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Best smart Glasses

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About 64 Americans wear glasses and

with such a common accessory being worn

you would think they would be a popular

home to some smart technology

considering the world is sprinting in

the direction of wearables with smart

watches and earbuds

and even smart rings glasses would seem

to deserve a spot on that list

but for one reason or another, we have

yet to see wide adoption of smart glasses

Best smart Glasses
Best smart Glasses review

smart glasses technology

a few companies have tried but ended up

with miserable failures and perhaps that

deterred the industry

so when will we start to make progress?

with smart glasses well a few weeks ago

I got the new amazon echo frames

and I’ve been wearing them every day to

learn more about what these glasses are

really all about while the echo frames

don’t actually have

a visible display they take a slightly

a different approach and it seems to be a

good first step

AR smart glasses 2021

in the right direction for smart glasses

in this article, I want to put these

glasses to the test

and break down just how these smart

glasses work with everything I liked

and didn’t like them after wearing them hey

what’s up guys

Best smart Glasses
AR smart glasses 2021

so these are the amazon echo frames and

if you’ve been on your amazon homepage

literally anytime in the past month or

two you probably notice that it’s just

been absolutely bombarded

with echo frames ads amazon’s really

pushing these hard

trying to let everybody know that they

exist and so i

have some opinions about these glasses

some things that are good and bad and

I’ll talk about how they work but also

why amazon

chose to make these okay so first things

first, I want to point out that

these are just frames when you get them

they come with a piece of glass there

it’s just a dummy piece of glass I took

it out just because

it got smudgy and it wasn’t ideal for my use

but essentially what you should be doing

is getting these taking them to your eye doctor

and then replacing with we know the

dummy glass there

with your actual prescription lens and

then you have just a normal pair of

Best smart Glasses
Best smart Glasses

that is also a smart pair of glasses and

the second thing to note is that

since these are frames like the style is

obviously going to be important they’re

meant to be worn

all day or maybe you just have a second

pair of glasses that you use when you’re

working at your desk like I don’t know

what your situation is but

they do only have one style of frame

here and I think the frame is it’s a

pretty common style it doesn’t really look

bad I think it looks fine I personally i

don’t know if I would choose these for

my own frames I think I look

weird in glasses so I mean also don’t

wear prescription glasses so

not my number one choice but regardless

you know they don’t necessarily look bad

on the right and left sides, you’ll see

that it is a little bit on the chunkier side

Normal glasses

they are a little bit thicker so from a

The distance it might be hard to tell that

they’re not

normal glasses but up close uh holding

these you’re definitely going to know

there’s a little bit of chunkiness on

either side it feels

very plasticky but at the same time very

light and I think they did a good job of

keeping this

as subtle as they can be right now it’s not

totally subtle and there’s definitely

room for improvement

but the size of these and the overall

weight of them

I was impressed they did a decent job as

far as comfort goes like

wearing these glasses I’ve worn them for

I mean several hours and there’s really

no discomfort at all they seem to fit

really well on my head and with that

being said let’s get into a kind of 

A physical tour like I said there’s a lot of

Best smart Glasses

technology on these glasses a lot more

then you might expect

and so I want to start off on the right

side so

on the outside there it looks like just

plain plastic it’s actually a touchpad

which is cool because

it’s giving you an extra level or 

An extra degree of freedom for your

controls here

you can swipe or tap and there’s a

couple of things you’ll be doing with this

so swiping and tapping is going to be a

great way to answer and reject phone calls

on top of that, it’s also going to be how

you choose which notifications are read to you

so you can actually go through and for

the first day of wearing these

when somebody texts you going to

say nato brian texted you

swipe to hear Nate’s text tap to never

hear his text again on here and so you can choose

on what they call a VIP list whose

messages are actually read to you

while you’re wearing the glasses now on

On the bottom side, we have our four nodes

and two little magnets for the charger

so you’re just going to set these down

and charge these probably overnight I’ll

talk about the battery life later on in

this article but next to that we have two

holes on either side

so two holes on each side of the right above

your ears really and that’s where the

speakers are

and the speakers are pointed down

directly at your ears

and again I’ll test this out later on

I’ll show you guys how loud they are

and how well other people around you can

hear which I think you might be


but we also have two buttons here so the

one button is going to be a rocker so

it’s going to be your volume rocker you

can go up or down of course

and the other one is going to be your

action button pretty standard to what

you might see

on like an echo dot or something like

that just an action button

if you press and hold it’ll just turn

off the microphone and turn off


essentially turns into like a regular or

