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Best Seamless Leggings Review. If you like living in athleisure, you’re going to fall in love with seamless leggings. As the most comfortable style, you won’t ever want to take them. The best quality reviews.

Best Seamless Leggings Review

what’s up guys welcome back to the website it’s
that time again we back with another amazon
under (Price maybe change when you buy) leggings
seamless of course you know what I mean
because if you guys are new and don’t know
I try to do this amazon legging under 20 series
once in a while kind of test out their
affordable leggings because if you don’t
already know a girl there’s like
really inexpensive leggings going on
on amazon so I’m here to kind of test it out
and save you maybe some money and time

because we all know amazon could be like
a black pit sometimes of just
uncertainty so let’s go have some fun we
got some serious hits and misses as
usual i feel like that’s always the case
with amazon hit or miss, what are you?
going to do
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Pink legging

because together we got this we got some
really dope colors here too so
buckle up baby
all right let’s do this peep the
links down below for my
and a link to each individual legging if
you’d like to check them out
but first, here we are starting
with some baby pink bliss
from the brand fig mixin oh girl um
so right up in here, we got for (Price maybe change when you buy). we have their
high-waisted seamless pink legging that is pretty
much freaking resembles the vital
seamless in a way

a little bit different you got the
dotted contour
that’s a little more contrast than like
gym shark’s vital seamless
but you still got that moral breakup
extra viral
it’s like they emphasized the details a
little bit so it’s not as subtle as a chip
shack but you know what I mean
so right off the bat like these fit
pretty well I’m not gonna lie
they have a moderate compression
the band I’m actually a big fan of
because it felt really nice and secure
especially for being under (Price maybe change when you buy) like
i wasn’t expecting it
to feel so secure it’s that light
a security that I really dig and appreciate
so really nice decently compressive band
it’s not totally squat proof I’d give it about 80 85
squat proof okay on the sheerness scale
i think that’s why it was four out of

Seamless Leggings with Five Stars Reviews

five stars
I’m a guess um I pretty much give this a 4 out of 5 stars
it’s very comfortable a tad long on me nothing cray
really nice stretch it’s made of
polyamide polyester and spandex
and I’m a huge fan of polyamide actually
it’s like really good high quality and
you can really feel that in these leggings
they kind of pop the peach a little bit
and I’m pleasantly surprised okay
you have the beautiful under booty
contour but you do not have any like
in the booty action, you don’t have
any raised seam you want me to scrunch
and it kind of did my glutes pretty
nicely the camel toe is very random on
this legging

it doesn’t know what it wants to be so
um it’s unpredictable sometimes it’s
right there in your face other times
it’s undetectable I can’t see anything no
matter how I move
you don’t see no camel one’s a this
one’s a tricky one this one’s
tricky they have an overall really soft
vibe to them so I can feel the polyamide
i think i can feel it
so not only is it soft but it does have
the wicking capabilities
totally something you could rock the f
out of at a gym definitely a gym type of

YELLOW Leggings

it’s a nice moderate compression
but you can really feel
a little more emphasis on the
compression around the band area so
that’s where i feel like this shines
it’s got a pretty sturdy band that
doesn’t like gape or do anything
weird i would definitely give this a
true to size i wouldn’t size up and i
would not size down girl
that’s just me
this right here is why we do these
reviews ladies

ladies, so right up i think you know why
i went with this because it’s freaking
spring and summer we need some yellow
peeps status up in here so how did you
get vibrant but also had to test
these because yellow hmm
yellow is a tricky b we just can’t trust
yellow sometimes
so um high-waisted seamless from the brand
send the band I’m about to send
back these leggings why because they are
the sheerest thing I’ve ever put on my
body dude

Gym Shark vital Seamless Leggings

they are borderline tights okay like the
tights that you wear under
a skirt that’s how uh that’s how they
treated me
i don’t really respect that very much
this is four out of five stars now hold
upraise your hand if you think
they’re full of [ __ ] i
don’t see that being actually possible
because I’d rate this a one star
because of the
crazy sheerness like just standing and
not even moving or squatting
you could see my whole booty crack i
can’t show you overlapping footage
squatting in these
because youtube will literally cancel me

just trust my word when i say that you
can just see my skin through it
the band is dope i will give them that
you got this really nice
opaque moderate compression high waist
ribbed band
dope but you can straight up to see the difference
in the high saturated band and then
the material underneath which is paper-thin
you have a little booty contour little
the smiley face under there
but it’s more or less just

