Bose Sound sport earbuds Review | BOSE SLEEPBUDS (Wireless Earbuds for Sleep)

Bose Sound sport earbuds Review | BOSE SLEEPBUDS (Wireless Earbuds for Sleep). Truly wireless earbuds designed specifically for sleep. Comfortable eartips passively block noise, while soothing sounds help you sleep.

I live in a really loud area and so when
I heard that bose was coming out with a
sequel to their sleep buds
I got pretty excited and I ordered a
pair for myself and so right here we
have the brand new bose

Bose Sound sport earbuds Review

sleep buds 2 which should essentially
help you sleep by making things quieter
and drowning out sound with white noise
so we’re gonna talk about what these are
able to do and what they’re not able to do in this
article as well as how well they’re able
to do that so I’ve been using these for
about two weeks now
and we definitely have a lot to talk about

Bose Sound sport earbuds Review
Bose Sound sport earbuds Review

you hear that
so like I said I live in a really loud
area in Philadelphia with the trains
going by and sirens
and people outside my window playing
saxophone at two in the morning
like sleeping is not easy if you live in
a loud place so
these I thought would be a very exciting
purchase which is why I have the right
here and so let’s jump into the physical
aspects of these just to see what we’re
dealing with because honestly
there are some really exciting features
about these as sleep buds
but also that I wish their earbuds would
start to adopt so starting off with the case

the case is definitely pretty large it’s
not going to be pocketable
but it’s not really meant to be this is
supposed to be something sitting on your

Headphones for sleeping

bed stand or just anywhere near your bed and you
don’t want it to be small so you don’t
want to lose it underneath your bed so
I think the case size is not a problem i
really like how it opens
and so this right here is kind of like a
rose goldish color
and the opening case I think is really
really cool when you open it
you have LEDs on the inside so you have
five LEDs to indicate the level of

the battery of the case and then on the left and right side you
have a little led strip there that is
going to indicate essentially you know
if it’s pairing or if you’re connected
or what the battery level is
for the bose sleep buds right here and
that brings us to the buds themselves
which are extremely small

which is as you probably know from bose
pretty rare I mean the bose QuietComfort
earbuds are probably one of the largest
pairs of earbuds in 2020
and yet these the sleep buttons are so
incredibly small
yet another thing that i wish pose would
adopt for their main earbuds now
of course, there are quite a few things
missing on here these don’t have a touch
controls these obviously don’t have a

Headphones for sleeping
Headphones for sleeping

Sleep headphones

this like the sound quality is not going
to be nearly as good because
they’re not playing music all these are
able to do is play a selection of sounds
that you’ll see in the app and I’ll show
you later on in the article but looking at
the boat the buds themselves

you can see that we have the entire
a thing has a silicone cover on it
which has like a wingtip and an ear tip
and there are several different sizes
that comes in the box these are just the
the default ones that I’m using the medium ones

I think it’s number two so they have
different numbers for different sizes
and it’s really nice they’re very very
slim and the purpose for that is that
if you put these in your ear and you
sleep on your side you actually
it’s very flush with your ear and i
found that it’s not uncomfortable at all
to sleep on your side

Sleeping headphones

unlike even the best earbuds out there
these are way
way smaller and I found that as far as
comfort goes I can keep these in my ear for

an entire night and not have any
discomfort but the issue is I find that
occasionally they do fall out so
I usually at least once or twice maybe
even three times throughout the night
uh have to wake up and like find them
underneath my bed or wherever they end up going

Sleeping headphones
Noise-canceling sleep headphones

so I mean they fit well and they’re
comfortable but I mean eight hours of
rolling around while you’re unconscious like
it’s just really hard for something to
stay in your ear now as far as battery
life goes the sleep buds are supposed
to have 11 hours of battery life which
is great considering the average person

sleep between seven and eight hours so I was easily getting
through an entire night, i would wake up
and have maybe 20
25 battery left on them so I expect that
overtime battery kind of battery life
does decrease on different earbuds
but I think that these should definitely
last a couple of years

while still getting you through the
entire night so that was definitely a
really good thing there
looking at the back of it I mean
obviously, the case here is another
battery to recharge them
but we have some things to talk about
with that so on the back we have
our USB type-c charging does not
have qi wireless charging
instead, it has a nice grippy silicone
the bottom there so you can set it down and

Noise-canceling headphones for sleep

it’s not going to fall off a table
or really slide around so I like the
case I mean like I’ve been saying, guys
the overall physical design here I love
the size of the earbuds i love their comfort and I love

the case the way it slides open like i
really see as
technology progresses and you’re able to
fit more and more things in this size
earbuds of this size are just incredibly
nice really subtle and really really
so when you’re using these earbuds
you’re going to want the bose sleep app
so the bose sleep buds are going to
connect as soon as you open the case and
you take them out

Noise cancelling headphones for sleep
Noise-canceling headphones for sleep

Noise-canceling headphones for sleeping

so you see I’ll take them out and it
says it found the left one and then it’s
going to find the right one now
uh and sometimes it takes a second to
find both of them all right so there we
go I found both sleep buds now it’s
going to connect
and as soon as it connects it’s going to
tell you uh the battery level right
there as you can tap on that little
green battery icon tells you the left and the right

and so you can also have a low battery
alert if you want I don’t really see the
need for that I don’t want to wake me up
telling me that it’s running low
on white noise because that seems like
it defeats the purpose in the first place

but you can also set an alarm on here
which I think is a cool thing to do
when you’re wearing these they
definitely block out I’ll talk more about
what they block out but they block a lot
out so here alarm clock might be harder to hear