I think you double press do that sorry

you double press

Best smart Glasses

uh to turn off the microphone you press

and hold to turn the glasses off

now something else that’s kind of cool

is on the top of the frames there is a

little led

so when you’re wearing these you don’t

really see the led it’s in your

peripheral vision up there

but it’ll change from white

too blue to red

and kind of a greenish color as well the

same colors you’re going to see on

something like an echo dot again and

those colors are going to be the same

A thing so it’s red when your microphone

is muted

uh it’s white when you’re talking to

your voice assistant like your native

voice assistant

not amazon Alex I’ll just call her Alex

for this article so I don’t trigger yours

at home

but it is blue when you’re talking to

amazon Alex now on the right side

There are also two small holes one on 

The bottom one on the top

and that is for the microphone so you

can actually field phone calls with


and again I’ll test out the microphone

quality in a second as well

but when you’re wearing these it is

pretty cool to be able to just answer a

phone call by tapping the side

you don’t have earbuds in you can hear

your surroundings everything’s normal

but you’re just on a phone call and

really nobody else knows that so

I thought that was really cool we can

get in some testing right now it’s also

worth noting that the echo frames come


a case and in the case they have the

charging cable

which is like I said a little magnetic

The thing that snaps on the top they also

have a charging block

it’s nice to see products still coming

with the charging block and then of

course they have the little towelette

The thing that you clean

your lens with and so the case is it’s

pretty solid it’s a really nice hard

case actually

and I was impressed with that oh and

actually, one other thing I noticed

when you fold these up kind of a little

bit of a downside they don’t actually

fold up all the way so they fold and

they really stick out pretty far

obviously, it’s because there’s a lot of

stuff going on here but

it would be nice to see them collapse

like a little bit better than that

okay so getting into the testing first

things first the audio quality

is honestly not what I expected so when

i tried these on at first it is a little

bit weird because

you’re used to being able to identify

where the sound is coming from

kind of have some kind of spatial

The awareness you can hear sounds when

you’re wearing headphones

you know the sound is right in your ear

so you know where it’s coming from but

with these

like I said it’s a little bit odd at

first, the sound’s coming from the

glasses and kind of projecting into your ears

and it’s just it’s really strange but it

is a really cool it’s a really cool

concept honestly but

as far as the actual audio quality

itself goes being that these are so tiny

the speakers here I didn’t

expect it to sound good and quite

honestly, the speakers sound a lot like

my mp3 player from 2006. like there’s

essentially no bass at all they’re

really really tiny tweeter and when

listening to music it’s not going to give you

a great experience it’s going to be

subtle background music at best like it can get

relatively loud but again you’re not

getting any bass so as far as music listening

these are not going to be any kind of

great listening experience however

it is you know they work really well for

phone calls

and for voice assistant and like I said

just for some subtle like

if you’re listening to lo-fi like

hip-hop beats in the background

Best smart Glasses

like yeah they do a decent job of you

can still hear your surroundings just

fine and it’s like some background music


but like again don’t expect to have any

kind of great music experience

but let’s actually get into a volume

a test I’ll do my best to just kind of

hold the microphone where my ear is

so you guys can hear exactly what it

sounds like and then we’ll get into 

A sound bleed test I don’t know if we can

call it sound bleed but

if I’m wearing these glasses how

far away do you have to be

to not hear my music it’s actually

surprisingly close like you can be

only about a foot or two away and really

not hear the music much at all

okay so right now I’m holding the

microphone right next to the camera it’s

probably about 12 inches from the

glasses and at this point you really

can’t hear the music

I mean you can kind of faintly hear it a

A little bit but I’ll be quiet and you

guys can see what I’m talking about

yeah so you really don’t hear much but

now if you move the microphone right to

where your ear would go

you’ll see right here you should

probably start hearing the music but

there really is almost no bass at all

so yeah like I said really no bass but

the music I mean

it’s there now I’ve done some extensive

testing with the battery

realistically you’re going to easily get

through an entire day, I don’t know

anybody that wears

glasses when they sleep so charging

overnight is not a problem in my book so

battery life was okay you’re easily

getting through a day maybe a day and a

half but

charge them overnight just in case all

right so the next test is going to be

the microphone test so right now this is

what it sounds like using the microphone

on these glasses again you have 

A microphone like right on the

right over here on this corner so I mean

comment down below let me know if you

can hear what I’m saying if I was on a

phone call with you

wearing these glasses is probably

exactly what it would sound like

now I think at this point you guys

probably get the general idea of how

these glasses work

but it still leads to the question and

honestly after wearing this for a while

I kind of a question too of

why did amazon make these and what is

