Compare Samsung Galaxy A52 vs Samsung Galaxy A72 | Review

Compare Samsung Galaxy A52 vs Samsung Galaxy A72

Compare Samsung Galaxy A52 5G vs Samsung Galaxy A72 5G Mobile Comparison. (Best Samsung Midrange Phone 2021) Review and information in this article free coupon.

Welcome back to the website in this article we’re talking about the galaxy a72
and the galaxy a52 and specifically what
the differences actually
are that constitute such a large price difference so

Samsung Galaxy A52 vs Samsung Galaxy A72
Samsung Galaxy A52 vs Samsung Galaxy A72

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these are both Samsung mid-range phones
and as you can see here
they look almost completely identical
the same colors the same materials
the same camera bumps the same resolution refresh rate
really the list goes on and on with the
similarities which lead you to wonder.

what actually makes the a72 worth an extra 100.
so in this article, I’m gonna do a deep
dive and talk about what the
similarities and differences between these are
to help you guys decide which one’s
actually the better buy because in the

world of mid-range phones
it’s a lot of times about which one
gives you the most specs
for the lowest price, it’s really a game of value and
that’s what we’re going to be looking at

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in this article so I want to start off
looking at these physically like I said
on the back, you can see
they’re both the same material they’re
both the same colors there’s four
different colors for either one of them
and I would be willing to bet that if

you were holding just one of these and
the other one wasn’t in the same room as you
you probably wouldn’t be able to tell me
accurately which one you were holding or
at least I can’t tell the difference
they both feel very similar

Samsung a72

I mean yes the a72 is slightly larger
the display on the front is 6.7 inches
versus 6.5
but it’s really a marginal difference
when you look at them side by side you’ll see
they’re really almost the same size so

it’s not like you’re paying for a huge
size improvement there with the 72
and so there’s going to be some
difference other than that right
looking at the right side you’ll see
that they both have the same side key

the same volume rocker on the bottom
they both have a headphone jack
they both have a dual speaker setup
where you have a speaker on the earpiece
and a speaker on the bottom they both
have a microphone on the bottom and on the top

Samsung a72
Samsung a72
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they both have dual sim they have an sd
card expandable storage on the top
they have the same storage on the inside
and they both have a USB type-c port on the bottom
that does support fast charging and neither the a72
nor the a52 has wireless charging so
that’s not the difference there
and when it comes to fast charging like

I said they both support super-fast charging 25 watts
and the first main difference we’re
going to see is actually
not the phone but what comes in the box

so the a72 does come with that super-fast charger
from Samsung whereas the a52
only comes with what they call an
adaptive fast charger substantially
slower but

Samsung A52

if you buy the a52 and you really want
that fast charging or the super-fast charging
you could buy the super-fast charger for
like 15 on amazon so
obviously, that’s not worth the extra 100
but it starts to add up some extra value for the 72.

like I said neither one has wireless
charging on the back obviously no
reverse wireless charging either
but they do both have the same water
resistance rating is a big positive
here because we didn’t see that in previous

really most other previous mid-range
phones so the ip67 water resistance
is great to see on these flipping them
over to the front, you’ll see we have
the selfie camera on the top they’re both
32-megapixel selfie cameras uh actually
now that I mentioned that I realized

Samsung A52
Samsung A52

Samsung new phone 2021

I didn’t mention anything about the rear
cameras and I’m actually going to talk
about that later on because
we will see a pretty significant
the difference is they’re looking at the screens
6.7 versus 6.5 inches like I said no
significant difference there

they both are full HD plus 800 nits so
very bright very vibrant super AMOLED
like if there’s one thing Samsung does
really well it’s make
good vibrant bright displays and that’s
exactly what both of these have
the a72 has a fast refresh rate of 90 hertz

and so you think oh that’s probably
something they wouldn’t put on the a52
well they actually did they both have a
90-hertz refresh rate which is great to
see this is kind of starting to seem like

Latest Samsung phone A52

Samsung is giving the a52
just a lot of things that I thought they
would admit they really made it a good deal
which doesn’t really incentivize you to
buy the a72 of course

we’ll get into some more differences in
a second but so far
on the outside to summarize they’re
basically the same phone you have a
very slight difference in size but other than that

they’re really the same phone on the
outside okay so let’s start talking
about the internal components of these
phones because
once we start looking at those well
actually, nothing’s really different
there either they both have the same
processor the snapdragon 720 g
and that was something I complained
about in the a72 review

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because for the extra 100 you spend on
that I was really hoping to have
at least a slightly faster processor
it’s something that these both have
the same processor which is great for
the a52 because
it is reasonably quick but I’m not quite
sure exactly why Samsung
didn’t put a slightly faster one in the a72

with that being said they both have the
the same amount of storage but the a52
does have one extra option for ram so
you can get four gigabytes of ram
six gigs or eight gigs on the 52 whereas
I believe on the 72 they don’t have the
four gigs of ram available only six or eight

realistically I would recommend
everybody should buy at least six gigs
uh four is really a small amount for uh
one of these phones and
so I don’t really see that as any kind
of a substantial difference there

