Breaking news Tiger Woods, Fans Are WORRIED After Saw His Leg

Breaking news Tiger Woods, The 46-year-old golfer sustained an injury to his right lower leg as that leg bore the brunt of the brute force of the accident the right leg being the one typically used to control gas and brakes in cars at the site.

Tiger Woods injury News

As a rare picture of tiger woods emerges
sans his regular leg sleeves fans
everywhere were left shocked what they
spotted in the picture has been beyond
the scope of anyone’s expectations since
having multiple surgeries on his right
leg in February following his horrific
crash in 2021 few have understood the
magnitude of his injury now with the
picture it became clear just how injured
his leg joined us as we reveal the
details noticed by eagle-eyed fans in
his latest photo first off,

Let’s talk about the car crash tiger woods isn’t a
stranger to injury throughout his career
he’s seen his fair share of ups and
downs regarding his health but his most
recent and most drastic injury happened
on February 23 2021 woods was driving
over 80 miles per hour in an SUV by
himself in California then suddenly his
car rolled over an embankment trapped
inside he stayed their legs pinned for a
long while until the emergency personnel
could arrive to help they were
successful in extracting him from the
car But he was in the serious condition he
was found to have suffered a compound
fractures in both of his legs and had to
undergo emergency surgery although the
doctors revealed he was stable
condition it was unlikely he would be
able to continue his professional career.

Dr matt Provencher Tells

Next how bad was the injury woods
revealed that the injury he sustained
was bad enough to prompt doctors to
consider amputating his right leg as
there were very few chances of saving it
it was reported the 46-year-old golfer
sustained an injury to his right lower
leg as that leg bore the brunt of brute
force of the accident the right leg
being the one typically used to control
gas and brakes in cars make the site
more vulnerable dr matt Provencher fox
sports injury and performance analyst
explained the extent of wood’s injuries
he reveals that woods had open tibia and
fibula fractures that were not only

through the skin but also comminuted
meaning the bones had numerously broken
fragments yikes that sounds painful
massive injury to his ankle and foot
area an injury to the talus or the ankle
bone and immense damage to the soft
tissues around the tibia as the
fractures injured both the skin and the
muscle of the calf along with causing
the calf compartment to swell fans and
golfing enthusiasts knew the injury was
serious but they weren’t able to gauge
just how bad it was until his most
recent photo came to life now let’s

What exactly the photo tells us
woods who played in the Masters and PGA
championship after recovering somewhat
from his injuries decided to skip the
u.s open however the new york post
reported that he decided to attend a
junior golf event over the weekend to
watch his son charlie play at this event.

Fans Are WORRIED After Saw On His Leg

The pro golfer very graciously posed
with fans and several young golfers but
something was different fans were very
quick to notice that these pictures were
without the usual black leg sleeve he
had been consistently wearing after his
accident the photo shows heavy scarring
from the emergency surgery he underwent
on his right leg as well as
significantly reduced muscle mass in his
calf speaking of which his inner calf
also appears slightly concave the whole
right leg seems to be a little out of
shape compared to his uninjured leg not
only does the leg look a bit weaker but
the whole lower portion of it seems to
jut out in a strange way but woods ever

The dedicated athlete appears to be
standing upright and seems to be in good
spirits he doesn’t appear to use any
supports for his knee the only sign of
additional assistance is what fans think
is a wrap that helps support his injured
ankle to put it simply fans were shocked
to see the extent of the damage done to
woods right leg up next have you heard
of his comeback after the injury
high-speed injury such as the one
sustained by woods is known to cause
significant debilitation it was clear
that he had a long road to recovery
before he could even think to compete
again despite displaying obvious signs
of fatigue and pain wood’s return to
major championship golf has impressed
everyone defying logic and naysayers he
made an incredible return even making
the cut in both of his appearances at,

