Dave Navarro will miss Jane’s Addiction tour because of COVID.

Because of COVID, Dave Navarro won’t be on the Jane’s Addiction tour because the effects of COVID will last a long time.Navarro won’t be on the upcoming tour with Jane’s Addiction and Smashing Pumpkins because he is still dealing with the long-term effects of COVID-19.

“I’m sorry to say that I won’t be there because I’m still fighting long-term COVID, which I’ve had since December,” Navarro said in a statement that was posted on Jane’s Addiction’s social media channels on Thursday.

“I had hoped to be back to normal by October, but I’m still very tired and won’t be able to do this leg,” said Navarro. “I feel terrible because our original bass player, Eric Avery, has come back. We wanted to give you the original lineup, but I need to get better first. I’ll be working on new Jane’s material in the studio here in LA while the band is on tour. “

“Long COVID” is a term for symptoms that happen a long time after the first COVID-19 contraction. These symptoms include fatigue, a cough, trouble breathing, and brain fog.

Troy Van Leeuwen, the guitarist for Queens of the Stone Age, will fill in for Navarro on tour. Navarro said, “He’s a great guy, and I’m proud to have him help make this tour happen.”

The 32-show “Spirits on Fire Tour” by Jane’s Addiction and Smashing Pumpkins starts next month.


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