Bose Soundlink revolve plus vs revolve

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Music has become an essential part of our life
it would be difficult for us to imagine
a party or a social gathering without music
in the past, we had used big speakers to
listen to music at a party
but now we have portable Bluetooth
speakers to replace big speakers
with the development of technology
Bluetooth speakers are becoming more
powerful there are many famous speakers
manufacturers among them
the name bose comes at the top of the
list for its high quality and durable
Bluetooth speakers dear viewers.

Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth Speaker

Today we’ve chosen to bose soundlink revolve plus
portable Bluetooth
speaker for you here we go
first, we’ll take a look at the product
and specs before we get into customer reviews
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now let’s take a look at the bose soundlink revolve plus
is a stylish cylinder-shaped portable bluetooth speaker
made by bows for music lovers worldwide
it’s lightweight and the fabric handle of the speaker
makes it easier to carry the speaker is made of high quality
plastics rubbers and metals which make the speaker
durable the speaker covers 360 degrees
you don’t have to worry about placing
the speaker according to your need
the speaker comes with a built-in
a microphone that will let you make a voice
calls using the Bluetooth speaker

The control buttons are on top of the
speaker using the buttons you can control
volume music and voice calls the bose
soundlink revolve plus
produces excellent sound it captures the
lows mids and highs without a significant drop
the speaker delivers a crystal clear voice
music and high-quality bass
you would love to hear music using the
speaker the speaker is waterproof
and rated by ipx4 you’re free to take
your Bluetooth speaker to outside
without the fear of being damaged by water

How do I update my Bose revolve+ SoundLink?

If you want to have stereo sound then
you can connect two soundlink devices
pairing the bose sound link revolve plus is quite easy
and it covers an extended range of 30
feet the speaker comes with a long-lasting
light ion battery that delivers 16 hours
of uninterrupted music
it’s time for us to look into the user
reviews of this portable speaker
and find out what customers are saying
the speaker has got 4.6 stars out of 5
stars from a total of 2
376 customer rating people like these
portable speakers for their Bluetooth connectivity

Base quality portability and battery life
here are some comments from customers
one person has given five stars and commented
excellent bose product as long as your
expectations are reasonable
expect good treble and bass but average mid-range tones
good for bass-heavy genres like hip-hop edm and rock
another person gave five stars and wrote
at first, i was a little skeptical
as it didn’t really sound that good but
once I got the equalizer on my phone
sound app to adjust and found the right location for it

Bose soundlink revolves around watts

it actually sounds really good some
buyers didn’t like their product
and among them, one customer gave one star and commented
out of the box, I updated the speaker
software this update causes the unit to turn on randomly
that’s all we have on the bose sound link revolve plus
360 Bluetooth speakers
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