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Best Things to Buy on Amazon. We looked through the hundreds of products labeled as Amazon’s Interesting Finds to find … You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy a night light. Today I am sharing with you my Best Amazon Buys. These are my favorite things that I have purchased on Amazon. This article is not sponsored I just love amazon, however, disclosure: The links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase

Best Things to Buy on Amazon

hi guys welcome back to my website and
to another amazon
best buys article every few months i do
a roundup of the best items that i have
found on amazon
and in the last few months, i’ve been
doing more online shopping than ever
not only because we’re stuck indoors but
it’s also been Christmas
my husband’s birthday and all three of
my children have had birthdays as well
so i have 25 things to show you today
and there is such a different
range of items from useful things for
around your home and kitchen
a gadget some toys and fashion as well

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i put it into my shop so if you’re ever
thinking what fashion have i liked from
there or what toys or gifts

Amazon must-haves

it’s all in my amazon shop as well so i
will also link that the first item that i wanted
to share with you is this little led
ring light i actually bought this to have
work calls and zoom calls and if you’re
also working from home
you may also struggle with light i was
finding if i ever had a conference call
after three o’clock it was already
getting dark where i live
or some of the rooms in my home just
aren’t that well lit
and this is so handy it was (price maybe change when you buy) pounds
99 and it has like a USB and it
literally just plugs into my laptop

so i can either have it behind my laptop
as i’m doing a work call
or it also comes with a little
attachment that goes in the middle
so you can actually have your phone in
the middle obviously you could use this
to do website articles
tik tok stuff like that but I’ve
mainly been using it for
work phone calls and it’s really really
handy it has three different light settings
there is white warm white and warm
yellow and you can choose 10 different
levels of

Cool things to buy on Amazon

light so if you don’t want it to be very
bright if you don’t want to know you’re
using light you can actually have it on quite low
but it makes a huge difference in how
you look
on the calls the next item that i wanted to share with you
is a water bottle which i know feels a
bit random but I really struggle to find a good one
that’s easy to drink from and easy to
use and this one is so good
it was (?) I’ll link down below

but i’ve been really trying to drink at
least two to three liters a day
and this never really leaves my side it
has a little button here you just push
and it opens out and it’s just really
easy to drink from so i really like it
the next item that i’ve been so
impressed with is some shower storage
that we bought on amazon
we recently moved house and when we got
in we realized there were nowhere to
products in our showers so we ordered
these like adhesive
shower baskets to be on the walls in
there so there’s no drilling
they just stick to the walls with these

Cool stuff to buy on Amazon

clear backings
and i thought it was going to be very
much a temporary solution
but they are so so strong they can hold
so many products and i feel like even if
the kids hung
off of them they wouldn’t come off
they’re really securely on the walls and
some of them even have these little
hooks so you can hang things as well
i’m so sorry the sun keeps going in and
out so i just hope the lighting is okay
but the next thing that i want to show
you is very exciting
i got some leggings on amazon but they
are fleece
lined so they’re really really warm
basically, i’m a very cold person and i
have three boys

that are very outdoorsy they’re forever
wanting to go on walks
go to the skate park and i’m always
freezing and we’ve been in lockdown for
so long i hate wearing anything but
so i saw on victoria’s secret that they
did fleece-lined leggings but they were
about (price maybe change when you buy) pounds
whereas on amazon these are just (price maybe change when you buy)
pounds so they’ve got all like the soft
fleece inside it’s not like super
thick but it is definitely warmer and i
actually quite like that because then
if you’re indoors wearing them you’re
not like overheating

Useful Things

it’s just like a nice level um the only
the thing that i would
say about these that i wasn’t sure about is
when i wear them i have to make sure
that I’m wearing like a dress or a tunic
that goes
past um like my bum because i don’t know
if you can see
the seams there’s like two seams down
the front which i think
looks like a nappy or a diaper so it
looks a bit odd
but i don’t tend to wear crop tops with
anyway so it actually suits me great or

if you’re gonna wear these
under something like to layer and to
really be warm
i’ve really really liked them the cuffs
as well they’ve got like a normal
cuff on the bottom but then they also
have like a bit more of a thin one so
this bit tends to sit like on my actual
foot so my leggings never ride up and
they’re just

really really soft i’ll try and do a
cutaways that you can see
how soft they are inside but i thought
it was really cool to find fleece-lined
leggings and on
amazon i’ve also seen that they do
fleece-lined jeans
so if anyone has tried them i would love
to know what they are like

