Best tvs under 1500 – TOP 5 4K TV

We’ll break down which TV would be best for you, and what you can expect to get in return for your money. We’ll help you decide if one of the 4K TVs on our list seems like a great purchase.

4k TVs have become more affordable with
better picture quality than ever before
but with so many options on the market
right now which one is going to be the
best for you in this article, we’ll break
down the top 5 best 4k TVs on the market
this year based on price versus
performance and situations they’ll be
used in so whether you’re looking for
something for movies sports casual tv
watching or anything in between stay
tuned we’ll have the perfect option for
you all the links to find the best
prices on all the products mentioned in
this article will be in the down
below the products are in no exact order
so be sure to stay tuned till the end so
you don’t miss anything first up the.

1. LG C1 OLED – where are HDMI ports on LG tv

LG c1 oled our pick for best overall 4k tv
whether you’re a devotee of the classic
films or love the excitement of fending
off enemies in your favorite fps the LG
c1 OLED is one of the best 4k TVs you
can buy and delivers exactly what you
expect from a premium OLED tv everything
looks better on this 55-inch OLED tv
thanks to its 8 million self-emissive
pixels that produce a picture with
perfect black levels and is further
enhanced with cinema hdr Dolby Vision IQ
and Dolby atmos the c1’s alpha 9 gen 4

LG C1 OLED - where are HDMI ports on LG tv
LG C1 OLED – where are HDMI ports on LG tv

processor is always working in the
background using its deep learning
algorithms to make whatever you’re
watching look and sound the best it can
be and web os is also built in to give
you have an easy to use the method of managing
all of your content from Netflix prime
video apple tv plus Disney plus and more
if you like to game the c1’s display
offers a 120-hertz variable refresh rate
at 4k with input lag at less than 10
milliseconds and their support for
free sync and g-sync as well you can even
connect your ps5 or Xbox series x or s
through the four available HDMI 2.1
ports a game optimizer is also in place

what tv is best for a dark room

That provides tweaks that include
different game genre modes include
a standard mode that boosts shadow
the detail in fps games and an RPG mode that
boosts contrast and an RTS mode that
improves visibility in mid grayscale
areas the c1’s magic remote includes
dedicated buttons for google assistant
and Alexa so you have the option to use
voice commands to control the tv and any
smart devices you may have connected to

your network the magic tab feature
connects your phone with the tv for
bi-directional screen mirroring if
you’re shopping around for the best
overall 4k tv the LG c1 OLED tv is
exactly what you’ve been looking for
you’ll enjoy an excellent picture quality
an easy to use os and even support for
next-gen gaming is next up the.

2. Samsung QN90A – Contrast paint primer alternative

The Samsung qn90a is our pick for the best qled 4k tv the
Samsung qn90a delivers high peak
brightness and fantastic contrast
coupled with excellent color saturation
and powerful upscaling it’s fantastic
picture quality makes it a very
appealing choice and it has support for
next-gen console gaming to this 65-inch
led tv was one of the first to use
samsung’s qn 90 a led panels that boast
a higher number of light-emitting diodes
per square inch than any previous
generation it also has a neo quantum

 Samsung QN90A
Samsung QN90A

processor 4k that uses a neural network
to continuously analyze images for
better HD upscaling and motion
accelerator turbo plus for better motion
handling this engineering makes the
qn90a is one of the best options for
prospective led tv buyers who are
looking for a brighter overall picture
that could display a deeply satisfying
an array of colors equipped with Tizen os
the qn90a delivers a clean intuitive
the interface that includes support for
netflix amazon prime video Disney plus
and Hulu with all content displayed on

HDMI 2.1 support for console gaming

The home screen with frequently used
apps and sources located along the
bottom of the screen open apps change
the website search control smart home
devices and more with the integrated
Alexa digital assistant or use the
built-in screencasting to share content
from any compatible external device
audio is enhanced with object tracking
sound plus that analyzes the input from
your movie streaming service or game and
optimizes and routes the sounds to the
relevant speakers on the tv making the
sound move with the action
like the LG c1, the qn90a has a 120hz
variable refresh rate and HDMI 2.1
support for console gaming you can even
transform the display’s aspect ratio
from 16 by 9 to 32 by 9 for an ultra
wide gaming experience and deeper

if you’re looking for the best q led 4k
The tv you can get right now is the Samsung
is an excellent choice between the
dense led count new quantum processor
Tizen os and gaming features you’ll get
first-rate performance for movies gaming
and more next up the.

