Compare Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus vs Apple iPhone 13 Review

Compare Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus vs Apple iPhone 13. I am NOT a fanboy, nor a hater. I used both devices extensively and I really appreciate them both in their own ways.

Galaxy S21 Plus vs Apple iPhone 13

So the brand new iphone 13 pro and the
samsung galaxy s 21 plus are two of the
best phones on the markets boasting
top-tier flagship specs three cameras a
great display great features and the price may be change when you buy it leads to
the question of which one’s actually
better well in this article we’re going to
dive into these two phones and compare
them head-to-head to see which one is

Actually the better buy now i want to
clarify that while many people have a
preference i am neither an apple fanbo
nor a samsung fanboy i’ve actually had
both an android and an iphone in my
pocket every single day for the past
year and so this comparison it’s pretty
easy for me to be objective i know what
these phones do well and what they don’t
do well and depending on what you need a
phone for one of these is going to be a
clear winner so with that being said

Iphone 13 pro size

Iphone 13 pro size
Iphone 13 pro size

Let’s jump into this article i want to
start off with some of the physical
differences that you might notice
obviously right out of the box so what
better place to start than the front of
these phones the displays have some very
interesting trade-offs while the iphone
now has 120 hertz that’s no longer a
difference but there are plenty of other
differences for example you’ll see the

iphone has a slightly better resolution
and their true tone display meaning that
you’re going to see things a little bit
better on the iphone but you are getting
a bigger display and no notch on the
galaxy s21 plus with a 6.7 inch display
versus 6.1 you definitely have a lot
more room for media and on top of that
you’ll see the aspect ratio is also very
different giving this a very grippable
feel despite being such a large display
of course the reason for that notch is
because you have face id on the iphone
which is a great way to sign in if

Fingerprint sensor

Your hands are wet or if you’re wearing
gloves or if you just glance your phone
and sign in it seems to be a very quick
way to do that but of course if you’re
wearing a mask of any sort the
fingerprint sensor on the galaxy s 21
plus is going to be the superior way to
sign in so it really depends on your
situation both of them are great ways to
use biometric on the right side of both
the iphone and the galaxy we have our
power button but on the galaxy we also
have our volume controls personally

I have gotten used to that originally i
really dislike that because it feels
like a stretch for your thumb to reach
all the way up there while on the iphone
it is nice that you can have the power
button with one thumb and then the
volume with your other finger but the
downside of the iphone there is that
many people myself included will
accidentally take screenshots all the
time when you take the phone out of your
pocket the iphone is also more dense

Galaxy s21+ ultra

Galaxy s21+ ultra
Galaxy s21+ ultra

So,while it is slightly smaller in its
overall footprint it is slightly heavier
than the galaxy s21 plus and of course
while these are two very popular phones
on the market right now the new pixel 6
is set to come out very soon so if you
want to see a comparison between either
one of these phones and the pixel 6
definitely go down and click that
subscribe button so you don’t miss it

When that comes out looking a bit closer
you’ll see that along with the lack of a
notch the bezels on the s21 plus are
also slightly slimmer giving you a
slightly better screen to body ratio and
of course the overall design of this the
aesthetic well the beauty is in the eye
of the beholder so i’ll let you comment
below and let me know which one you
think looks better but i’ll give you my
own thoughts i’ll say that the rounded
edges on the galaxy s 21 plus make it

iphone 13 pro max colors

Look and feel like a slimmer sleeker
device however the boxy design of the
iPhone in my opinion i think looks a
little bit more premium i really like
the clear glass around the camera bumps
although the camera bump is slightly
larger on the iPhone the iPhone comes in
four different colors while the galaxy
comes in five different colors and these
are both very durable designs but
talking about the durability and the
colors sometimes you want your phone to
be a little more durable or maybe

You want a different aesthetic on here and
that ties into the sponsor of today’s
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iphone 13 pro case

iphone 13 pro case
iphone 13 pro case

The back or you can put a picture of my
face as you can see right here rhino
shield offers not only extremely
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cases with tons of awesome designs and
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They also have tons of other accessories as well
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know the iphone ships with a usb type-c
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a type-c charging block you might want
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iphone 13 pro review

They’re available for all iphones and
most flagship android devices so pretty
much no matter what device you’re using
the s21 plus or the iphone the back
of these phones, I’m not going to talk
too much about the cameras right now

Because we will get into a full camera
test to see how they perform in photos
and videos but just a quick notice here
you’ll see that the camera pump is
definitely a little smaller and more
subtle on the galaxy s21 plus but that’s
not really the main focus here the main
focus is what’s hidden underneath the
back of these phones now on the iphone
of course we have magsafe under there
which is in my opinion a fantastic way
to integrate this with wireless charging
for a while wireless charging was

