Can Tablets Replace Laptops | can iPad pro replace laptop

Can Tablets Replace Laptops? YES Is it possible to replace your laptop with a tablet? After one week of doing this, I can say this was not what I expected.

Tablets have come a really long way and
with more powerful chips and new features
the line between laptop and tablet is really starting to blur
you can now buy laptops with removable
keyboards and tablets
with added keyboards and yet these are
still very different devices

Tablets Replacing Laptops

but are they interchangeable well for
the last seven days I replaced my laptop with a tablet
to see what would happen I still had to
do all of my daily tasks any online shopping
budgeting everything I would normally
have done on my laptop

but I was forced to do it on my tablet
and in this article, I want to share with you
exactly what I found and in this week
there were a lot of things that worked just fine
but there were also some things that
worked even better on a tablet and a few things that
really didn’t work at all

Tablets Replacing Laptops

all right guys so this is it this is
the tablet I was using for the past week to
replace my laptop
and honestly, this was a really
interesting experiment so some things
worked very well some things were
complete failures and I just could not
get them done at all
and there are other things that actually
gave me a huge advantage using this

iPad Pro Replace Laptop

(YES iPad Pro Replace Laptop)

tablet instead of a laptop so
this right here is the Samsung galaxy
tab s7 but what I’m talking about in
this article could pretty much apply to an iPad
or most other tablets out there now with that being said

I kind of broke it down into three
different categories after using this
for a week I realized that
I use my laptop for three main things
the first thing is for being productive
for getting work done
uh for making an article like this
everything like that I’m gonna is using
my laptop for a lot of productive stuff

now the second thing is actually more
casual use and I think this is what a
a lot of people
would be interested in using a tablet
for is like in the evening they’re maybe
sitting on their couch and they’re doing
some amazon shopping

Can Tablets Replace Laptops

maybe making some budgeting spreadsheets
like some basic at-home stuff
that is not necessarily earning you
money for a job but at the same time
you know it’s something that you don’t
really want to do on your phone
and then the third category is when
you’re traveling obviously you can’t
bring a desktop with you but having a

laptop’s kind of a mix of
casual staff productive stuff and of
course a little bit of trip planning as well
but a lot of times you’re in a smaller
more cramped environment the charging
the situation’s a little different than you’re in
a coffee shop or on a plane

so we’re going to talk about each of
these three categories and the pros and
cons I found after using this tablet
in each of those categories for the past
the week so in a productive setting the
the first benefit I found of using this tablet was that

iPad Pro Replace Laptop
iPad Pro Replace Laptop
New Flat Tablet 2021

because the keyboard is detachable and
we have a really nice pen
you can actually set your tablet flat
and you’re able to write on it
you’re able to draw on it you’re able to
sign documents and all this is stuff that
like yes you can get a pen with a laptop

but again you’re gonna have your
keyboard in the way and a lot of times
the pens with laptops
are not quite as good as the tablet pens
they just have a slower latency
not as good functionality and so having
a tablet pen

allows you like I said you can draw
things and it’s great for like design
meetings I found that design meetings
are a lot easier when you have a tablet
especially when people are remote
because it’s just so much more
convenient to not have to print
something out and draw something and
then scan it and then send it

Latest Tablet 2021

it’s just so much easier to just do
everything is right on your tablet similarly
signing documents, especially because
everybody’s working remotely now

I found that instead of again having to
print sign scan and then send
like you can sign all of your documents
just right on this tablet
it’s a really easy thing to do so that’s
the first one the second benefit is
actually that

this is a lot quieter so even though
a lot of modern fans
on laptops are really quiet you don’t
have any kind of problem with the fan
kicking on it being loud
occasionally some laptops like we’ve all
had that experience when you’re in a
quiet environment
and your laptop fan just starts getting

Laptop 2021

really loud now
depending on the laptop you have this
could be a problem really often
or it could be a little bit less
frequent but regardless this tablet
doesn’t have a fan

most tablets don’t have a fan which
means that they’re never going to make
any kind of fan sounds the only sounds
you’re going to have
are really from the vibration motor on here or
from the speakers themselves and both of
those are completely controllable

so those are the first two positives but
there definitely were quite a few
drawbacks the first one
especially with an android tablet was
my files layout
so instead of using file explorer or
finder on here they have something
called my files and I found that it’s a

Laptop 2021
Laptop 2021

Can you use the iPad Pro as a laptop

really clunky app it’s really hard to
navigate and manage your files
to copy and paste them and move them
around like android’s just really not
meant to be moving files around
and so especially because when I’m on my
laptop the majority of the time

