 one rs as a main
action camera especially for slow motion
GoPro is unbeaten but if you don’t care about any of these
and you’re fans of the color science of
DJI and you’re fans of the optics the
really awesome image quality and
the rather okay battery life and the
expandability you know especially for
vlogging is a pretty awesome setup
yeah i can still recommend the DJI
action too especially if you get it at a
nicely discounted price and
if there is such an opportunity then
it’s definitely linked somewhere in
the article down below thank you very much
for watching this episode till the end
hopefully useful and that’s been a good
summary about how the DJI action 2
trends in the last 6 months if you have
something to add please comment down
below for some questions, I’ll be

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