Championship in 2022

The masters and PGA championship in 2022
and this return is made all the more
extraordinary now that these recent
pictures have been released the evidence
of trauma to his legs speaks to his
enormous willpower and the work he must
have put into getting back into playing
he finished in 47th place in Augusta
national where previously he had won in
2019 woods is showing no signs of
slowing down he’s currently preparing to
play at the 150th open championship at
saint Andrews next what are they saying
on Twitter, no golf enthusiast would deny
tiger wood’s dedication to the game
after the picture surfaced many people
hailed him as a blessing to all those
watching some even were of the opinion
that he should forgo the leg sleeve
completely and just embrace the injury
no need to be ashamed of the scarring
and you know what we agree if anything

The scars are a testament to how hard
woods has fought to be the golfer he
once used to be PGA tour pro-Dylan
Fratelli said now many people would give
him the props he deserves for walking
around Augusta and playing as well as he
did this year Fratelli was referencing
woods’s decision to miss us open and
instead of resting in anticipation of
competing at the 150th open at saint
Andrew which will be held from July 14th
to the 17th and finally what has tiger
woods said so far about his accident
tiger woods knows and understands his
abilities better than anyone could so he
revealed that he has decided to remain
selective with the championships he
decides to compete in however at the
same time he confessed that he does know
that the more he uses his leg it will
only help him make it stronger well they
don’t call him tiger for anything.

Hard thing to come

The 46-year-old said that he continued staying
active after the masters and he believes
it’s paid off he says he feels strong
and he will continue to get stronger and
of his leg woods was confident it’s only
going to keep getting stronger the more
i use it the more strength it gains but
at the same time, he’s been keeping his
expectations realistic saying am i ever
going to have full mobility no never
again wow that must have been a hard
thing to come to terms with but at least
he knows that his leg is going to keep
on getting stronger and better while
talking to reporters he confirmed that
even though he will be getting better
his leg is still going to ache.

But tiger has come to terms with it expressing
that’s just the way it’s going to
be seeing his drive fans can’t help but
wonder how long till he’s winning again
and now in other news first Rory Mcilroy
falls short again Rory Mcilroy seems to
have fallen short yet again he finished
at joint fifth place at our open
experts claim that McElroy gave himself
too much to do on the back nine in the
final round this means he made yet
another major top ten but unfortunately
fell short of his fifth career major
title but he isn’t letting this get to
him even though he admitted his
disappointment to reporters he also
revealed that he will play at the
travelers championship after which he’ll
be resting for a bit before heading to
saint Andrews for the 150th open
championship saint Andrews will be one.

Eight years up next matt Fitzpatrick

last chance for Mcilroy to end his major
trophy drought which has now lasted
eight years up next matt Fitzpatrick
wins the u.s open for his first major on
the other hand England’s matt
fitzpatrick’s joy knows no bounds and he
ended up successfully holding off world
number one as he won his first major
title at the u.s open as well as his
first PGA tour title FitzPatrick now
joins the ranks of the legendary jack
Nicklaus was the only other player to win
the us open and u.s amateur on the same
golf course he also becomes just the
fourth Englishman to win the u.s open in
the last 100 years what an honor that
must have been we can only imagine,

how he’s feeling after his monumental win he
joins previous Englishman Cyril walker
tony Jacklyn and Justin rose in this
honor and finally live golf rebels face
threat of more sanctions liv golf rebels
have come under fire recently as they
continue to play in the breakaway series
backed by Saudi Arabia they’ve been
warned of further sanctions after the DP
world tour players who were said to have
willfully broken rules were not only
fined 100 000 pounds but were also
banned from next month’s Scottish open
this is getting more and more serious by
the minute as Ryder cup veterans such as
Sergio Garcia Martin Kamer Lee Westwood
etc all faced punishment for taking part
in the event held at Hertfordshire
earlier this month even though.

it was confirmed that they had received
releases warning them against taking
part let’s see what happens in the next
A few weeks well that’s all we have for
you today let us know what you think in
the comments below do you think tiger
woods will be winning championships.


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