Best TOP 3: Android Tablet 2022

Are you looking for an Android tablet but don’t know which one to choose because of the different options that are available?

what’s going on guys in this article we’ll
break down the top three android tablets
on the market this year based on price
versus performance and situations
they’ll be used in so if you’re
interested in finding out which android
tablet will be best for you stay tuned
all the links to find the best prices on
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will be in the description below the
products are in no exact order so be
sure to stay tuned till the end so you
don’t miss anything

Samsung galaxy tab s6 lite

first up the Samsung galaxy tab s6 lite
our pick for the best android tablet for the
money the Samsung galaxy tab s6 lite is
an android-based tablet that offers a
great level of performance considering
its price tag and includes an s pen
stylus to help you get the most out of
the tablet experience the tab s6 lite
looks and feels pretty solid the
addition of a 3.5-millimeter headphone
jack isn’t a guaranteed feature in a lot
of tablets so you’ll definitely

appreciate having it when you need it
the galaxy s6 light runs android 10 on a
1.7 gigahertz octa-core exynos 9611
processor there’s 64 gigabytes of
internal storage which can be increased
up to one terabyte using a microsd card
while the processor isn’t the most
powerful it’s still good for web
browsing email productivity and reading
articles you can even play some lower end
well-optimized games like call of duty
mobile battery life is also very good
providing up to 13 hours of use on a


full charge the 10.4-inch LCD display
has a 5×3 aspect ratio and is bright and
easy to view there’s an 8 megapixel rear
camera and a 5-megapixel front-facing
camera which are both enhanced with live
focus mode which lets you edit the
background of a picture once you’ve
taken it and ar doodle which lets you
use the s pen to draw over your face in
real time additionally there’s 1080p
video recording on both the front and
rear cameras the s pen also lets you
mark up documents take notes draw and

when it’s not in use it attaches
magnetically on the right edge for safe
keeping overall if you’re looking for a
tablet with a solid display and long
lasting battery life the Samsung galaxy
tab s6 lite is a great choice and if you
like to sketch or take notes by hand the
included s pen definitely increases the
overall value
next up the Samsung galaxy tab s8 ultra
our pick for the best overall android tablet
the Samsung galaxy tab s8 ultra is
designed for big-budget buyers and
creatives who are looking for a tablet
that can double as a mobile sketch
station with the included s pen and

Android Tablet 2022

optional book cover keyboard your
productivity will double in no time the
14.6 inch 120hz amoled display is bright
and vibrant and makes whatever you’re
viewing look absolutely stunning while
the 120 hertz refresh rate ensures that
web pages scroll smoothly apps open
quickly and motion in games is smoother
you’ll enjoy snappy responsive
performance with the snapdragon 8gen 1
chip running under android 12 with 16
gigabytes of ram you’ll have plenty of
space for apps and files with the 512
gigabytes of internal storage like the
samsung galaxy tab s6 lite the s pen is
included in the box and feels like
holding a proper pen creatives will make
good use of it especially with such a

large canvas to work on but even if
you’re not artistically inclined you’ll
still find that the s pen is perfect for
marking up documents or scribbling notes
the optional book cover keyboard is the
key to making the tab s8 ultra function
like a true laptop the keyboard is roomy
and feels good to type on has a
compartment to store the s pen and acts
as a protective cover when not in use
it’s a perfect match for samsung’s dex
mode which readjusts and repositions
apps and windows to make the tablet
display look more like a proper laptop
battery life is pretty good and its
average up time of about 9 hours and 22
minutes will get you through the workday

About the Android Tablet

fast charging is supported using the
included 45 watt charger if the idea of
a large portable screen that’s ideal for
productivity or creative work sounds
appealing the samsung galaxy tab s8
ultra is definitely for you the s pen
stylus is included and to use it as a
full-fledged laptop you can pick up the
optional book cover keyboard
last but not least the lenovo yoga tab
13. the lenovo yoga tab 13 is a
versatile tablet for work or play it can
easily pull double duty as a second
screen for a computer or laptop but also
excels at delivering entertainment with
streaming media or gaming the design of
the tablet includes a kickstand on the
back of the tablet that can be moved to
position the display at different angles
or it can be completely flipped up to be
used as a hook to hang the device from
with this kickstand in place you won’t
need a stand case or other holder to use

it as a laptop-like device or to have it
nicely positioned for you and a couple
of friends to watch a movie or two one
of the yoga tab 13’s key selling points
is its 13-inch ltps touchscreen display
which is bigger than both of the samsung
tablets we’ve already looked at the
display has a sharp 2160 by 1350
resolution and a 60hz refresh rate that
makes it good for both viewing videos
and some casual gaming a digital pen the
lenovo precision pen is available but
it’s an optional feature that you’ll
have to purchase separately thanks to a
snapdragon 870 octa-core chipset the
yoga tab 13 is pretty powerful it’s
paired with 8 gigabytes of ram and 128
gigabytes of storage which is

Android Tablet 2022 Price

a reasonable amount of space but if you’re
going to be using this tablet for work
or larger files you might find yourself
relying on external hard drives or even
cloud storage and to connect those
external devices the tablet has a usbc
port and micro HDMI port the battery
offers above-average performance with up
to 12 hours of use on a full charge if
you’ve been looking for
an android-based tablet that’s geared for
entertainment but also functions great
as an all-around tablet at a more
affordable price point than the galaxy
tab s8 ultra the Lenovo yoga tab 13 is
going to be a great tablet for you its
larger screen also makes it a great plug
and play second display and the
integrated kickstand will let you easily
position it for any application.

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