Comparison Apple AirPods Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds PRO

Apple AirPods Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds PRO comparison. The Galaxy Buds Pro is almost as comfortable as the AirPods Pro, except they feel more like earplugs with a deeper fit and a bit more pressure.

Apple AirPods Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds PRO

the apple AirPods pro and the new
Samsung galaxy buds pro are two of the
best earbuds on the market
they both have active noise cancellation
great sound quality and just about every
feature you’d want in a good pair of
so how do the two actually stack up and
which one’s the better buy well
in this article, i’ll break down the
similarities and differences between
these two earbuds in six different

Apple AirPods Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds PRO
Apple AirPods Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds PRO

including the sound quality an active
noise cancellation test
a microphone test features and
everything else you’ll need to know
to figure out which one is the best pair
to buy
so category one the first thing we’re
going to talk about is some of the basic
differences between these earbuds
and of the basic differences the first
one you’re likely to notice
is going to be the price now even though
the airpods pro are a year and a half

they are still selling for the most part
at their original price of (?). now
the galaxy buds pro are released at 1.99
so cheaper
of course like i said the airpods pro
are a year and a half old now so
it is a little bit more likely you’ll
find them on sale somewhere around (?)
but in general, i would expect to pay
about a 50 difference
between these earbuds now keep that in
mind throughout the rest of this article
because i mean other than that there’s a
lot of similarities

New airpods

between these earbuds now with that
being said the second big difference i
want to talk about in the fundamentals
here is going to be the appearance now i’ll
let you guys judge for yourselves and
you can comment down below
kind of a vote of see which one you guys
think looks better i mean personally
i’ll tell you my opinion
i would say that the galaxy buds i mean
they fit tighter in your ear

they’re a little more subtle yes it’s
kind of a high gloss finish there
but i think they look better in my own
personal opinion there’s also three
different colors to choose from
from the silver one the black one as i
have here and of course the purple

whereas if you’re looking at the airpods
pro it’s just
white you can only choose from the white
one unless you get some kind of like
bootleg airpods but
obviously it’s not air pods but i mean
you’re gonna get white air pods
i’ve never been a huge fan of the
airpods look i know it is really popular
a lot of people

New airpods
New airpods

Samsung galaxy pro buds

really go out of their way and they want
that little stem in your ear but
i mean personally, i would lean more
towards the galaxy buds pro but like i
said leave a comment down below
let me know which one you guys think
looks better and speaking of wearing
them i want to talk a little bit about
the comfort and stability of these
so if you’re going for a run if you’re
doing whatever do they stay in your ears and

i mean the airpods are older so i can
say that from my own experience wearing
these for like a year and a half now
they definitely do a great job they’re
very comfortable they stay in your ears
you never feel like they’re too tight or
they have too much pressure but they

Galaxy buds pro

never feel like they’re going to fall
out so the airpods do a fantastic job of that
now while the galaxy buds are really new
and i don’t have enough experience to
say if they’re as good as the airpods
the one thing i can point out is that
they are a little bit less convenient to
put in your ear
it’s a little bit like a long cylinder
and so i find that i’m like kind of
wiggling it around a lot to get in my
ear last year

in the galaxy buds plus those definitely
beat the airpods because they had the wingtips
this year the galaxy buds pro they don’t
have a wingtip so
as far as comfort goes they’re both
pretty even but i would say stability
might be slightly better with the
airpods pro of course only time will
tell as i continue to wear these when I run

Airpods for Samsung Galaxy

but for the most part, they’re going to
be really really similar there
and when you are working out something
you might be considering in a pair of
earbuds is the water-resistance rating and
while both of these do more than enough
for you know average sweat or rain
if you are worried about dropping them
in a puddle or anything like that then
the galaxy buds plus or

galaxy buds pro rather does have an
advantage their ipx7 rated whereas the
airpods are just ipx4
again ipx4 is just like splashing in any direction
whereas ipx7 you should be completely
fine if you drop these say
in a puddle as far as the cases go
they’re both very similar in size very
compact convenient cases

Wireless apple airpods pro

they both have wireless charging of
course the apple airpods pro
here have the lightning charger whereas
the galaxy buds have USB type c
i think that’s an advantage for the
galaxy buds just because that’s
typically more common for a cable to be
kicking around
and of course, on the inside, you’ll see
that the earbuds are held very
differently so the airpods pro

Wireless apple airpods pro
Wireless apple airpods pro

you can’t really set it upright on
a table like while you can’t charge it and
have them sitting there
uh but the galaxy buds of course you can
so i think the case design
is slightly better on the galaxy buds
compared to the airpods but of course
they’re both very compact and the
cases overall do a great job

now as far as controls go on the earbuds
this is a big fundamental difference
between these and it kind of comes down to
what your preference is i can’t really
decide on a specific winner here
i’ll tell you my preference in a second
but to control the songs to control
whatever you’re doing with these earbuds
starting with the airpods on the stem
you have to pinch it it’s a little force

