Bill O’Reilly’s new book tackles the potentially fatal price of fame

It’s been 15 minutes, so it’s time for another book by Bill O’Reilly. Tomorrow, “Killing the Legends: The Lethal Danger of Celebrity,” the 12th book in his Killing Series, comes out. In a recent phone call, he said, “Celebrity is killing celebrities

People used to hide things. No one told the public about how John F. Kennedy lived or how Errol Flynn, a bad-boy movie star, lived. Back in the day, old people were just drunk.

“Different now. no longer safe. Since Jesus, being famous hasn’t been as dangerous as it is now. You have goals on your back. Kim Kardashian in Paris? There are drugs, alcohol, crazy social media, crazy personal information on the Internet, and people making things up. No one has to answer for anything. It’s nothing but fame.

“Fame is a terrible thing. John Lennon and Janis Joplin. Jimi Hendrix and Michael Jackson quit when they were young, and the list goes on. Elvis, Marilyn, and Muhammad Ali are the people I write about. These were huge, but not on the level of George Clooney. These things changed life in America. Their fame broke them down.

Elvis, who was driving a truck then, didn’t get it. What was he thinking? Even though he invented rock ‘n’ roll, his pastor said he was the Devil. He wasn’t very smart, and the people he thought he could trust let him down. He was on the verge of going bankrupt. His father took money from him but didn’t help him.

“I wrote five pages about Muhammad Ali, who didn’t train for the fight and was never the same afterward. The famous battle he had with Joe Frazier at the Thrilla in Manila almost killed him. He had to fight for the money because his own people made him. He was robbed blind. He was broken.

About being famous, O’Reilly said, “These stars are alone. The Beatles broke up because John Lennon was a heroin addict. He wasn’t rushing out to get a sandwich from a deli. He didn’t leave his apartment in Dakota.

So people are always supposed to be nobody and do nothing?”No, they need lawyers on board to keep an eye on families.” And your way of life?

“Prepared. I know how to do the basics of it. Everything I do is measured. I was not rushing to get to parties. I don’t want to be photographed in weird clothes. Not a party person. Not with people who are corrupted by fame. Keep your cool. Raise my kids. No PR people. Stay with people you know you can trust.

“Look at our top stories today. Donald Trump, Joe Biden. If you get a lot of praise, you might get the best table in a restaurant. On the other hand, people say mean things about you. Everyone wants to do you harm.


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