Amazon must haves 2021

because i’m really tempted to buy them
the next thing that i wanted to show you
you may have seen if you watch my vlogs
it is this kids
fleecy blanket hoodie these are so soft
and oversized
they’re perfect to wear first thing in
the morning you know you come down and
you’re really cold
they’re basically like a dressing gown
but a big oversized hoodie they only
come in one size and i got the same one
for all the kids
i reckon it would fit like a teenager
down to like a seven-year-old
and they’re just really really cozy my

kids are constantly wearing them
to go outside onto the trampoline as well
and i love them so much that i bought them myself
the adult version as well so i got a grey
hoodie the kids’ hoodie was about (price maybe change when you buy)
pounds whereas my adult one
was about (price maybe change when you buy) pounds but it’s so cozy
it’s not the most attractive but i don’t
even care when i’m nice and warm
it also says it’s reversible but i must
admit i never
actually have reversed it it’s just
absolutely huge and i love wearing it to watch

Cool Amazon Products 2021

tv in the evening it’s just really
really soft and warm
the next best buy was actually
recommended to me from a viewer
and it is these extendable marshmallows
sticks in our new house we have a fire
but i hate for the kids to get too close
so someone said
you have to get an extendable marshmallow
sticks so they’re just like this

and then they grow really easily up to
like 32 inches so they’re nice and far
away from the fire
and you can roast marshmallows like us
or apparently, you can do like hot dogs
and sausages as well
and it’s just really handy easy to clean

as well and they came in this little pouch
the next item is actually a fashionable one
and it’s this black pullover that I’m wearing
i got it on amazon for about (?) and
it’s just very comfortable i feel like I keep
putting it on especially in lockdown
it’s a very thin
knit and i like the length of it i like
how it hangs on me
and it came in like 25 different colors
so i thought i would recommend it to you
i like the neckline and it’s just very
easy to wear
with leggings, i also wanted to show you
a really cool gadget that we found on
Amazon was actually my husband who found

Cool stuff on Amazon

it not me but it’s a little projector it’s
called nebula
and it’s just the size of my hand it’s
almost shaped like a coke can
but you charge it up you get four hours
of battery life and you can project
anything onto a wall it links to an app
on your phone
and then you can access Netflix amazon prime

Disney plus youtube like whatever you
have you can watch
and it’s been so nice because on a
Friday we let the boys have a movie
so we’ve just been setting it up in
fraser’s bedroom we actually got like a
white sheet

to project it onto and they can watch
any movies that they want to
you can even set it up like if you were
going to have a bath
you could project netflix onto a wall
and you could like watch something you
want to watch
or you can either put it on a tripod or
sit it on a bedside table like whatever
you have

you can watch and i just know that in
the summer we’re gonna watch movies
outside as well
so it was a bit of investment we
bought it for (price maybe change when you buy) pounds
but they’ll often do discount codes so i
think we got it at 20

Amazon must haves Tiktok

off sometimes they do 15 off it’s
supposed to be (price maybe change when you buy) pounds at full price
um so we got a discount and i think it
is actually discounted at the moment
so i’ll link it um in the box below but
it would be a great

gift for a family sticking with the
gadget theme for a minute i wanted to
show you the dj decks that my 10 year
old son
got for Christmas i know this is very
niche but I’ve actually had so many
questions about it

so he’s really into the music he loves
playing the keyboard and guitar and i
just knew that he would love to mix
music himself
so i did some research and we ended up
buying the pioneer
ddj 200. it all links through Bluetooth
so he can just use the Spotify account
that we have

on a phone or an iPad or even a laptop
and he can link the music via Bluetooth
to the decks and then he can scratch
he can mix he can like really play with
the music
and he has been mixing like house music
with the Peppa pig

theme song and all sorts and he’s really
been enjoying it
i’ll put in some cutaways here but i
couldn’t actually play the music