the point of them

are people actually going to wear these

every day will they have widespread

adoption and I think it comes down to

this well

first of all the things, I liked about

these glasses I really liked getting


and it was a distraction-free way of

hearing my notifications so instead of

having to look at my watch instead of

having to look at my phone

instead of having to look anywhere i

could just hear my notifications on the


without having earbuds in my ear so as

far as comfort and convenience goes

getting text messages was really nice

that you hear the text and

you can decide you know if you want to

reply or not if it’s just somebody

talking to you

you can pretty much just ignore it but

you don’t have to here you know get a

vibration in your pocket and then take

it out and look at it so

notifications I thought was really

convenient using the voice assistant on here

again is kind of convenient I’m not a

big voice assistant user on this I mean

I love it in a smart home situation

to ask about the weather and stuff but i

mean if I’m walking around in public

I don’t necessarily want to be the guy

talking to myself but actually talking

to my glasses like

it’s not the best look and I would

rather just be discreet and like type it

on my phone or something but again

you know to each their own if that’s

useful for you that’s a great option as well

when it comes to listening to music on

This it’s not going to give you a great

audio experience but like I said before

if you’re just working on a computer all day

and you’re you don’t like the discomfort

of earbuds or headphones in your

in your ears all day long then some

really subtle music like this some good

background music

is a great way to hear your surroundings

and at the same time just get a little

music in your ears

you know during your workday so i

thought that was a great aspect as well

but other than that I mean again wait

one other thing phone calls were cool too

Popular for early adopters people that

so for those reasons, these would be

popular for early adopters people that

are really interested in the newest

technology and they love to flex the

fact that they have speakers or a voice

assistant in their glasses

as far as widespread adoption I’m pretty

sure amazon doesn’t

expect them to get widespread adoption

and you can kind of prove this because

if you look at a lot of other companies

like Tim cook is using an iPhone he’s

using an apple watch because he believes

that those are

really what everyone’s going to be using

I dug on the internet

and I couldn’t find a picture of jeff

Bezos wearing these glasses which means

that at amazon

they probably don’t think these are

going to be the next big thing

but i was kind of thinking as far as why

they would make them

it might be for a couple of reasons it

might be one they’re just really trying

to get their voice assistant

everywhere possible I think more likely

than that, though they’re trying to show that

they’re an innovative company in the

hardware world so they don’t have a phone

they’re kind of getting into the

smartwatch industry but they know

really nobody else out there is making

Smart glasses

so this might be a big public image thing

for amazon just to show everybody like

hey look they’re serious about making

some newer technology and you know what

maybe the future iteration

will have even more technology in it

then this one I meantime will only tell

if this is going to be a boom or a bust

but comment down below

and let me know what you think of the

amazon echo frames are this something

that you would wear

or would you buy them I mean I’ll link

down below so you can see the latest price but.

Affordable Glasses

I mean it’s an interesting concept it

was definitely fun to test out

I don’t know if I would wear them every

Day, especially because I, guess I don’t

wear glasses every day but if I did I’m

not sure if

I would wear them every day I mean i

still haven’t decided I’m probably going

to wear them a little bit more

just to get more of an idea of if i

like them or not but like I said, guys

comment down below

if you enjoyed this article consider

liking and subscribing thanks for reading guys I’ll see you next time

Some additional review notes:



  1. Touchpads

2. Mics

3. Speakers

4. Charger

5. Lenses go here

6. Don’t close all the way

7. Audio test

8. Speaker sounds like my MP3 player from 2005

8.Absolutely no bass at all

9.Mic test

10.Noise bleed test

11.Battery test

12.Can you hear it in a loud environment?


1.The status light is barely visible on frames (works well in my opinion)

2.The sound is pretty bad

3.Sounds weird at first – hard to identify where it is coming from (very unnatural)

4.VIP notifications allow you to mute notifications from people or apps

5.The touchpad was a good idea

6.Double press action button to mute mic and notifications

7.Notifications are nice. Easily the sleekest way to get notifications. You never need to look anywhere, and they are super comfortable

8.Glasses are very comfortable. I forget I have them on sometimes

9.Alexa always tries to get the last word in with a “did you know” – then tries to plug something or get you to buy stuff on Amazon


Will there be a big hit and see wide-ranging adoption? Probably not. I cannot find a photo of Jeff Bezos wearing these, so Amazon probably does not think these are the future. This must just be something that could be fun to have and to make Amazon look like big innovators of the future. 

Originally I thought I would hate these, and at first, I kind of did. But after using them for a bit, there were some real advantages to using them.

Overall, a good first step in the direction of smart glasses

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