A great way to charge your phone

A great way to charge your phone but you
have to place it in the right location
and if you want to have a grip on the
back of your phone or if you want to
have like a case or a wallet or if you
want to have this mounted in your car
then you need to have other accessories
and so having mag safe i’ve said it
before and i’ll say it again is a
fantastic way i use it all the time in

My car it’s a fantastic way to mount
this and charge it at the same time so a
wireless charging stand that
magnetically holds your phone in your
car i mean i love it i’m so happy that
they did that but it’s missing something
that the galaxy s21 does have so while
the s21 plus doesn’t have magsafe it
does actually have reverse wireless
charging which we believe to be
like the iphone 13 is probably capable
of that so maybe someday they’ll release

Samsung vs iPhone
Samsung vs iPhone
Samsung vs iPhone

It but at least at the time of writing
this article they don’t have that feature
on here and that’s something that i love
to have and i really wish the iphone had
that because on the galaxy i use it all
the time to charge up my earbuds to
charge up my watch to charge up even
other phones having a charger on the
back of your phone is is really a
fantastic way to get more functionality
out of here and on top of that

If you are traveling and you only have one cable i
can plug in my phone and then charge my
iphone too so instead of bringing two
different charging cables i always just
bring usb type c charge this and then
i’ll charge my iphone using this as a
wireless charging pad which ties into
the other little annoyance with the
iphone i do really prefer the usb type-c
on like i said on the galaxy device
right here i think usb type-c is much

Features comparision

More universally accepted for tablets
for phones for earbuds and almost any
other device out there the fact that the
iphone is still using lightning is a
little bit frustrating one last little
note on the physical design of the
iphone of course i think it is an
the advantage to have a physical switch on
the side to go into silent mode if
you’re going to a meeting or any
situation where you want to be sure

Your phone is not making noise having a
physical switch i think is a convenient
way to do that of course there are
gestures on the galaxy putting it upside
down all types of settings like that
that do work but still an advantage for
the iphone and lastly while i really do
like the boxy design of the iphone you
want to keep in mind that it does get a
lot of fingerprints are far
more subtle and almost impossible to see
on the galaxy phone okay so looking at
the photos you can see that here you
have a little bit more detail on the

Galaxy is slightly more saturated

Galaxy is slightly more saturated
Galaxy is slightly more saturated

iphone and as is typical the galaxy is
slightly more saturated in an open field
again the saturation especially with
greens is very obvious the iphone 13 pro
does have a macro mode while the galaxy
does not and then in dark very very dark
photos you can see they both did a good
job but the iphone definitely pulled
ahead here once again the white balance
is slightly better on the iphone where

The flowers look a little blue with
galaxy but when you go outside in a
bright daylight situation with the ultra
wide and with the wide i see very few
differences at all these are both
fantastic photos they handled everything
very similarly and really the color of
the grass is one of the few differences
you can really see here when you zoom
into 15 or even 30x even though

Galaxy is more capable of zooming

The galaxy is more capable of zooming they
both look pretty similar now the galaxy
has its day with the front-facing camera
the iphone for some reason really
struggles with dynamic range this is a
huge one right here so for a quick video
test this is the iphone 13 we’re sitting
indoors in my studio so leave a comment
let me know how you think this handles
skin tones and how it sounds
so now for a quick video test this is

The samsung galaxy s21 plus leave a
comment and let me know how this handles
skin tones and how it sounds this is a
selfie camera video with the galaxy s21
and this is a selfie video with the
iphone 13 pro i think my skin looks a
little more olivey and my eyes look like
really green with this but leave a
comment let me know which of these you prefer

Impressive look

Impressive look
Impressive look

So as you see here they both do a pretty
decent job stabilizing when you’re
walking again the galaxy seems to be a
little more saturated but leave a
comment and let me know which of these
looks better now of course with that
being said we can’t really conclude this
without looking at the internals of
these devices and by that i mean the
processor the specs things of that
nature and to keep it brief they’re both

Very impressive and on the iphone of
course we have the brand new a15 bionic
whereas on the galaxy, we have the
snapdragon 888 and it’s tempting to
compare the battery size and the ram as
a one-to-one but the fact is iPhone and
androids treat battery and ram slightly
differently so i can just say this
they’re both incredibly powerful phones
they both have more than enough battery
life to get even the biggest power users
through a day and as far as ram goes