Bose soundsport

when you’re wearing these sleep buds so
setting an alarm within the app
is definitely a really cool thing that
you have now on the top left we have a
little hamburger icon to go into
just some quick like product support
some feedback stuff that you’re probably
never going to do

Bose soundsport
Bose soundsport

and in the top right, we have our
settings when you can rename them
for whatever reason, you want to do that
you can go and check out the battery
level there you can go into a dark mode for the app

Noise canceling headphones to sleep

which is great because it’s dark when
you’re sleeping and you don’t want a
really bright phone at night
and that’s pretty much it so there’s not
a whole lot you’re gonna do there except
phone free mode is really cool because
you can turn on phone free mode which
means that you’ll be able to

listen to stuff on your sleep buds with
your phone is off or in another room
or whatever but the catch here is you
won’t have the alarms so
if your alarm set on your phone like
your phone really needs to be there
in order for that to work so going back
uh the only other option we have here is
the tap on the bottom where the sound is

Noise-canceling sleep headphones

playing and we can go through a whole bunch of
different things so these are my sounds
so I have a whole bunch saved
and I think you have like 15 or 20 on
here so there’s like
different noise ones there’s noise
masking ones as you see then there’s
nature escape ones
and then of course there’s the
tranquilities as well so you can see all

three of those and if you want more than just like the
15 or 20 that I have here
you can go into the sound library and
again you can go to noise masking ones
nature scapes or tranquilities
the tranquilities are like harps and
pianos and stuff so it’s not really what
I would listen to it for sleeping maybe for
like relaxing on a couch or something
but nature escapes and the noise
masking is definitely more

Bose soundsport earbuds

my speed and so I’ve been trying those
out and there are also different volumes your
volume buttons on your phone are not
going to control the sleep buds
and similarly, the sleep buds are unable to play any
audio from your phone other than the
sleep buds audio itself so you can’t
listen to music on these you can’t watch videos on the

like it’s not going to work like that so
instead, if you want to change the volume
you have the little volume slider on the
bottom here
and once you preset that you can turn
your phone off and that volume stays on
the sleep buds

Bose soundsport earbuds
Bose soundsport earbuds

Wireless earbuds

all night assuming you want it to play
all night I mean that’s pretty
much what it does by default
so as far as how well these actually
work I’ll get into some testing because
the passive noise blocking on them
meaning if nothing’s playing just
putting them in your ear is pretty
similar to having earplugs in your ear
so it’s really nice but your ear doesn’t

really get hot and sweaty so I find that the
comfort is really good while still
blocking a lot of sounds
so that’s an excellent aspect of the
the design here and then once you start
playing like the noise-masking sounds or
the nature scapes or whatever
it tends to block out a lot of sounds
around you of course you have different


volumes and I found that you’re going to have to
kind of experiment with that a little
bit so over the two weeks of me wearing these
I would go every couple of nights I would
take them out just to get like a base
measurement on my sleep score
and I can show you guys the sleep scores

here I usually get around like high
70s low 80s as a sleep score and
The first couple of nights I wore these
I wanted to make sure I blocked the
train sounds and siren sounds and
saxophone every I wanted to block all of
that out and so I turned the volume up

Best wireless earbuds

to like 50 or 60 percent
and I found that my sleep score was
drastically lower it was like low 60s
because I was just kind of waking up
more from this sound and so i found that overtime
you’ll have to find exactly the
right volume for your needs
for me, it’s somewhere around 25

the volume blocks out enough sound that
in my recent few nights of wearing these
uh my sleep score has been like the mid-80s
so definitely better and you can see
that I have fewer disturbances
throughout the night

Wireless earphones

so they definitely do an excellent job
of that but like I said it does take
some getting used to
getting used to the right volume for you
finding the right sounds that you want
to listen to
and at the same time, you’re going to
have to get used to maybe they fall out
sometimes so depending on if you’re a side sleeper

like that’s probably the most likely
position from my testing
that they will fall out if you’re
sleeping on your back, uh or I mean
hopefully, you’re not sleeping on your
face but

Bluetooth earbuds

if if you are they probably won’t fall
out in either of those positions
but like I said side sleeping it’s very
likely they will fall out but guys
that’s what I have to say about the bose
sleep buds to my really my biggest
the concern is the battery drain issue
and of course like I said they fall out
of your ear throughout the night but
as a whole, i really like the concept and
even more so

Bluetooth earbuds
Bluetooth earbuds

I like what bose is doing with their
their mechanical design here and I hope
a lot of this starts to transfer
over to their mainstream wireless
earbuds so if we could see earbuds with
a cool sliding case like this
if we could see earbuds with a smaller
more compact design

Bose QuietComfort earbuds

obviously, a lot’s missing inside but but
if we can get there eventually
like there’s a lot that bose really did
right here so guys
comment down below let me know what your
thoughts are on this new bose sleep buds
2 design here

I mean it like I said there’s really not
a whole lot out there there’s like the
zen buds and the bose sleep buds one
but other than that it’s a pretty
an interesting product so comment down
below let me know what your thoughts are
if you enjoyed this article, please
consider liking and sharing
thanks for reading guys I’ll see you
next time you.



I live in what some might consider a noisy area… I live next to a fire station, some guy who plays saxophone at 2 AM on weekends, a big intersection with angry Philadelphia drivers, and train tracks that host both the SEPTA and a big-ass freight train which goes by at ~2 AM. I am a heavy sleeper, but that is no match for the 90 decibels I measured from the freight train horn. The windows are thin and this building construction sucks. For reference, a construction site is normally 100 decibels Some battery drain
Sleep score average for days prior to the test
Does it work without a phone connected? Local storage? Can you load your own sound files? How long is the battery? Will it be that long in a few years? Wireless charging on the case? Do ears get hot and sweaty? What about side sleepers?

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