Amazon must haves for women

because it was all copyrighted music and i
knew my article would get red-flagged
i also wanted to show you some very warm
winter boots that i got
on amazon, they are the sorel brand and
I’ve had my eye on them
for so very long but they’re normally
(price maybe change when you buy) pounds
but after Christmas, they went down to (price maybe change when you buy)pounds
so i decided to just go for it and I’m

so glad i did they’re really comfortable they’re super
warm they’re all fleece lined
um and they come in about four different
colors so i wanted to show you those
and while we’re talking about warm feet

i wanted to show you the heated socks
that i got my husband for Christmas
they have been such a hit he’s been
wearing them so often and i have also
stolen them a few times
so they have a little battery pack that
you can just charge up with a USB
and to turn them on you just hold it
down and then there are

three different levels of heat so you
can change the levels
the red one is like the hottest but even
on that, it doesn’t make your feet too hot
it just keeps your toes really really

Best things to buy on Amazon UK

they were (price maybe change when you buy) pounds so they weren’t like
the cheapest but i went for the one
with like the best reviews and they’re
brilliant when we go
to the skate park with the kids and we
literally sat there for two hours
watching them he is like toasty warm the
only thing i would say is like when i
wear them they are

so very long they go like right up to my
knee so if they do a shorter version i
would probably get that
but they’re brilliant and i’ve had a few
viewers reach out to me and say
like they’ve ended up getting them and
they really like them as well i also

wanted to show you my kids drinking
bottles because i get so many questions
about these on my vlogs and i bought
them on amazon
it was (price maybe change when you buy) pounds for five of them and
they come in all different colors they
look really great they’re almost like a
milk bottle style

they’ve got a screw-top lid and a straw
they’re very simple to clean they go
through the dishwasher really well
they’re just
really good if your kids aren’t quite at
the age where they can have an open top cup
this is a really good option and we use
them all the time

Most bought item on Amazon

i also have a beauty product that i
wanted to share with you is these little gold
angled tweezers they are like a scissor
style and i find them
so easy to use and to pluck my eyebrows
it was (?)
for three of them so i have one in like
every bathroom
and i just really love them they’re

great easy to use work really well
so i wanted to show you those i also
wanted to show you my son’s
skateboarding helmet because it’s
really good and I’ve had a few questions
about it on my Instagram stories
my boys like to bike and scooter and

skateboard and we always make them wear
a helmet
and they think that this one is actually
quite cool
and it’s very easy to adjust at the back
with this little dial so you can make it
really secure on their head
and it was about (price maybe change when you buy) pounds for the
helmet but for a couple more pounds

you could also add all of the pads so
you can get the elbow pads the knee pads
and the wrist guards
all together for just a few more pounds
and it came in loads of different colors
you can get it in pink
or black or blue um so i’ll link it down
below we also

Things to buy on Amazon teenage girl

have an extendable shoe rack and we’ve
just bought another one so i wanted to
share that with you because it’s
actually been so handy
in our previous home we had built in
shoe storage
but here we don’t so we got another one
to organize my husband’s trainer

but you can get these really cool shoe
racks either four-tiered or
five-tiered and they actually extend out
to fit any wardrobe or space that you

they’re very easy to put together and
they’re like quite heavy duty as well
they hold
so many pairs of shoes so we’ve got one
in our spare room
and we’ve got one in our under the
stairs cupboard for all of our like
family shoes as we walk in
and they’re just really great as a way

to organize all of your shoes
and they would fit in the back of like
any wardrobe i also love the new doormat
that we bought on amazon it was about (price maybe change when you buy)
pounds and it’s like a navy blue
and it also says hello on it i feel like

Cheapest thing to buy on Amazon

it looks really inviting
and it looks really nice on our front
porch so i wanted to show you that as well
i’ve also really been loving these face
cloths that i bought on amazon i got
four in a pack for
6.99 but what i really like about them
is that they are exfoliating

so what i do my skincare every night is
i double cleanse
so i’ll wash my face to get my makeup
off and then i’ll wash my face again to
actually wash the skin
with no makeup on and i always use a
face cloth

so this side of it is just like a normal
facecloth but it does it feels really
nice so i will wash my makeup off with that
but then when i wash my skin again
i actually use this side which is very
it’s like a very light loofah and what i
love about it is that it’s actually cut

down on the amount of product that i
need to use because i used to use a
like daily micropolitan so a very light
but now i can actually just use this um
side of the face cloth to really scrub
my skin and i feel like it makes a
massive difference