Newest Samsung phone 2021
Newest Samsung phone 2021
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so with connectivity from what I can
tell they both have the same Bluetooth
the same wi-fi the same NFC
the same pretty much everything and
neither one of these has 5g
except the a52 does have a variant that is the a525g

maybe they’ll come out in a 72 5g
eventually, we don’t know but the a525g
is pretty much a completely different
the phone they have a faster refresh rate on there
and a couple of other things that are
different so for the purposes of this article

these are both not 5g compatible both
exactly the same
a subtle difference internally is that
the a72 comes with a slightly larger
a battery of 5000 milliamp hours versus 4500 on the 52
and you could argue that the bigger
the screen might use a little bit more battery but

latest Samsung phone 2021

I think if you put them side by side and
run a battery test you’d probably get a
slightly larger
battery life on the a72 but it’s gonna
be marginal it’s really not going to be
that different so
that’s another thing that’s not really
constituting that price difference
okay so that brings us to the cameras

as I mentioned at the beginning of this article
is really the only substantial
the difference I see between these phones
that would lead me to even consider
buying the more expensive a 72
instead of saving a hundred dollars for
otherwise exactly the same phone
and looking at these cameras the good

The news is they both have the same
wide-angle lens 64 megapixels it’s
honestly a pretty good lens
and the same ultrawide lens which is 12
megapixels they both have the same flash the same
article capabilities on both of these
the same selfie camera and of course the same macro lens

Samsung smartphones

but looking at that bottom lens you’ll
see that the aperture size is very
different and so
it’s kind of interesting that rather
then just adding something to the a72
they did a little swap there I guess
they just wanted them to look consistent but

on the a52 we actually have a depth
camera and then on the a72
that is a 3x telephoto lens which in my
the opinion is far more useful
but we’ll talk about what that trade-off
actually means so.

Samsung smartphones
Samsung smartphones

latest Samsung A52

when you’re zooming in on the a52 as you
can see in this photo right here
you’re going to be using the 64
a megapixel main camera which

because it’s such a high resolution you
can zoom in digitally pretty far
before the vid before the photos become
useless so it caps you out of 10x
digital zoom but
a 2x zoom or maybe even a 4x zoom is still
a relatively usable photo of course when
you’re using
the telephoto lens on the a72

it is actually optically it does have an
optical image stabilization
ois they both have oas on the main lens but
this one has ois also on that telephoto
a lens so if you’re zooming in

latest Samsung A72 Phone

you can really stay stable on articles and
keep good quality as you zoom in
similarly, with photos, you can zoom way in on
your kid playing soccer or whatever and
and still, very easily follow them

without you know no matter how shaky you
are it should be pretty easy to use
uh so it’s very clear that taking any
kind of zoomed-in photos are going to
look substantially better on the a72
and I think that definitely is a pretty big uh

a big advantage of that one but of course
you are losing that depth camera
I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it
the depth camera is not something I’ve ever used

latest Samsung A72 Phone
latest Samsung A72 Phone

New Samsung galaxy A72

but it’s something that you would maybe
use for example in ar doodle
so you can see right here that even
though the a72 doesn’t have a depth
the camera’s still able to use ar doodle
and from what I can tell the augmented
reality looks pretty much the same
they’re able to use the other camera on
this phone and really do the same

exact thing
but you can see some examples right here
something that some people might wonder
if that has any kind of impact on
the portrait mode or the live focus mode
you can see that these two photos right
here are both using
the live focus mode on the main camera here and so

if the depth camera really made a
the difference for live focused photos
you would definitely be able to see that
right here and the fact is it really
doesn’t Samsung got really good at edge detection now
uh not using a depth camera so you

GALAXY A52 vs A72

really don’t need that
and in many ways the depth camera on the a52
is more of just a placeholder it’s more
of something I just wanted to add there
to make it look like it had more cameras
and to make it look more consistent

with the a72 but in a weird way I kind
of feel like adding that depth camera
might kind of eat into their sails of the a72

because you really don’t see any
physical differences between these phones
and nobody’s gonna know which of the two
you have except for you

GALAXY A52 vs A72

Samsung’s new 5G devices 2021

so guys really to summarize this article
the only main difference that I would
focus on at all is going to be the
camera difference but of course there
are other subtle differences
the charger in the box the battery size of that
and the screen size but all of those i

would say are really negligible
differences and
if you don’t absolutely need a telephoto
the lens I would say
to pretty much everybody out there save
your money and just buy the a52 it’s
really a pretty good deal
and if you want to know more about

either one of these phones has a full
review of them and I’ll put them in a
link in the post
so head on down and check that out
thanks for watching guys I’m Abbas Anwar and if you are new here consider
liking and subscribing and shear this post.
I’ll see you next time you

Samsung's new 5G devices 2021
Samsung’s new 5G devices 2021


Both 90Hz, FHD+
6.5” vs 6.7”
Technically the A52 has a better pixel density
Very hard to see the size difference


Both have the same water resistance, colors, charging, basically everything but the size
Both have a headphone jack
Dual speaker setup


The battery is different: 4500 mAh vs 5,000 mAh battery
A72 comes with a fast charger, but both support 25W

Same processor, and storage
A52 lowest model has 4GB RAM, and A72 has 6GB
Only the A52 has a 5G variant (with more RAM and 120Hz)

Both have a charger in the box


No telephoto on A52
No depth camera on A72


Portrait mode
AR doodle


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