Ecosystem & camera

I’ve never had any problem with these
but with that being said the software
itself is also incredibly important
we’re gonna get into the camera and how
that ties in with software in a second
but using both these phones of course
ecosystems are a huge argument for
Samsung as well as for apple and i am
going to write a full comparison article
because i honestly can’t cram that into

In this article I’ll talk about the ecosystems
of both iPhone and android or
Samsung really in that article so if you
want to see that go on down and click
that subscribe button we’ll talk about
other devices laptops tablets watches
everything you’ll need to know but there
are some very definite differences and
certain differences with these devices
so while it’s hard to say which one’s
better between ios and android what

Samsung galaxy s21 review

I can say are the things that i think are
better on one or the other so starting
off with android for one the Samsung
the device here if you’re an audio file you
do have better codecs on here you have
access to apex
among several other codecs as well
whereas on the iPhone you’re really
gonna be capped out at aac so if you’re
not an audiophile or if you don’t know
that is probably not a big deal but

What might be a big deal are other
peripheral devices as well besides
headphones and Bluetooth earbuds you
also have more options for smartwatches
with the galaxy device and smartwatches
are interesting because while one of the
best watches in the industry right now
or probably the best as far as general
smartwatches go is the apple watch and
that only works with the iPhone but if

iphone 13 pro max difference

iphone 13 pro max difference
iphone 13 pro max difference

You care a little bit more about the
aesthetics or if you’re looking for
different things in particular you have
more options with the android and now of
course the thing about wear os is that
they’re moving this year from the old
wear os to a new type of wear os which
is only compatible with android devices
and so that means in the past if you had
an iPhone sure you can get the fossil
gen 5 or really any android smartwatch

But now you can’t so that’s going to be
a little bit more important to some
people and you want to keep that in mind
of course on the iPhone you are getting
blue messages and iMessage in my opinion
is far better than google’s RCS right
now I’ve had so many problems without it
being buggy whereas iMessage is just
always very smooth and seamless so blue
messages are definitely a win there on
top of that you have nearby share with
android and you’ve got plenty of other

Samsung things for quick share

Samsung things for quick share and
things like that but airdropping
between my iMac and my tablets or my
iPad and this device is still a little
bit ahead of nearby share so while
android’s making a lot of progress on
that front and really matching up with
ios in some ways the ecosystem on ios is
just a little bit more advanced of
a course that’s my personal preference but
we can’t discount Samsung and their
software while this is running android

It has one UI on top of that meaning
that it is absolutely jam-packed with
Samsung software most of it is really
impressive so you have things like the
edge panel to Samsung dex which allows
you to actually use this as an entire
desktop computer and you have other
things like dual messenger among many
others so overall which is actually the
better phone to buy well both

Both are fantastic phones

Both are fantastic phones
Both are fantastic phones

The iPhone 13 pro and the galaxy s 21 plus are
fantastic phones and what i think is
interesting however is that while the
iPhone 13 pro is essentially apple’s top
tier phone meaning it’s right up there
next to the iPhone 13 pro max they’re
the same phone just a different size the
galaxy s 21 plus is not Samsung’s best
phone so even though the iphone might
have a slight edge here you might want
to compare this to the galaxy s21 ultra

I chose the s21 plus because it’s the
same price but if you guys want to see a
comparison between the iphone 11 or 13
pro max versus the s21 ultra leave a
comment below and i’ll compare those but
as far as these two phones go well i
think it comes down to this on the
iPhone personally i think the cameras do
a better job in low light in videos and
in many situations with their cameras
with still shots but not necessarily
with with selfies but on top of that

Samsung S21 features

I really do like MagSafe and i think the
smooth ecosystem well there is something
to be said about that but for anybody
else who is more of a feature junkie you
love having like Samsung dex on here a
lot of other capabilities reverse
wireless charging and a lot of other
things along those lines then the galaxy
s21 plus is going to be a really solid
buy the good thing is no matter which
one you buy i don’t think you’ll be
disappointed i think it’s going to come
down to

Essentially what are you looking for in
your phone are you a power user are you
a gamer are you an entrepreneur running
a business or are you looking for
somebody to just have a fast smooth
a phone that gets out of your way when you
don’t need it regardless of what you are
which of these phones do you think is
better leave a comment below and

Let me know if you’re on team iPhone or on team
a galaxy like I said in the beginning i
hope this didn’t come across as me being
an apple or a galaxy fanboy i really
like both these phones and I will
continue to have both of them in my
pockets but leave a comment below and if
you enjoy this article consider liking and
subscribing Im Abdul Rehman thanks for
reading and I’ll see you next time.


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