Amazon must buy

so i really like it i also got some new
containers for when i meal prep but
they’re actually glass
and i really like them i got a pack of
10 which had
five big ones in it like this and then
five smaller ones that i’ve been using
for like
dips or olives or like smaller items and
then i’ve been meal prepping like fruit
and veg
um and like you can put curry or

whatever it is in
to these meal prep boxes and then have
them ready in your fridge
so i got these ones and i also got some
sectioned ones as well
for if i meal prep lunches i could put
like salad
and chicken and like rice or whatever
you can like
section it off as well so i wanted to
show you those if you’re also into meal

Coolest cheap things on Amazon

i also wanted to show you these very
simple black face coverings or face
masks but it’s something that we’re all
at the moment and i got six of these for
(price maybe change when you buy) pounds eighty so very reasonable
like even cheaper than Poundland
but the best thing about these masks is
because of the shape of them
you actually have space for your nose
and for your mouth to breathe so i find
them actually really comfortable
if i have to wear a mask for an extended
amount of time

i reach for these ones because i just
feel like i can breathe in them
and they are like a best seller on
amazon so i think quite a few people
feel the same
so i thought i would show you that
because it is something that everyone is
needing at the moment
then i also have some games and some
toys to show you as well the first one
i probably talked about so many times on
my website in the past

Christmas cutest things to buy on Amazon

but it is no we got this for the boys
for Christmas, it’s just such a good
card game I’d say any child from about
five years old and
up can play this and enjoy it we all
play it together as a family get really
competitive and we just
love it i think it’s about (price maybe change when you buy) pounds
99 um but if you’re looking for a game
to play as a family while you’re in

lockdown is such a good one
and we also got Christmas good old
scrabble i forgot how good
The scrabble is we just got the original one
i think it was about (price maybe change when you buy) pounds
and even my seven years old and my 10
year-old are really good at playing it
and obviously, it’s a little bit

educational as well so we’ve really
enjoyed playing
scrabble so i thought I would share that
with you and, we also got some more play
mags for the boys I’ve talked about play mags
so many times in the past they are these
play tiles that basically a magnet
together so they come in all different
shapes and colors
and they just stick together and you can

build towers castles like all kinds of different things and
if there’s one toy that all of my
children have played with
for so many years it is play mags
they’re very hard

Cool things to buy on Amazon UK

wearing but we actually ended up getting
more for Christmas because Jackson
wanted to build
bigger and better and i think for like
(price maybe change when you buy) pounds
we got another 50 or 100 i’ll link it
down below

so they’re really reasonable they’d be a
great gift for any child
they’re just brilliant i also wanted to
show you my son’s lego table that he got
for Christmas i’ve had quite a few
questions about this and it’s been

it was (price maybe change when you buy) pounds but it’s a proper
little table
that has a reversible top on it so you
can either have it as like a flat table
that they can color on or play on or eat on
and then you can actually flip the top
over and you have an

area to build lego on and then
underneath the table there are these two
big like trays to store lego so you can
put all of it in there
and then they can just pull it out on

Best Things to Buy on Amazon

the side and be building and grabbing
more lego
and it’s just been brilliant we’ve been
using it every single day so i wanted to
show you that
and the last thing that i wanted to show
you is a really cool way to store
toy cars if your kids also like playing
with cars like mine
it’s basically a material box like this
it has two little handles on the side
and then when you open up the lid it
actually folds out to have a little car

on it so you have a place to actually
put your cars in but then they also have
a place to play with the cars
so i thought it was quite cool i think
it was about (price maybe change when you buy) pounds
and Jackson has really enjoyed it that
is everything that i wanted to show you
in my article today those are all of the
best buys that i found on amazon in the

four months so i hope you really enjoyed
it and if you’ve made it all the way to
At the end of this article
i also wanted to say I am so sorry about
the lighting in today’s article
I’ve sat in a place that I’ve actually
never filmed in before in this house and
the sun was just going in and out

Amazon Products Reviews

there’s also no curtains and i’m aware
that the background is also
very beige but it’s been such a juggle
to try and film
away from the noise when everyones in the house
so as soon as we finished homeschooling
at three oclock today
i kind of just ran upstairs to film
because from

three it gets dark at four so i was like
Ive only got an hour to film and it was
just a bit like blah
but i still wanted to put out some
content for you guys so i hope you liked
it anyway

but i felt like i had to uh mention
the background and the lighting Im so
sorry but
anyway thank you so much for reading
and for your like ongoing support, i love
you guys and ill see you in
my next one bye.


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