Airpods pro deals

so that’s beneficial if you’re wearing
gloves or if you’re worried about
accidental touches
it’s nice to have that but at the same
the time it’s a little bit more inconvenient
to have to go and pinch it
versus just tapping it which is what
you’re doing on the galaxy buds pro
the galaxy buds pro is just like the galaxy
buds live and the plus and the originals
just have touch

touch sensors on the outside so you can
double tap triple tap whatever you’re
doing right there and you can actually
customize that as well
within the app which i’ll talk about
features later on in the article but
as far as controls go personally i would
probably prefer the galaxy buds
pro in most situations if you live in a
cold environment or if your hands are
wet like i don’t know if it rains a lot
or something then maybe you would have
an advantage of using the airpods pro

i mean that’s just again my take you can
leave a comment down below and let me
know which of those
you think is best and then the last
the difference i want to point out within
this category of basic differences
is the battery differences here so while
both of these do have approximately the
same battery life

Airpods pro deals
Airpods pro deals

Apple airpods pro

in the earbuds when you have active
noise cancellation on
they do vary a lot when you start to
incorporate the case or if you talk
about when anc is off and
it gets a little complicated but
essentially the airpods are four and a
half hours with anc on
or five hours with anc off in the
earbuds and then when you include the
case you have 24 total hours of

a pretty solid battery life there but
definitely not leading the pack
now the galaxy buds plus however have
five hours with anc on in the earbuds
again similar to the airpods but once
you turn anc
off you have eight hours per earbud
which is honestly an excellent battery
life there

Airpods battery life

and then with the case you have 18 total
hours with anc on
or you have 28 hours if you turn off
active noise cancellation so in summary
these have a really similar battery life
if you have active noise cancellation on
if you don’t care about anc and you’re
not going to have it on anyway then
i mean realistically you should probably
consider the galaxy buds
plus all right so category number two is
the microphone comparison so i’m gonna
start off indoors this is a studio
environment and this is what it sounds like with the

galaxy buds pro so
the microphones on here i believe
there’s three per earbud but there’s
like jaw sensors like a lot of stuff
going on
so comment down below i know that these
have an excellent microphone
but we’re gonna see how these actually
compare indoors and outdoors
to the airpods pro and now this is the
microphone on the airpods pro so comment
down below and let me know which one you
think sounds better indoors

Two different earbuds

like i said we’re gonna head outside now
to a louder environment to see how these
if you’re saying next to like a busy
road for example all right so this is
what the galaxy buzz pro sound like with
a busy road right behind me
all right so this is the airpods pro
sound length on a busy road with a bunch
of traffic behind me it’s also windy out

so let me know if you can hear what i’m
saying okay so let’s roll into category
number three here and start talking
about the differences in features
between these two different earbuds
because honestly there are a lot of
great earbuds out there

Airpods pro reviews

and one of the main reasons i like to
recommend the galaxy buds lineup and the
airpods line up to people
is because they’re just so versatile
they have a lot of features that allow
you to really customize these earbuds
any use case out there whether you’re
working out or gaming or
or working on your laptop like they

really have a lot of great features
and so let’s talk about some of the
differences now the first one
the airpods pro have a feature that is
not seen in the galaxy buds
and that is the fit test so when you
first put on the whatever tip you choose
you put it in your ears

on an iphone you can go in and do a fit
test it’ll help you decide
if you have the right fit and the right
seal in your ear to make sure that
you’re optimizing the active noise
cancellation and the sound quality now
of course

Airpods pro reviews
Airpods pro reviews

Gaming airpods pro

you can probably guess on the right fit
yourself but regardless i mean it’s a
feature worth mentioning
now on the flip side if you’re looking
to do a lot of gaming
then the galaxy buds plus have a gaming
mode which is going to reduce the

and make it essential you’re gonna have
less lag between the audio and the video
for whatever game you’re playing now
keep in mind if you’re watching
something like youtube
a lot of apps already compensate for
this so you really won’t notice any lag
with either one of these but i mean
that’s why it’s specifically called
gaming mode some games don’t really do
that as well

and so it’s important for some people to
have a low latency and that’s what the
galaxy buds pro have now
another feature the galaxy buds pro have
is the voice recognition so if you have
active noise cancellation on
and you’re wearing your earbuds and then
you just start speaking say you’re
getting on a plane and you see a flight
attendant you can just start speaking
it’ll switch over to transparency mode
which even

