God Of War Cory Barlog Confirms Ragnarok isn’t Delayed

God of War Ragnarok will release in 2022! Cory Barlog yesterday once again confirms it! Here are my thoughts.

Cory Barlog Confirms Ragnarok

Today this is going to be a little update
article Corey Barlock has once again come
back to Twitter to this cesspool we call
a website but he’s been giving us a lot
of updates and talking about things
that’s been in the community lately he
did actually post about god over
Ragnarok how he wishes he can show off
information and in this post he actually
once again reiterated that the god of war
Ragnarok is not delayed and is still
scheduled for 2022. i know i should have
taken a picture of the screenshot but
this is what the question he was asked
and he didn’t respond that it’s not
delayed so that’s pretty good but he
isn’t the only one that has been saying
that god of war Ragnarok is gonna come
out 2022 as well as the official santa
Monica twitter profile also says that,

it’s coming out on 22. they changed this
about a month ago now Bruno the
animation director also says 2022 some
community managers said this as well so
they’re really doubling tripling down on
2022 which means that i don’t think that
this game is getting delayed i think
this is too much hype this is too much
big figures within Santa Monica studio
actually saying that it’s coming out
this year so I’m really excited for it
people often say that Santa Monica
studio doesn’t actually talk to their
fans only give us an update once every
nine months which was the last time we
did get a god of war update however i
think that this is perfect communication.

Eric Williams is still on the project

i think this is why people really love
Corey barlog being back on Twitter he is
a great piece of information uh he’s
very open with us when he actually does
talk about this stuff he does post a
little troll tweets here and there but i
highly recommend you do follow him
because when he’s being genuine you can
literally, tell him he’s being genuine he
also tweeted things like eric Williams
is still on the project and other things
as well so like i just said i highly
recommend that you do follow him now
but i really love it when
video games like Elden ring when they
actually, show off their release date

it’s actually really really close and
this is something that i really do enjoy
i think sony has a very bad habit of
announcing games way too early like
years down the line and doing that
caused a lot of speculations and hype to
build up in people’s heads but god over
Ragnarok has yet to see receive a
release date even though half of 2022
is basically done we’re in July right so
let’s say the game comes out in November
which a lot of people think and you know
maybe get a Ragnarok trailer with a
release date in august

God Of War Ragnarok Release date

August to November is really not that
far or hell maybe this month July we get
an update for later this year that will
only be five or six months away which is
perfectly great i think right um i think
games coming out at least you know
uh at the end of the year only for it to
Getting delayed really does suck so if we do
end up getting a release date trailer of
some kind I’m really hoping that the
release date will be close to the
trailer therefore we’re not waiting for that
long the hype train can really go on and

i really do need the content
i need the content but um let me know
what you guys think about my thoughts
let me know what you guys think about
2022 being the release date it’s not
delayed don’t believe anything but
anything that anybody tells you i don’t
think that they’re lying there’s just
too much hype around them saying 2022
for them to be straight-up lying about
it really doubts it all of these people
lying i don’t know I really disagree
with that let me know your thoughts imma be out
here thank you guys and girls listening deuces.


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