COD Twitch streamer leaks several gameplay aspects of Warzone 2

The Call of Duty community will find out all about the franchise’s future in just under a week. Call of Duty Next is on September 15, and it will show a lot about upcoming games like Modern Warfare, Warzone Mobile, and Warzone 2. But just because Activision is keeping all of the information secrets until a big reveal event doesn’t mean that other people in the industry are doing the same. Recently, a Twitch streamer went on Twitter to share everything they knew about Warzone 2 and how it plays.

Warzone 2 Gameplay aspects

Metaphor is the streamer in question, and he has already given away details about the upcoming Warzone 2 map and how the game will work. Now, Metaphor is back with more leaks about the game, this time focusing more on how it works. All of these details should be taken with a grain of salt, though. The metaphor could have seen early Warzone 2 gameplay, but there’s no way to know for sure if what they say is true.

Warzone 2 gameplay elements leaked

During their most recent leak, Metaphor sent out four tweets with a lot of information about the next Warzone game. Fans can go to Metaphor’s Twitter to see what they’ve been leaking lately, or they can read the summary below.

  1. At random, NPCs will show up on the map.
  2. There will still be loot on the floor and in storage containers that can be opened.
  3. Backpacks of different sizes can be found. Tiers on these backpacks show how much loot they can carry.
  4. There will be new contracts.
  5. The helicopter from the MW2 map Highrise from 2009 will be able to be flown.
  6. The storm won’t be gas anymore; it will be dust.
  7. Players can now shoot tires out of cars and shoot more effectively out of cars.
  8. Players can’t drive around forever because their cars only have so much gas. There are, however, gas stations where players can fill up their tanks.
  9. Developers can turn on or off the ability to cancel a slide.
  10. Warzone 2 will have mostly new vehicles, with only the ATV coming back from the first game.
  11. Another map is already being made for the time after the launch.
  12. That’s a lot of new information and leaks about Warzone 2. Metaphor either got a very detailed look at early footage of Warzone 2, is passing on information from someone who did, or is making all of this up to troll the community. Fans should be able to confirm all of this information soon since COD Next is coming up next and a Warzone 2 beta is said to come after that.


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