Comparison GALAXY BUDS PRO vs GALAXY BUDS PLUS complete Review. The Galaxy Buds Plus earbuds have removable silicone wings that secure them in your ears. The buds are very lightweight and have an IPX2 rating, making them fine for exercise. While you can’t dunk these in a pool, they should withstand your sweat. The Galaxy Buds Pro is more durable and has an IPX7 rating.


So the Samsung galaxy buds pro might
seem like an obvious sequel to the
galaxy buds plus but
honestly besides just the price
the difference there are actually quite a

few advantages
to using the galaxy buds plus instead of the pros so
there’s a lot of features that Samsung
weirdly cut out of the galaxy buds pros
that I really liked with the plus
so in this article, I want to break those
down all of the similarities and differences
to help you decide which pair is
actually, the best pair to buy now

like I said of course price is going to
be the first difference you’ll notice
these are a year older the galaxy buds
pros here and at the time of release
they were (?)


Samsung Earbuds Pro

now I’ll link these down below of course
because I mean we all know Samsung
prices they change
all the time I’ve already seen them as
low as (?)
like anywhere in that range you’re
probably going to find these but
the key idea here is that you’re pretty
much always going to be seeing about a 50

difference between the galaxy buds pros
released at (?)
and the galaxy buds plus which were
released at (?)
of course, sales are going to happen to
either one of these and of course
The main difference between Samsung is the marketing between these
is going to be the addition of active
noise cancellation on the galaxy buds pro

which I tested out before and I’ll talk
about that later on in the article
but I want to get into the physical
differences first there’s a couple
categories in this article
physical differences are really the
first, one that I noticed right away
with the comfort and stability between
these earbuds so I mean yeah the cases
are a little bit different they’re both
pretty compact they both have wireless charging

Galaxy AirPods

USB type-c charging on the back and
similar-ish battery life
when we open the cases you’ll see that
the earbuds themselves are fundamentally
pretty different
not only do they look different but they
also have a very different fit and stability
in your ears so starting off with the
galaxy buds plus what we have right here
is a little silicone ear tip that goes

in your ear unlike the galaxy buds pro
this one is a nice round tip so it’s a
it’s a circle whereas the galaxy buds
pro is more of an oval shape
I’m not sure which one I like better
I kind of think I like the circle on the
galaxy buds plus

better but the big difference here and
this is real I’m not sure why Samsung did this but
you have silicone ear tips like the
little wingtips on the galaxy buds plus
and then they no longer have wingtips
on the galaxy buds pro so what that
means is when you put the galaxy buds plus

Galaxy AirPods
Galaxy AirPods
galaxy pro buds

in your ear, you put it in you twist it a
a little bit and there are three different
wingtips you can choose from
so I have the medium ones on right here
and it really grabs the inside of your
ear in a really comfortable and secure way

so I mean for the past year I’ve been
wearing these for a lot of different workouts
and they never fall out of my ear
they’re very secure very comfortable all-day
and it’s one of the reasons I really
liked and recommended
the galaxy buds plus now the galaxy

keyboards pro like I said for some
reason not having that wingtip
uh I mean they still fit in your ear
pretty well it doesn’t feel nearly as secure
but I will mention that the plastic
a design like the overall body of the earbud
does kind of act as a wingtip a little
a bit like it grabs a little bit of the
inside of your ear

Samsung Galaxy buds pro

but not nearly to the extent that we saw
on the rubber wingtips
also like I said the ear tips themselves
are a different shape so
having a more oval shape here if you
take them off you’ll see they actually
have a small mesh on the inside which
does make them a little bit harder to

clean but at the same time
you’re gonna have it’s gonna be less
likely that anything gets stuck in the
actual speaker right there so
good and bad there but as far as
aesthetics goes comparing these two
I think they both look pretty similar
both look pretty good unfortunately i
have two different colors here but you

guys can comment down below
and let me know which one you think
looks better between the galaxy buds pro
as you can see right here and the galaxy buds plus
as you can see right here and of course
with time Samsung
is known to release more and more colors

Samsung Galaxy buds pro
Samsung Galaxy buds pro

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

so by now the galaxy buds plus
I believe have five colors listed on
their website but they might have more
colors other places in the world so I mean five
to seven colors whereas the galaxy buds
pro currently just have three colors

I mean the colors all look pretty good
to me, I usually just get either black or
white anyway but
I mean regardless there are more options
for the galaxy buds plus
and with that being said the battery
life is another advantage of the galaxy buds plus

you’re looking at 11 hours of battery in the earbuds
22 hours when you include the case so a
substantial battery life there
now the galaxy buds pro on the other
hand the battery life is a little bit
different because it depends on whether
or not you have active noise cancellation on