I’m moving photos around and moving pdfs
around like I’m doing stuff like that
I just found that really hard to get
done similarly because this tablet is
intended to be small and
this is the tab f7, not even the plus
The keyboard I found was a little bit
limiting and similarly the trackpad
not only were they small which I could
kind of get used to the size of them

but they also kind of felt like not that
great my typing speed was
probably about 20 to 25 slower which
just you know it takes some time to get
used to that and it never really feels
nice when you’re typing documents now
getting into a positive this is kind of
specific to the tab
s7 here Samsung is obviously running
android on this tablet

Tablets Replace Laptops

but on top of that, they’re also running
their own one UI
which gives you some extra functionality
so really the main one is Samsung dex
which allows you to
either use this in a standard tablet
mode or you can switch over to dex mode

which is kind of like
a desktop-style interface which at first
you might think all right you’re running
the same apps on the same screen
why does it matter but it actually does
make things a lot easier so you have the
very familiar taskbar on the bottom
but on top of that, you also have the
ability to have individual windows
popped up and so you can look at it like
three or different three or four

different screens at once
or you could even do a split-screen
setup like it’s really nice and really convenient
although not all apps are optimized for
that which kind of gets into the next drawback
in general android tablets like they
don’t have the most optimized apps so


we’re going to get into casual use in a
second because there are some benefits of that
but at the same time, the drawback is
that besides Microsoft google and
Samsung apps
you’re not really going to get anything
great on here so maybe photoshop works
all right but you’re definitely not
going to be editing videos
like premiere pro is what I used to make
all of these videos and that was not even an
option to use with this tablet a subtle

the benefit here is that the hotkeys
actually does work so copy paste like most
of the hotkeys you see
on windows or on mac they do work on
here so as far as productivity goes
that’s a really nice benefit to have
a really big drawback of using a tablet
instead of a laptop is going to be the

number of ports you only have one port on here
and that is going to be your power in
your headphone jack is going to be
any kind of input device to this any
output devise like everything
has to be done through a single port so
you either plug and unplug things
very frequently or you have to get a
the dongle’s something that a laptop

Tablets Replace Laptops
Tablets Replace Laptops
Dongle Book

typically has quite a few more ports on there
unless you have a dongle book pro but
pretty much every other laptop
out there you’re going to have a bunch
of ports and that’s going to be a
the drawback when you’re moving
to use a tablet instead so productivity
with a tablet overall

you can be pretty productive but you
will be limited by fewer ports
unless you get a dongle and you will be
limited by software in many situations
unless you’re doing a lot of document
and excel type work
now with that being said the second two
categories are a lot more interesting
and a tablet can actually be better than

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let’s get back to the article
now there are other benefits when you’re
traveling so one of them is the overall
size of this like I said it’s perfect
for the back of an airplane seat

Can Tablets Replace Laptops

so like the little tray right there it’s
absolutely perfect for that it fits in a
backpack really well
portability is obviously a huge
advantage of using a tablet
and the ability to actually disconnect
the keyboard again
makes it perfect for an airplane seat if
you just want to watch an article there and
you don’t want a keyboard sticking out in your lap

it’s just really nice to have that now
on top of that, there are some more
subtle things I noticed like having a
GPS on here
can be beneficial if you’re using this
like as you’re like in a car or
something like that like

I don’t know exactly when you would use
a GPS but I found that it is
it’s kind of nice to have that and a
The laptop definitely doesn’t have that okay
so category number three then
is casual use and this one again is very
very interesting this is where I think that

Laptop Vs Tablet

anybody looking to change from a laptop
to a tablet
this is probably the main category you’d
be most interested in
so the first main benefit is that this
is going to be running android or you
could run-ios if you have an iPad obviously.

but either way, you’re going to be
getting apps on there that you cannot
get on your laptop so
for example, Snapchat and Instagram tik-tok all these things.

you can have them on a tablet for casual
use at night that is definitely a really
big advantage so you don’t need to look
at your phone
and your laptop on top of that you have
other great features here are
similar to phones

