Billionaire Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott Files For Divorce

Jeff Bezos’s ex-wife has asked her second husband to end their marriage. Court records show that MacKenzie Scott, one of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful philanthropists, has asked for a divorce from her husband.

Scott filed for divorce in Washington’s King County Superior Court. During her marriage to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, which ended in 2019, she made a lot of money. Dan Jewett, who used to teach science, is her second husband. They got married in 2021, but they don’t have any children together.

“We ask the court to end this marriage,” the petition says. The New York Times was the first to report on it on Wednesday. The filing says that Scott and Jewett have already signed a separation agreement that will tell them how to split their joint property, possessions, and debts.

Jewett taught at the prestigious school where Scott and Bezos’s children go to school. Last year, she wrote online, “In a happy coincidence, I am married to one of the most generous and kind people I know, and I am joining her in a commitment to use our enormous wealth to help others.”

The ex-wife of Jeff Bezos has filed for divorce from her 2nd husband.

Scott left her marriage to Bezos with tens of billions of dollars, and she has promised to give away most of it, saying she will “keep doing it until the safe is empty.” Since she and Bezos got a divorce, she has given more than $12 billion to charity, including money to Planned Parenthood, Habitat for Humanity, and organizations that help people in Ukraine. This was an unheard-of rate of giving, and Scott quickly became known as one of the most generous people in the world.

Before their divorce was officially filed on Wednesday, several news outlets noticed that Jewett was no longer mentioned on Scott’s charity websites or in other public places, like blogs they wrote together or her Amazon author page.

They also noticed that recent recipients of donations had only thanked Scott, not both Scott and Jewett as they had done in the past.


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