Brookfield Zoo put on lockdown after phone threat

Visitors at Brookfield Zoo sheltered in place Tuesday night after the zoo received notice of a ‘potential threat.’

Brookfield Zoo lockdown

About peace and healing. And
Breaking news tonight.
Brookfield zoo under lockdown
After reports of a threat dozens
Of police officers from around
The western suburbs rushed to
The zoo after a threat was
Phoned Brookfield. Police
Are women reportedly threatening
To harm herself and others on
The zoo grounds. The zoo is
Locked down with guests and
Employees were told to shelter in
Place. Police swept the
Property, but found no danger.
State police cook county. Even
If we needed our dog, we had a
Dog team here if we needed to do
A bomb search or something like

That, so we had a tremendous
Response resources and i think
That the officers that responded
Perhaps you know, they did have
That highland park incident in
The back of their minds and felt
That you know they wanted to
Come out. And give that extra
Support the zoo. The lockdown.


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