Laptop Vs Tablet
Laptop Vs Tablet

Android Tablet

so on an android tablet, you have nearby
share which again if you’re using a
windows laptop and you feel
left out that you don’t get to use
airdrop then nearby share on an android tablet
is really the next best alternative so
you can airdrop you can essentially
airdrop things it’s called nearby share
and you can share things between android

phones and tablets or other tablets like
it’s a really convenient way to move
photos and stuff around
but you just can’t do that on a windows
laptop on top of that you have all the
standard things you see on your phone like
ultra-wide camera wide-angle lens you
have a flashlight

you have like screen recording all these
things really built into there so
for a lot of basic stuff like that like
it is kind of nice to have that and
laptops obviously don’t have that
so if you’re looking for something that
like your phone does this stuff but
your laptop doesn’t so have a tablet i
don’t know it could be useful to have that stuff


there was one downside I noticed and
that is when you’re browsing on the internet so
using google chrome it works if you’re
going to use chrome I recommend going to
the settings on the top right corner and
changing to desktop mode
because by default it’s going to be
running like the mobile website so it’s
going to be looking kind of weird

the desktop mode you’ll find is a lot better
but the downside is that you won’t
actually, be able to at least for my testing
you won’t be able to use pretty much any
chrome-extension on here
so if you’re using a lot of chrome
extensions on your laptop and you care a
lot about those

that’s something that will be holding
you’re back here but if you’re using a tablet in
general I highly recommend that instead
of using google chrome

Samsung internet

you just use Samsung internet the native
the browser in here honestly is much more
optimized for a tablet
much more optimized for dex mode and i
found that it just works better overall.

now some other benefits this definitely
has plenty of storage so saving photos
and videos on here
the base model is 128 gigabytes which is
the base model for many laptops out
there as well
but as you move up to 256 500 gigabytes like

it’s really no problem with storage and
if it becomes a problem if you have so
many files or photos here
you can definitely upgrade to cloud
storage’s all really well integrated
on these devices so I found that
was not a limitation and then the last kind of
an interesting thing to note is that


it does have haptic feedback like a
vibrating motor on board
which means you can get notifications
with vibration on this tablet
again that’s something that almost no
a laptop is going to do

but if that’s something you’re
interested in it’s really nice to have
so regardless guys those are the
differences I found between my laptop
and my tablet
really to summarize could you replace a
laptop with a tablet
well I think it comes down to this if
you’re trying to do really hardcore
productive stuff if you’re editing videos

premiere pro like all that kind of stuff
then you’re not going to be able to
replace your laptop with a tablet it’s
just the software is not available
you don’t have as many ports you don’t
have an sd card reader like there’s a lot
of limitations you’ll face but
for almost everybody else out there and

Samsung internet
Samsung internet


I do really mean like the vast majority of people
who are just looking to do budgeting or
do their taxes
or just shop on amazon for casual stuff
watch Netflix like
the basic everyday at home laptop work
you could absolutely replace your laptop
or I mean definitely your Chromebook
you could replace that with a tablet and

I think you would actually find more
of using this instead of a laptop so
guys, I hope this article was helpful
comment down below and let me know what
your thoughts are on if you can replace
a laptop with a tablet
and even furthermore what is the future
of tablets so I mentioned that tablets
and laptops are kind of blurring

Together a little bit
but what is the future going to be our
tablets going to phase out and laptops
are going to become
detachable or are tablets going to kind
of move up and
push out laptops like I’m not really
sure where it’s going but comment down
below I don’t know what your thoughts
are on that subject

thanks for watching guys if you enjoyed
this article considers liking and
subscribing to my website.


Tablets have come a really long way, and with more powerful chips and new features, the line between laptop and tablet is really starting to blur. You can now buy laptops with removable keyboards and tablets with added keyboards, so are these interchangeable? For the past 7 days, I replaced my


Signing documents
My Files SUCKS!
Dex allows you to open multiple windows at once – The split screen is possible
Hotkeys work
USB things work
A small keyboard is limiting
Trackpad is weak
Apps are not optimized, and some are unavailable
Main everyday apps like internet browsers, Microsoft, Google, and Samsung are fine
Very few ports = dongle is necessary
Powered peripheral devices will work
Overall very fast for basic everyday tasks
Perfect for an airplane seat tray
GPS is nice to have – this can be a car nav system
Casual use
Touch gestures similar to phone – Nice!
Nearby share (in case you felt left out from airdrop with Macs)
Plenty of storage
Can’t really use chrome extensions
Samsung internet works better anyway
the detachable keyboard is great
vibrations for notifications


This can comfortably replace a Chromebook
Great for most people looking to watch media, browse the web, and do basic document/spreadsheet processing
Not great for power users looking for specific programs
I struggled because there was no Adobe Premiere Pro


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