Galaxy buds pro

even though both of these have
transparency mode and both of these have
active noise cancellation
the switching automatically whenever you
speak is a really nice thing that you’re
only going to see
on the galaxy buds pro something that’s
automatic on the airpods pro however is
the adaptive eq

so yes you can equalize either one of
these but the adaptive eq
on the airpods pro should make it pretty
convenient in any environment you’re in
any kind of music you’re listening to
it should be doing a pretty good job now
i’m going to talk more about
compatibility later on in this article but
the galaxy buds pro do have an app which
is the galaxy ware app of course you’re going to use that for

Cool feature

really any Samsung device you’re
connecting to your phone
but of course, that’s available on
Samsung devices as well as
any other android device or any ios
and within that app a cool feature they
have is called find my buds

so if your earbuds i mean honestly like
these are small little spherical buds
if you drop them and they roll away you
can turn that on it’ll make a pretty
loud chirping sound and it does make it
significantly easier
to find your earbuds that’s something
that i really like about the galaxy buds
pro because

Noise cancellation apple airpods pro

like i said like they do have a tendency
to roll away if you drop them
now of course there are a lot of really
similar features on both of these they
both have some form of like
spatial audio or like dolby head
tracking audio
which kind of lets you look around and
it sounds like you’re there in 3d
of course that doesn’t actually work on
most media right now but in the future
as more of that media does come out
it’s gonna be an exciting feature to
have on and like i said it’s on both of

so category number four is active noise
both of these do a great job they both
have excellent active noise cancellation
but i’m going to jump over to a test on
my desktop
just to kind of illustrate some of the
differences in the relative magnitude of
these earbuds
uh but really to summarize like they
both do a great job the galaxy buds pro
do have two different levels a high and

New Samsung earbuds 2021

a low whereas the air pods are just i
assume high
all the time all right so just for a
quick active noise cancellation test I’m
going to compare
just the relative magnitude here so if i
just turn on some white noise playing on
a tablet definitely not a perfect test
but if i turn it down i can get up to volume

about volume five or six before i start
to hear with these and once you get to seven
it’s like very very clear you can hear
exactly the sounds but now let’s switch
over to the air pods to see how they do
okay so now with the airpods starting
off you can get to

New samsung earbuds 2021
New Samsung earbuds 2021


that’s volume six right there looks like
volume seven is where you start to hear
it feels like I’m yelling um and then
if we go up to volume eight
it’s still like pretty subtle so with
the airpods i would say that they are
definitely more powerful with the active
noise cancellation

but honestly, they both do a pretty good
job category number five is the sound
the quality which is obviously really
important and a pair of earbuds
the good news is both of these have a
really good sound quality

Apple AirPods Pro vs Samsung Galax

it was going to break down some of the
differences i would probably say that
the airpods pro are better for the mids
like the vocal range
and more of like acoustic guitar type
stuff so if you’re listening to a lot of
ed Sheeran or podcasts or or anything in that

then you’re going to like the airpods
pro of course the galaxy buds also do an
excellent job
but where the airpods don’t really shine
is with the lower base they don’t really
have a prominent powerful base
where the galaxy buds pro even though
it’s not a massive base it is a step
up from the airpods so that’s a
the noticeable difference it’s something that

Sound quality

i do prefer uh because I’m listening to a
a little bit more of like a rock type
stuff and so with that you’re going to get
probably a better sound quality
out of the galaxy buds pro but like i
said both of them do sound really good
the only other thing i’d maybe note is
that the airpods do have a little bit of
an emphasis

on like the higher maybe symbols so it
does give you the appearance of
slightly more clarity but again you can
really eq that and change that within
the galaxy ware app now guys
that’s what i have to say about the
airpods pro and the galaxy buds pro
its a battle of the pros here they’re
both really great earbuds

Operating system

they both sound excellent anc
and it comes down to
i mean honestly which one comes at
a better deal may be or if you really want
to focus on the operating system
it is a little bit more convenient to
have the air pods with an iphone
or the galaxy buds well the galaxy buds
work with anything so

i mean comment down below let me know
which one you like better and why
i wish there was a more definitive
answer but these are just so similar
buying either one like you’re not gonna
go wrong if you enjoyed this article guys
consider liking and sharing.


Basic differences
Price: (but sales make them almost the same)
Appearance: Vote! I personally prefer GB
Three colors vs one color
Comfort? AirPods are easier to put in
IPX4 AirPods vs IPX7 Galaxy Buds
Both have wireless charging
Battery = 4.5-5/24 AP Pro, 5-8/18-28 GB Pro
Microphone test
Intelligent ANC (Buds only)
Gaming mode on Galaxy Buds
Find my Earbuds on Galaxy Buds
The smart voice on Galaxy Buds
Adaptive EQ on AirPods
Audio Sharing on AirPods
Fittest on AirPods
BOTH have spatial audio in some way

Sound Quality
Airpods lack bass
They both work with any BT connections, but there is no AirPods app for Android. On the flipside, there is a Galaxy Wear app for iOS.


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