Galaxy buds+

so if you have on you’re looking at
about five hours of battery in the earbuds
and 18 with the case so a decent battery
life but I mean in the earbuds you’re
looking at about half the battery life that you see
in the galaxy buds plus now when you
have active noise cancellation off they
are a little bit more similar
you’re looking at eight hours in the
earbuds and 28 hours when you include the case

so battery life is you know it’s pretty
similar technically you’re getting a
longer battery life
with the galaxy buds pro if you include
the case and you don’t use active noise cancellation
okay so let’s actually get into a
microphone test right now and
this is the galaxy buds pro this is what

it sounds like if you’re talking in a
studio environment it’s pretty quiet in here
uh it’s not like obviously almost no
echo at all but we’re gonna go outside
in a second to see how they sound out there

Galaxy buds plus

I mean we’ve already tested these in two
article previously I know they sound really good
okay and of course, these are the galaxy
buds plus this is what it sounds like

I mean the first thing I noticed when I put
these in of course is going to be the
comfort difference I really like the
galaxy buds plus
because they have that wingtip they just
fit in my ears a little better in my


all right guys this is a test near
a busy road so obviously a lot of sounds
out here it’s not really that windy
though but comment down below
again this is the buds plus here comment
down below let me know if you can hear

Galaxy buds plus
Galaxy buds plus
samsung’s galaxy buds+

what I’m saying all right now is
the galaxy buds pro again with a lot of
traffic behind me
so comment down below and let me know if
you can hear what I’m saying uh one
the thing about these at least right now i
have to dig into the settings I think
uh there’s no like transparency mode by
default when

I’m talking on a phone like this so i
feel like I’m really yelling but again
let me know if you can hear what I’m
saying now physically speaking the big
advantage of the galaxy buds pro
is actually the waterproof rating so the
galaxy buds plus from last year
had a really disappointing ipx2 rating

which compared to a lot of other earbuds as I said
is really pretty disappointing the
galaxy buds pro however this year
are now ipx7 now I mean don’t get me
wrong both of them are fine if you’re if
you’re sweating or if it’s a light
drizzle outside but if you’re working
out in any kind of like heavy rain or

Samsung galaxy buds pro

if you drop these in a puddle it’s
very likely you’re going to see some
kind of water damage on the galaxy buds
plus whereas the galaxy butts pro
you really don’t worry about that oh and
one other thing I want to mention is on
the galaxy buds
plus and with most other earbuds out
there I usually wear the medium ear tips
whereas on the galaxy buds pro

I had to go down to these small ear tips
so if anybody has small ears out there I mean
I think I have pretty medium ears but if
you have small ears it’s likely that the
galaxy buds pro
might not fit in your ears that well or
at least it might require a little bit
more force to get them

in okay so now let’s get into some of
the feature differences between these earbuds
and starting off with some advantages
for the galaxy buds plus the first thing
I was disappointed to not see in the
galaxy buds pro was the
double-tap the earbud edge feature this
was kind of hidden down in the lab
section of the app

Samsung galaxy buds+

but essentially what it allowed you to
do was have an extra level of
functionality on the earbuds where
normally you have the touchpads right
you could double you could tap it once double tap
triple-tap or tap and hold and if you
enabled the edge tapping what you could do

is just like flick your ear or tap the
bottom or anywhere you wanted you would
just kind of tap the earbud twice
and what it does is uses the
accelerometer on board to register that it shook
twice and it’ll change the volume and
the reason

it sounds like kind of a weird feature
but the reason I really like this was
because it kind of frees up the touchpad
to do something else now you have
more controls on your earbuds mean
less of a chance you’re gonna have to
take your phone out of your pocket
uh to do something like that and
speaking of the app an absolutely huge

samsung galaxy buds+
Samsung galaxy buds+

iPhone vs Galaxy buds pro

difference between these two
is that effectively the galaxy buds plus
will work with an iPhone and the galaxy
buds pro
won’t and I mean admittedly they’ll both
connect to an iPhone they’ll both play
music on an iPhone
but the difference is that you can’t
there’s no app support for the galaxy
buds pro

on any ios device, I’m not sure why they
did this right now
maybe they’ll be rolling out an app
eventually but it’s a big difference
that if you have an iPhone I mean you
should absolutely be saving the money
and getting the galaxy buds plus right
here or maybe even considering a
different pair of earbuds in general
just because Samsung is not supporting

Samsung buds pro

the galaxy buds pro
on ios right now of course the
galaxy buds pro obviously has active
noise cancellation and on top of that
they have the really cool voice feature
where it’ll it’ll detect when you’re speaking
and it’ll automatically turn off the
active noise cancellation turns your

music down and turn on transparency mode and that’s
something that we don’t see on the
galaxy buds plus it’s a really nice
feature of the pro
another cool feature with the galaxy
buzz pro is the smart switching between devices

