Country singer Luke Bell dies at 32

Police said he was found in Tucson, Arizona, on Friday. Authorities said Tuesday that 32-year-old country singer Luke Bell was found dead in Arizona earlier this month.

Officer Frank Magos said that the “Where Ya Been?” singer was found in Tucson on Friday.

No more information was given, and officials said that an investigation was still going on.

Country singer Luke Bell dies at 32

The Tucson police told the New York Post that Bell, who had been reported missing, was found near where he was last seen.

A Spotify bio says that Bell, who was born in Cody, Wyoming, worked as a ranch hand and went to college in Laramie for “a few years” before starting his music career.

In his bio, he said that his sound was “a little bit honky tonk and a little bit Texas, with healthy dashes of Bakersfield and vintage Nashville.” In 2012, he released an album with his own name.


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