Seamless Leggings Workout

it doesn’t matter it does like booty
contour doesn’t matter
girl because if you wear these out in
public with your booty showing then you
got some serious like
props because they were pretty good
length on me all right totally like
light compression i think that goes
without saying they were
a smacking 1999
they’re about 19 too overpriced
look I’m not the kind of girl who enjoys
talking shiz on someone else’s brand

but i just gotta let you guys know about
this legging here all right if you’re
interested in that bright yellow
but at the same time man like the fact
that they say on the site that these are
super swat proof that just pisses me off
because now you’re just straight up
lying don’t do that come on man
yeah man send bands to get sent back
okay so next up we got some blue boo
these are from the brand running girl i
have nothing but good experiences
with a running girl, I’m a just straight up
say that they’re

Seamless Lagging on Amazon

they’re like the top-notch amazon
seamless lagging in my eyes
they were 19.99 4 out of 5 stars
a straight-up girl I would probably give
it is four to five stars
definitely like almost five stars
there’s not much to not like about this legging
another high waist up in here very very
beautiful design this is what caught my eye
was the fact that this is entirely

you do not see this type of like the look
this design or
anything anywhere at least i haven’t so
if you want to like have a legging that
not everybody in their grandma is
wearing then this might be it
this looks like denim from far away um
you got a lot going on on this legging
you have laurel mixed with little bits of
stripe contour little bits
of rib, it’s all over the place
you got also different shades like the
marls super light blue

BLUE Seamless Lagging

then the ribs are a little more saturated
blue so overall it gives that really
like cool denim
look this did not give me a camel toe
and they do even have the raised seam
down the booty so it’s pretty decent on
the peach
the only little thing I would say is the
fact that the
the contour on the upper booty point and
down for me
for me, bae disagrees but i think that it
just shrinks my booty up a little bit
that’s all i think if they did away with
that these leggings would be
supreme they were slightly long not a

huge deal maybe by an inch or two
these appear to be pretty squat proof on
I so major plus
running girl you got
it going on sometimes let me tell you
high-quality shiz you could feel it like
it’s a moderate compression
nothing crazy but you can feel the
quality in their leggings
nothing sheer nothing’s weird or out of place
i didn’t see the material listed but it
definitely feels like it’s a
polyester spandex kind of bases the
traditional legging but definitely
a quality to it nice stretch so yeah

BROWN Seamless Lagging

i think you’re priced perfectly okay
last but not least you guys
i had to break it up with the light
bright colors I’d go more of a neutral
earthy tone i love this color oh
so this is in the color brown from the
brand suck
cess this rolls in at 19.95
i got a few things to say about it
straight up this is one big
freaking rip this is a nice moderate
legging so even though these are
seamless you still have that seam that connects

the legging to the band that gave me
a little bit of trouble I’m not gonna lie they actually
used stitching like the actual thread they
used is not very stretchy
so when trying to pull them past the
hips like i could feel where it just
tightened up on that seam
and i had to kind of just shimmy it up
A little bit i would still say these are
true to size
the band nothing slips pretty decently
like that but damn the band
overall it is really like huggy
everywhere it’s a nice huggy legging
but it didn’t do a whole lot for the
peach considering there’s no contour
there’s no real like dip there’s no help
no grab

Gym Shark Dupe Leggings

okay i need the grab and um they lacked
with that, I’d give it a good 85
squat proof, not a hundred percent gave
me virtually no
camel toe whatsoever so that’s what’s up
so overall like it didn’t really do much
in terms of you know
helping the peach which is very
important but it did overall have a
really nice smooth look especially from
the front it really did flow really nicely
and this kind of color this like rustic earth
this is the color that you see all over
like free people

they’re activewear they’re free people
movement i just did a haul on that like
a few weeks ago and this color was like
the staple piece of the article so i mean for 1999
as opposed to buying this exact kind of
legging from free people for about 200
yeah i think it’s pretty worth it
considering you can wear this with like flats
more casual nice little blouse white
blouse maybe
as athleisure, i definitely think it’s
worth they’re very comfy cozy
ribbed that just gives that athleisure
the casual vibe all together
and the seam almost kind of dips down
with my body

Long Style Shirt

but a really nice long style shirt
with these
with some flats for (price maybe change when you buy)
yeah yeah all right
so that wraps up another amazon seamless
120 definitely drop a comment down below
of what you guys think of these leggings
would you get any of these
so yeah overall I would just sum it up
by say, there are definite hits and misses
when it comes to amazon
there’s no doubt that the big
hitter winner
for me personally is the running girls
they always have been like spot
on with their leggings very much like
good but that yellow sunburn lagging

I’m still not like over that all right
don’t play me like that don’t you ever
do that again
but thank god for amazon prime free
return so as always thank you guys so
much for watching i hope this article was
super helpful for you
definitely hit that subscribe button
because you already know these articles man
they gonna keep on coming for you I love
you all so much and I’ll catch you in my
next article.

♡MY MEASUREMENTS: SMALL in (almost) everything! *Height: 5′ 3″ *Bust: 31″ *Waist: 25″ *Hips: 37″ *Inseam: 25″


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