I mean it’s already pretty easy to
switch between devices with the galaxy
buds plus but
now it’s even easier so if you have a
Samsung tablet and a Samsung phone
and you get a call on one of them it can
switch really easily it’s really
convenient to have that especially if
you have like a tablet
and your phone and you’re using both

galaxy air buds+

them at the same time but again it’s not
something that’s specifically new for
these like the Jabra elite 85 ts
I already pretty much do that a lot of
headphones already do that as well
but it’s something that is convenient
to have on the pro that you don’t see

on the plus now and then of course the
last feature that I want to mention with
the pros
is that they do have that Dolby’s head
tracking audio it’s something that again
only works with Samsung devices and

it gives you more of a 3d type
experience so you can like to look around
it’ll sound a little different it feels
more like you’re in
like there in person but it’s not at
least at the moment, it’s not rolled out
to all Samsung devices

Samsung Galaxy buds pro and Galaxy buds plus

I think it’s only on the s21 right now
so I mean depending on when you’re
watching this
it might be on other devices, uh but
that’s a difference that you won’t be
seeing you won’t be getting that
on the galaxy buds plus so talking about
the sound quality differences in these
earbuds there are a couple of key differences

I want to point out the first one is that
the galaxy buds pro do seem to be a bit
louder so
I’m listening to the same music at about
two notches lower on my phone
with the pro to get the same volume i
was getting on the galaxy buds plus

so anybody looking for really loud music
the pro I mean they can definitely deliver that
I don’t normally listen to really loud
music so it doesn’t make a big
difference to me
but the next difference I’ll notice is
that the galaxy buds pro
tend to be a little bit more dynamic so

Galaxy airpods

I mean you can really
exemplify this very obviously when
you’re looking at the eq
in the galaxy wear app on the galaxy buds plus
I usually don’t use natural mode it
sounds a little bit dull and flat to me so I go to
the dynamic mode and it sounds a lot better

now with the galaxy buds pro i just
leave it in that like natural
neutral mode sounds really really
good there’s a lot of basses there’s a lot of trebles

it also has a little bit more clarity
In my opinion
with the galaxy butts pro so I mean
pretty much all across the board the
sound quality is better on the galaxy buds pro

but I mean with that being said a lot of
people might not even notice
the difference they both sound really nice
especially if you go into dynamic mode
on the galaxy buds plus
they both give you a pretty similar
sound signature it’s just slightly
better on the galaxy buds pro
now I didn’t want to brush over the
active noise cancellation that’s
definitely a big plus of the galaxy buds

buds pro

pro and originally I wanted to kind of do
like a test to show you guys
how much they block out and what
the difference is there but I mean
realistically just I’ll explain it’s
gonna be easier to do it this way so
passive noise blocking is essentially

just like plugging your ears so
both of these have silicone ear tips
they plug your ears and they both block
a lot of higher frequency sounds around
you but the lower frequency stuff I’m
talking about like traffic on a road
or if you have like a vacuum cleaner
running dishwasher stuff like that
you’re still going to hear that through

buds pro
buds pro
Galaxy buds plus

the galaxy buds plus
but the galaxy buds pro with the active
noise cancellation
pretty much cuts all of that out and so
if you’re a frequent traveler
if you’re going to be on trains and
planes whenever then the galaxy buds pro
are probably going to be an obvious choice
for you alright guys so that’s pretty

much everything I wanted to say about
the galaxy buds pro and the galaxy buds plus
I mean to summarize both great pairs of
earbuds if you find them both
on sale for like the same price then i
would probably say the pros are going to
be a better buy just because they’re
giving you that active noise

cancellation and a little bit better sound quality
microphone quality
like all around they’re a slightly
better pair of earbuds but if you are
somebody who is looking to work out a lot
personally, I would lean more towards the
galaxy buds plus just because
they fit better in my ears they’re more
secure and I find them to be more


so if you’re not worried about blocking
out sounds around you the plus
definitely do a great job and you’ll be
saving around (?) dollars
but I mean it’s really tricky it depends
on your financial situation and
how much white noise you’re trying to
block out if active noise cancellation
is really important

I mean these are going to be an obvious
buy right here but guys the good news is
you really can’t go wrong they’re both
great pairs of earbuds I hope you
enjoyed this article

if you did consider liking and
subscribing I actually have a full
review of the galaxy buds pro
as well as a comparison I mean I have a
a lot of comparisons if you guys want to see them.


Comfort and stability: Galaxy Buds+ have wingtips
Aesthetics: 5+ colors vs 3
Battery: 11/22 hrs for Buds+ vs 5-8/18-28 hrs for Buds Pro
IPX7 vs IPX2
Tips have mesh on Pro
I was a medium ear tip on the + and small on the Pro (small ears be warned)


Double-tap (accelerometer) to change volume – Buds Plus only
Active noise cancellation and intelligent voice switching
Dolby head tracking audio
Smart switching between devices
iOS compatibility on the Buds+
Buds Pro can read your notifications


Both have ambient sound
TEST: ANC vs Passive Noise Blocking



The reason Buds+ was such an easy recommendation was the balance of price, features, and quality. The new Buds Pro is high quality but largely offer the same features, and even excludes a few. Most people will be happy with the Buds+ but if money is no concern, buy the Pro.

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