3. Sony A90J OLED Series – Best buy SDR

sony a90j OLED series our
pick for best OLED 4k tv if you want the
best OLED tv look no further than the
sony a90j OLED series it may command a
high price but with all the advantages
it offers through its stunning OLED
panel the investment is definitely worth
it boils yourself to the gorgeous
65-inch OLED picture of the a90j and
enjoy intense contrast with pure blacks
high peak brightness and natural colors
with the background processing of the
cognitive processor xr xr triluminos pro
and xro led contrast pro

Sony A90J OLED Series
Sony A90J OLED Series

You’ll experience immersive depth and realism
driven by sony’s brightest OLED panel
to manage your content google tv is
built-in and offers an intuitive
the interface that learns your viewing
preferences over time and takes that
information to make relevant suggestions
that tends to be pretty accurate and
improves as you use it to go along with
google tv the built-in google assistant
is ready to take your voice commands to
control the a90j the a90j’s audio system
uses speakers placed behind the screen
to create a directional sound stage this
means that the dialogue of an actor
speaking on the right side of the screen
will appear to have their voice coming
from where their face appears to be and
in some cases, the sound is also enhanced
vertically so sound seems to radiate
from beyond the borders of the tv

Maximum televizoare

if you’re into gaming the a90j OLED series
Have you covered like the LG c1 OLED and
the Samsung qn90a and the a90j have support
for next-gen consoles and high refresh
rates in fact the a90j has two HDMI 2.1
ports and the panel runs at 120 hertz at
4k and includes hdr support and low input lag
if you’re on the hunt for the best 4k
OLED tv look no further than the sony
a90j OLED series you’ll get a stunning
OLED picture plus all the benefits of
sony’s cognitive processor XR chip
the simplicity of google tv and a great
the gaming experience that supports next-gen

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4. TCL 6-Series – Is Philips or Tcl a better tv

TCL 6 series is our pick for
best budget 4k tv with its affordable
price point the TCL 6 series offers
enormous value along with premium
the picture quality of the easy to use Roku tv
os and even decent gaming performance
the 6-series 55-inch 4k panel is
enhanced with quantum dot technology and
mini led backlighting the mini led
backlight system uses thousands of LEDs
to create deep black levels of bright
highlights and a wide color gamut that

TCL 6-Series
TCL 6-Series

all work together to produce a great
picture and like the LG c1 OLED and the
Samsung qn90a the TCL 6 series has
built-in screencasting so you could
display content from your mobile device to the tv
the sixth series also offers one of the
best implementations of Roku tv you can
buy it includes voice search with
the microphone built right into the remote
for great convenience one of the major
the benefit of Roku tv is that it doesn’t
have strong ties to any major streaming
service so it doesn’t push you in a
particular direction like apple tv or

Clarity features TVs

Amazon fire tv would and fairly supports
everything from Netflix Hulu sling tv
and amazon to a lesser-known website like
pluto. tv toby crackle and more
Roku tv also includes the Roku assistant
which is good for finding shows and
movies and it can also link up to amazon
Alexa and google assistant if you want
to control the tv using either one of
those smart home platforms thx certified
game mode improves response time and
input lag gives you a better gaming
experience however unlike the LG c1 OLED
the Samsung qn90a and the sony a90j OLED
series there’s no support for HDMI 2.1

if you’re looking for a budget 4k tv
that delivers a great picture with
excellent contrast and color of the TCL 6
is a very good choice you’ll also
get the benefits of the Roku tv platform
that will simplify your interaction with
the 6 series last but not least the.

5. Sony X90J 4K TV – Sony soundbar vs Samsung

sony x90j 4k tv is our pick for the best 4k tv for the money
the sony x90j offers nearly everything
you might want a mid-range 4k tv
there are few led LCD TVs that can match
it in terms of picture quality and
features making it the best 4k tv you
can get for the money
this 55-inch tv does an incredible job
of taking HD content and upscaling it to
4k and native 4k hdr content especially

Sony X90J 4K TV
Sony X90J 4K TV

when shot in Dolby vision looks
exceptionally gorgeous with excellent
colors and highlights like the sony a90j
OLED series the x90j features the
cognitive processor XR that adds more
depth to some scenes and particularly
with an older content shot in HD the audio
the system features sony’s acoustic
multi-audio that uses tweeters built
into the sides of the tv that elevate
the sound stage makes sound follow the
action for a better more immersive

Is pixel tv a good brand?

To help you manage all your content the
x90j uses google tv with it you can
browse in excess of 700 000 movies and
tv shows from streaming services that
include Netflix amazon prime video
Disney plus youtube the apple tv app and
many more and with braviacore sony’s own
video streaming service you’ll get even
more choice from the sony pictures
library giving you both new releases and
movie classics you can even search for
media using Alexa or google assistant
control smart home devices and more
and like the LG c1 OLED Samsung qn90a
and the sony a90j OLED series the x90j

brings gaming support with HDMI 2.1 120
Hertz refresh rate and 8.5 milliseconds
input lag while Bravia game mode
provides increased frame rate if you’re
looking for a 4k tv that will give you
the most for your money the 55-inch sony
x90j is a great choice you’ll enjoy an
impressive 4k picture with plenty of choices
in streaming services voice command
options and support for next-gen gaming.

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1. LG C1 OLED 2. Samsung QN90A 3. Sony A90J 4. TCL 6-Series 5. Sony X90J

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